Wednesday, July 3, 2019

TO Me Personally, the U.S Flag has ALWAYS represented Fear, Oppression, War, and of Forcing values, beliefs and morals on others with Toxic Menacing Violence.

TO me the U.S. Flag represents invading other countries and ruining their quality of life for the Agenda of the Elite. The U.S flag instills Fear in me when people wave it on trucks and in aggressive manners as if they will physically hurt you if you do not agree with them.

The Flag represents torment, tears, war, military and in no way represents Freedom, NOT to me. 

Tanks, Military, Rockets all represent perpetual WAR for NO REASON. Wars to obtain oil and opium and represent pure Greed at the inhumane expense of the sons and daughters of America.

Nothing to do with protecting, serving or Freedom in America. To me the tanks, military planes, rockets and the flag represents the slaughter of the Native Americans to steal their land, represents the oppression and forced Christianity on the Natives of America, including the huge amount of Native Americans that spoke Spanish before we, as white people came here.

To me the U.S flag represents a body of government in which oppresses our rights, and uses strong armed force to make us pretend to believe the way they too and torment us if we actually want to live in a world without War, without military or the need for military.

War is Leaving Mother Earth, Regardless of the Millions of Americans who love perpetual War. The light has won and war is leaving. Those who worship flags and "respect" tanks, rockets, military and perpetual war, well they too, will one day see the Light and want War no More.

To me the U.S Flag is not about Freedom, but about taking over other peoples Peaceful way of life so that we, as white settler ancestors, could have their land and forces our believes on the Natives by
Force.  I am 49 and for my Entire life I have seen the U.S Flag as a Symbol of Barbaric War, Bombs Bursting in Air, Rockets Red Glare, Perpetual War, Violence, Bullying and in no way FREEDOM, not to me.

~Reverend Crystal Cox

The Port Townsend Paper Mill is a CHRONIC Air Polluter and seemingly Above the Law. PEOPLE, Air Quality, WATER, Animals BEFORE PROFIT.

The Port Townsend Paper mill has been documented to have been polluting the Port Townsend air for a VERY long time. The DEQ and the Local governing bodies have acted corruptly as far as I view it from the research I have done over 7 years. It is past Corruption that has enabled the Port Townsend Paper Mill in the past to POLLUTE our air and have only the consequence of fines, this does NOTHING to STOP the actually pollution.  However, it does PROVE that the PT paper mill is, does and has been violating the clean air act, and other clean air laws, as well as our civil right to Breath Clean Air.

It is not okay to pollute our Waters and our air so that a corporation can make millions of dollars and people can make a living poisoning us. It does not matter if thousands of jobs are created. If these jobs violate our right to clean air and clean water, if these jobs violate the rule of law, if these jobs harm the people, water, animals, plants and air of the community those jobs are in.

Hemp Jobs, clean energy jobs will be created, and TOXIC chronic law and human rights violators such at the Port Townsend Paper mill, will soon be a thing that once existed in a barbaric, lawless past that put corporation profits over clean air and water and the rights of the citizens of Earth.

The PT paper mill and other companies like it, get block grants, they get money to create jobs, money that could go to the individual people to create their own business and a way of life that is not a slave to a toxic producing corporation.

Banks get Billions in Bailouts, there is plenty of money out there, yet it is given to the greedy corporations to make slave jobs for you, jobs to give you busy work and actually harm the environment and other people. When you actually could be given the money direct. This is not about the mill workers making a living, there is money for them, corruption is controlling it.

There is nothing more important than clean air and clean water nothing at all. It is not okay to say that 300 people need the jobs so we look the other way while they poison our air, our waterways, our very lives. Jobs that poison the environment and affect the rest of us should not be jobs. And they are actually not operating legally it is corruption that is turning a blind eye.

IT IS SIMPLY NOT ok, nor lawful to say that we turn a blind eye because there is job creation, so create different jobs for those who want or need to live that lifestyle.  Jobs that HURT other people and POLLUTE are not "ok".

