Monday, June 13, 2016

YOU can only Lead by Example. You can Only Heal others by Example of Healing Yourself.

You absolutely, by Divine Law, cannot help those who do not wish to be helped. STOP chasing your tail per say. Focus  your energy on healing you, on visualizing and stating what you want your life to be and on NOT attracting those people, things, animals, energies of any kind that vibrate lower than you, only intend to attract that of high vibration.

If someone you know is repeating the same story every day, just know that they are re-creating that for their life by telling it that same way over and over. Suggest to them to Listen to as much Abraham Hicks videos as possible and learn how to change the story.

You are NOT responsible for those who choose to remain victims to the co-creation of others with their own free will. You are not responsible for other people's reality.

You ARE responsible for your own reality.  

If you sit there and agree with their story, then you give consent for that to be in your reality. And you lend your energy to help them create more of that same reality in their version of their life.

You MUST choose. And as a healer you must understand that you cannot heal people who don't choose to heal or vibrate higher. Their mouth may say I want to heal, they may even pay you to heal them, or do healing work. That does not mean they have chose to change thoughts, actions and remove things from their life that keep them in the very chains they are asking you to remove. Yes it's "a living" as they say but it is not a High Vibrating LIFE.

I choose NOT to allow people who choose to remain victims to circumstance and to the choices and words or others to effect my perception of reality, my energy field or to give my continued life force to convince them to change, tell them how to heal or do any sort of healing work on them or connected to them.

So many want help, want change, and speak of a higher power. Yet they do not tell their own Ears what they want. They do not speak to their own hearts and change their thoughts and speak, their magical words to what they DO WANT.

Instead they reach to guru's and healers, do it for me. NO. I Say NO To YOU. 

If you are NOT willing to step back from the chaos programming in you life, not willing to tell your own ears you are not a victim to your life but create your life, and if you are not willing to choose healing and begin to do so then there is NOTHING I can do to help you.

I will not waller in your pit  of low vibration and consent to control, with you, so you can justify your life and the things that happen to you as poor poor me. That story creates more of that in your life.

Some people let the Death of a loved one, not by their choice, paralyze their now. They lay in grief eternally and cannot seem to find a way out. That is their choice, you can only comfort them so much. If they cannot`open to love, to change of energy then all you can do is check on them from time to time and let them spin in the story they cannot change.

If you are stuck in some version of reality, do you like it? Is there Peace? What do you Want? Know all that, then state that to your own ears and let it happen. Don't EVER allow low vibrations to define who you are what you want or what you experience, no matter how close to you they are or seem to be in this reality. By Choosing YOU, you HEAL Millions.

Change your Speech, Change your Life.

Choose your THOUGHTS, Create your Life with Clear Intention and Free Will.

Intend to only draw to you Justice, Love, Good Luck, Money, Light, Laughter, Joy Fun, Healthy Food, Perfect Health, and all things that vibrate HIGH.

State that you will not allow low vibrations in your life period.

STOP Giving up Your Free Will.

Here is a GREAT Place to Start to REVOKE contracts and Begin moving toward the LIFE you actually want to be LIVING.

Soul Contract Revocations By Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian

Video about the Contract Revocation

Cancel your Soul Contracts with Dark Forces

Andrew Bartzis Galactic Historian On Contract Revocations

Andrew Bartzis Understanding Soul Contract Revocations

In Love and Light
Reverend Crystal L. Cox

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