 If there is 300 jobs for example paying people to do something that harms other people the nose jobs should not be available as they directly harm other people 300 people is not worth the thousands of other people, water, animals, plants, and more that are harmed by the toxic are the mail already puts out and the massive amount of water the mill uses. Enfamil bottle the water and sold it that would be a better use than to pollute the water and put it back into the bay. Big Banks and big corporations get millions of dollars a year from taxpayers they give free money to create jobs that money could go directly to the people. It is not okay to say that the mill is given a pass to pollute the air and settled with the EPA and all these years of proof that it is polluting the air oh, it is not okay to do this and then say okay well there is a small percentage of people that have a job polluting the air so that's okay. It's not okay no matter how you look at it. If I set up a job in Port Townsend right now that polluted the air even 1/100 of what the mail does the Port Townsend County would not allow it.

The Port Townsend paper mill is old energy in an old business model and there are tons of clean energy jobs. The Port Townsend paper mill needs to be shut down and it will be shut down.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Spiritual Advisor, Energy Healer, Psychic; Reverend Crystal Cox

30 year experienced Psychic, Energy Healer,
and Spiritual Advisor.

I Currently Charge ONLY $11 a day.

I have found this works well for people as they are not stuck to a certain time frame or charge per minute and everyone can afford to invest $11 in their own well being. An investment to raise your vibration, your frequency and to improve the quality of your life.  An investment in a happier, healthier, higher vibrating more abundant you.

Here is How it Works.

Using PayPal, You, the client, pay ONLY $11, using my PayPal eMail of, once you have paid you can message me on Facebook if that is where you can reach me from, or you can eMail . I will get information as soon as we connect, from your guides, my guides and other benevolent spirits. I will begin energy healing on you right away, you will feel it, most do. We can chat throughout the day, and I will give you psychic readings, spiritual advice and work with you on your specific needs throughout the day via chat, email, text, or phone. I will be in communication with your guides and send you information as it comes to me. I will answer your questions throughout the day and assist you to move through whatever it is that is on your mind.

You can do this one time only, or on going daily, whatever works for you. If you have any questions on this service, please eMail me anytime at

For More Information about me or Why Work with me to improve the quality of your life, please click the link below.

Spiritualist, Death Doula, Psychic Readings, Spiritual Advisor, Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing, Timeline Consultant, Mandela Effect Advisor, Consciousness Consultant, New Earth Minister, Investigative Blogger, Internet Research and Marketing, Real Estate Consultant.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Time to Take the “YOU ARE THE ONE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR” to a New Level by Reverend Crystal Cox Mother Goddess Church Port Townsend Washington

A Lifetime of studying channeled information. NOW it is time to put it away folks. Now is TIME for you to understand that you are Unique, and you and only you know what is best for you. It used to be the information was beneficial for a large amount of people, it still is. But not necessarily YOU. You are a Lightworker, a Seer, a Healer, a Psychic, a Channel, a multi-dimensional Magician. Now is time to bring forth your full True You for you and for All.  No more Pleiadian Channeling, no more Kryon channeling, no more Channels as a way to know what to do, what’s next, what’s coming. It already Happened. Sit back, feel ALL OF YOU come into YOU and Relax into you.

You are all from different “places” in the Multi-Verse. You all have Unique Gifts from your “home planet let’s call it. It is time to plug into your own Channelled information, your own Highest Excitement, your Own Truth. The other Channels don’t know what is best for YOU, nor YOUR unique powers, skills, knowledge. The information is nice, it feels good, it is accurate if it feels so to you, however, there is MORE. Time for you to bring in your own INFORMATION. All of YOU.

There is Nothing to Fear, the Oppressors are GONE and the Clean Up is well under way. Not yet Complete however, our “Job”, our “Mission” is DONE in that aspect and now it is time to bump up our Game per say, to learn more, know more and to actually use our “Powers” per say.

Yes I enjoy the information from the Pleiadians, from Kryon and I Love them. I enjoyed and enjoy so many Channels, however, NOW is time for you to be a Conscious Channel. To Walk in the Channeled Information all the time. To walk in the energy of HOME. Meaning to listen so intently within that you know without a doubt what information you want to bring through. And to FULLY trust your own joy, excitement, and what you want to do as being that of your highest and best and your MISSION.
No more “strung out” on the “the Event”, no worries of Armageddon, no waiting for the next “message” on YouTube from ANYONE or Anywhere. Sit with YOU. KNOW you. Bring in your own information from your Home Star System, your true roots and your FULL Multi-Dimensional Self.  New Earth is HERE and it is a Frequency.

We have moved in the Galaxy, Timeline have Collapsed, you are your best self and your frequency is raising daily. Trust You ABOVE ALL Else.

Now a time for Complete Faith, for knowing that there is NO DEATH there is only waking up CONSCIOUS in a different Reality, a different Version of You. Fearing Death of yourself or loved ones LITERALLY steals your Life Force. THERE IS NO DEATH. Don’t use the thought of Death or the fear of “losing” loved ones as a reason to keep your “powers” in check, a reason to torture yourself with western medicine lies, a reason to control others and call it worry. Death is a Graduation to another Level, period, it is nothing to FEAR.

All we studied for decades, Kryon changing the magnetic poles. The Pleiadians bringing information to awaken us, to teach and test us. The Harmonic Convergence back in the day. Timeline Collapsing and yes we are in a very different Reality, Dimension (ie: Mandela Effect, Quantum Shift). It has ALL Happened, and the clean up is underway by those who came here to do such (the Galactic Federation of Light).

It is all happening. The Light has WON. We are now witnessing the Clean up of Energy and it is Beautiful, Glorious. The Galactic Federation of Light is cleaning it all up.  Time for US, those of Us on the front lines of Light Work lets’ call it, we are moving on to more, creating more, bringing in more energy and learning, using New Tools of New Earth to do MORE THINGS.

A time to stop sitting in Spiritual Status Quo, and to STOP waiting for the information to come out somewhere or through someone. Now is time for you ALL to heal each other Energy Healing available to ALL. Raise your Own Personal Frequency. Raise your Own personal Vibration.

We are no longer Awakening People per say, we are supporting the Awakened and we ourselves are learning NEW and more, we are upping our Game another words.

You are Your God. You are your Healer. You are your Preacher. You are your Doctor. You are your best Channel. You are your most powerful Ally. You know Best for YOU. Trust you.

No need to Control anyone else. Stop trying to Control what others want, see, are and FOCUS on what you are bringing in. Your Home Planet per say is speaking to you. Your Highest Self, the highest aspect of you is speaking to you, LISTEN. Your Joy, Your Excitement is your Clearest Guide.

YOU are the TEMPLE. You are the NEW RELIGION. You are the Only GOD you “Need”.

 ~ Reverend Crystal Cox
Goddess Church, Universal Church of Light
ALL Denomination New Earth Ministry

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Bloggers have the same Constitutional rights as Journalists Due to 2014 Obsidian v. Cox Free Speech Case in a Ninth Circuit Appeal.

" Federal courts have ruled that bloggers have the same Constitutional rights as Journalists. In 2014 The Ninth Circuit Federal Court ruled in Obsidian Finance Group v. Crystal Cox that even though someone might not write for the “institutional press,” they’re entitled to all the protections the Constitution grants journalists. "

Source and Full Article

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox
Port Townsend Washington

Saturday, October 13, 2018

First Federal Court of Appeals Case that SPECIFICALLY Protects the Rights of Bloggers

USE Your Voice. Start a Blog, Make Videos. Report on what is happening in Your Neck of the Woods. Report on What Happened to You.

You have had EQUAL Rights Legally by a High Court Precedent since January of 2014.

My First Amendment Court Case was the First of it’s kind to get a High Court decision that Gave ALL Bloggers, Citizen Journalist, and Whistleblowers EQUAL rights to that of the highest paid Journalist in the highest of institutional press.

Now Retraction Laws, Shield Laws, and the First Amendment APPLIES to ALL Bloggers, Citizen Journalists and Whistleblowers EQUAL to the highest paid Journalists of the biggest media outlets in the world.

All sides fought me, threatened me, belittled me, defamed me, pressured me to quit, harassed me, gang stalked me, investigators followed me, my emails were hacked and watched daily, and I was under constant threat for years and years to hold onto this Legal Precedent for YOU to Have YOUR Voice.

In my court case, Obsidian v. Cox there was No Criminal Extortion. This was made up by the Opposition to attempt to Stop me from proceeding to the high court. And to attempt to suppress ALL of  your voices as a matter of Law. It was a Set Up by a group of attorneys, judges and big media with varying agendas.

For those who believe there was Extortion in the Crystal Cox Case, ask yourself Why None of these Court Officials, Attorneys, Judges, Cops, FBI Agents, Homeland Security, or any party private or public filed ANY criminal charges in any way so that there could be a True Investigation as to the allegations against me by Big Media. Large Law Firms, Groups of Attorneys and High Court Judges.  This was ALL to Deny the constitutional rights of Citizen Journalists, Investigative Bloggers, and Whistleblowers and to attempt to discredit the true to the best of my knowledge reporting I was doing, in that case, on Portland Oregon Judicial and Bankruptcy Court Corruption.

There was no Lies. All I reported was True to the best of my knowledge and remains to be true though I have removed the blogs per a lower court settlement.  I had got the Precedent that changed the world. I had made it to my Finish Line, my Goal and from there I let go of the battle to bring down Portland Oregon Bankruptcy Corruption.

I exposed Corruption for decades to the absolute best of my ability and with the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the best of my knowledge and ability.  Now it is your turn to TELL YOUR STORY.

Many of the Articles out there about my Case, are Distorted, Jaded, Biased, Hate Filled and Flat Out False. There are some aspects to many of the news articles about my case that I do like, so it’s worth reading through to find the golden nuggets.

The First Amendment court case, Obsidian vs. Cox is cited around the world in courts large and small. This Legal Precedence has changed the world and gave YOU a platform to ROAR, so Do IT. ROAR.

I was Pro Se in the Lower Court. Meaning I represented myself, acting as my own attorney. I did so for one I did not have money for an attorney, and I did so as I knew that an attorney would force me to settle, to bow out and therefore STOP the case moving to the highest court possible and forcing a high court ruling as to what rights bloggers have / had as compared to the rights of the institutional press.

Remember that when one goes to the Ninth Circuit, attorney or not, there is no legal case citing or information allowed that was not stated, named, created in the lower court case. So my attorney could not enter new case law, but could only use what I had already used.   I chose Eugene Volokh deliberately for this task.

“Eugene Volokh, UCLA Law Professor who represented Crystal Cox pro bono, affirmed: “

“This case is the first one from a federal court of appeals that specifically protects the rights of bloggers."

There are Many Articles and Much Chaos around my Case. What rises to the top and Lights up Undeniably is that ALL Now Have Equal Rights to REPORT the News, and to “Break the News” even if no one else is talking about. You are the News. FIND YOUR VOICE and Tell Your Story.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox

(Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Isn't Cambodia where all the Porn Guys go to hide? Did Marc Randazza aid and abett this guy? Where is Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson in all this? Besides protecting the EVILS of Marc Randazza?

"Anglin’s lawyer Marc Randazza claims Anglin can’t face the lawsuit because he does not belong to any U.S. state. Randazza said Anglin fears for his physical safety if his address was revealed, even if it’s in court documents and not in a blog post, like Anglin did to Gersh."

Source and Full Story

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mandela Effect Explained, Mandela Effect Information: Want to Understand the Mandela Effect and what it means to your life? Mandela Effect Meaning. Mandela Effect Ascension. We have been through a Dimensional Shift, we are Ascending, we are consistently moving timelines based on our thoughts, belief and FOCUS.

First of all don’t get caught up in what others call “it”. Some call it the Mandela Effect, however, there are many things that have changed besides memories of Nelson Mandela. In fact for me that was not even one of the “effects”. There is so much discussion out there on who talked of the Mandela Effect first. Thing is it is not a brand folks, it is not about recognition or invention. This is about your life. It reveals as a miraculous phenomena whereby history has changed for you personally and others who remember things as you do. A supernatural event, however, this is our natural evolution as we raise our consciousness.

You literally woke up with a different history. You awoke one day somewhere along the way, and things were different. Big huge things such as Bible Scripture, your Anatomy, Geography, where we are located in the Universe and so much more. It is truly phenomenal.

Many are or have been frightened by these events in their life. Many have tried to tell family, friends or those around them and are deemed crazy, and people even get very angry at those who talk of remembering Reality different. It scares them, hence the anger.

You don’t have to tell anyone. Find support elsewhere if you need it. Understand that you have moved timelines. You are awakened, have Faith in it’s higher purpose and don’t be around those in fear or those who do not doubt your reality. You don’t need anyone else’s approval and you don’t need others to validate what you know is true for you.
Many have experienced this “Effect” for decades. It is not new and it is NOT ABOUT any particular person that said it or allegedly noticed it first. It is ONLY about YOU, your personal perception, consciousness, experience. You know your Truth and no one else has to and if people leave your life then let them, be True to You as this Creates Timelines, Worlds and quite literally the “Reality” you live in, you perceive as “Your Life”.

Many sources, people, channels, practitioners have spoke of parallel realities, different dimensions, and all aspects of what many call the Mandela Effect for as long as I can remember and I am sure long before that.

Many practitioners assisted people in moving into our light body, and in preparing to move into higher dimensions. This has been happening for decades, probably centuries. It is not new and it is not about any one particular person. Don’t focus on this nor engage with others who engage in energy of who “invented” “the Mandela Effect”. FOCUS on the REALITY you want.

I have studied this reality change, this parallel shift, and our waking up with a new history, our walking the same paths for centuries and one day artifacts will appear, reality changing and what many call the Mandela Effect.  

Kryon spoke of this for over 25 years through Lee Carol. Barbara Marciniak channeled this stuff from the Pleiadians. Jane Roberts channelled Seth. Parallel Realities has been discussed in channelled information and power of thoughts informations for a VERY long time. This is how it has all manifested.

I did not expect this to happen in such a physical way, such as waking up in a different version of me, a different Earth, a completely different place. I did not expect to literally wake up conscious in a new reality.

I thought my body would change, I would ascend, I would awaken to a new Earth, however, not in this body, not in life the same or similar around me, such as the same type of Government, music, brands, places, events and such.

I did not take this literally as to actually wake up one day in bed and be in that version of me. Like waking up in an alien body, and alien world. Except it resembles the other world and my body looks the same mostly on the outside. Even if I am told that the heart, the kidney, and other “parts” are in a different location under my skin and that my skull is different and well I can see a dark ring around the color of my eye that I know was not there my ENTIRE Life as I knew my life to be. Still I “mostly” look the same.

When you see what many call the Mandela Effect, and begin to grasp what it is and really means to your life, it can be quite stressful. Knowledge and Trusting yourself helps with this.

Yes you may “lose” friends and family, so what. If they are meant to be in your life, it will feel good, fun, high energy having them there, if not then let them go. So many cling to people, thing is there is no Death folks, and we don’t lose people per say. So let go. We really can choose to not be around energy that does not feel good to be around and in that we put ourselves in a place of our highest vibration and attract to us what we really do want in our life.

A Dimensional Shift has occurred and we are now existing on a brand new timeline, a New version of us, of our life. It is fantastic, don’t fear it, and don’t need to convince others, simply find peace with it, have Faith in it and bring into focus the life you want by what your thoughts are, what your mind focuses on.

Your FOCUS Creates the World, the Version of Life that you Draw to You.

I ADVISE you to Listen to YOU.

Don’t listen to any information that brings up fear in you, NONE, from no person, no source, no video, no book, NO INFORMATION that brings up fear in you.

If the information you read or watch is not Love based, positive or proactive toward a higher happier existence, then I advise you to NOT focus on it, not listen to it, it is simply not right for those who want to live a high vibration life.

Information talking of CERN in a fear based way, or Demons or Devil or anything that is not of high vibration, well that is not information that creates a high frequency, joyous, fun, happy, high dimensional reality.

You ARE a Creator GOD.

Anyone that disempowers you and talks of you not creating your own life, and gives you information that suggest you don’t have power over our life or some demon is tempting you, well that is not information that is of the highest and best for YOU.

Reverend Crystal Cox
Mandela Effect Counseling
Quantum Energy Healing

“Guiding You to the Highest Frequency, Most Joyful, Abundant, Happy,
High Dimensional Self. And uniting you with your Higher Self and Purpose

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group. " It is said that politics make strange bedfellows; so what could be stranger than Democratic State Senator Justin Jones, a Mormon with family values, and Marc Randazza, a porn attorney and a speech advocate for pedophiles whose client list includes Phillip Greaves author of "The Pedophile's Guide”"

Marc Randazza SUED Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein, claiming Trademark Violations. Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, and Ronald D. Green use an unconstitutional TRO to STEAL massive domain names, search engine placement and online content. Thus far the District of Nevada Judges have protected and enabled Marc Randazza's behavior, all but Judge Jennifer Dorsey. Marc Randazza uses the courts to chill speech, shut down blogs and websites that speak critical of him and gets Nevada Judges to make his targets pay Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group, and Ronald D. Green legal fees for this civil and constitutional rights violation and extreme abuse of process and judicial retaliation.

"Another Free Speech Win In Libel Lawsuit Disguised As A Trademark Complaint

from the free-roaming-anti-SLAPP-law-pitches-in dept

Unless the Supreme Court decides to weigh in on this long-running SLAPP lawsuit (highly unlikely -- and unlikely to be appealed to that level), it looks like it's finally the end of the line for Dr. Edward Tobinick and his quest to silence a critic of his questionable medical practices.
Quick recap: Dr. Tobinick claimed he could treat Alzheimer's, strokes, and other neurological maladies by repurposing an immunosuppressant drug. Dr. Steven Novella disagreed with Tobinick's unsubstantiated claims and wrote a few blog posts detailing his problems with Tobinick's treatments."

Click Below for Source, Full Marc Randazza Article and Lot's More

"Roca Labs Exec Claims Marc Randazza Bribed Nevada Politician To Get Anti-SLAPP Law Passed

"...It is said that politics make strange bedfellows; so what could be stranger than Democratic State Senator Justin Jones, a Mormon with family values, and Marc Randazza, a porn attorney and a speech advocate for pedophiles whose client list includes Phillip Greaves author of "The Pedophile's Guide”,, Bang Bus and Milf Hunter. So what brings these two opposite personalities together: money and politics."

Source, Full Marc Randazza Article and Lot's More

ALSO CHECK OUT my Blog about the 
Unconstitutional Hypocritical Actions 
of my Former Attorney Marc John Randazza;  

#RandazzaQuotes, #MarcRandazza #JenniferRandazza #RandazzaLegalGroup
Randazza Legal GroupMarc RandazzaJennifer RandazzaRonald Green,

by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Embattled copyright lawyer uses DMCA to remove article about himself. Marc Randazza has Abused our Justice System OVER and OVER to remove online content that did not "flatter him", exposed him or flat out criticized him.

"Marc Randazza tells Wordpress that the unflattering story "is not fair use.

Well-known copyright lawyer Marc Randazza used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to delete an online article about a dispute between his former employer and himself.

Click Below to Read the FULL document, So many Lies. Marc Randazza is the world's most hypocritical lawyer and violates First Amendment Rights in mass.

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox was the FIRST to gain Equal Free Speech Rights for ALL Bloggers to that of Institutional Press Journalists.

It was ruled for the first time that a blogger is entitled to the same free speech protection as a journalist.
On 2014, blogger Crystal Cox accused Obsidian and Kevin D. Padrick of corrupt and fraudulent conduct. Although the court dismissed most of Cox's blog posts as opinion, it found one post to be more factual in its assertions (and, therefore, defamatory).
It was ruled for the first time,[17][18] by the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit,[19] that a blogger is entitled to the same free speech protection as a journalist and cannot be liable for defamation unless the blogger acted negligently.[20] In the decision, journalists and bloggers are equally protected under the First Amendment[17] because the "protections of the First Amendment do not turn on whether the defendant was a trained journalist, formally affiliated with traditional news entities, engaged in conflict-of-interest disclosure, went beyond just assembling others' writings, or tried to get both sides of a story."[19]:11–12[21]

I, Crystal Cox was the FIRST, because I refused Settlements over and over. I wanted a precedent to FREE all Citizen Journalists, Investigative Bloggers and Whistleblowers

#DefamationCase #FreeSpeech #ConstitutionalLaw #CrystalCoxCase #Whistleblower #InvestigativeBlogger #Ant-Slapp #CitizenJournalist #FirstAmendment #Defamation #DefamationLawsuit 

When I First Spoke to Marc Randazza he said that the Big Media had a Monopoly on Free Speech and there was Not Much I Could Do about it. Guess I Proved First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza VERY Wrong.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hypocritcal Attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group seems to be a but Slippery Under Oath or perhaps has even purjured himself yet again. Marc Randazza Bankruptcy filing as he relentless attacks blogger Crystal Cox, sure seems to be perjury to me.

In Marc Randazza’s Recent Filing, Motion for Default, Case 16-01111-abl Doc 26 Entered 10/20/17, he claims that ONLY upon Volokh being interested in teaming up with him was he then “willing to accept the case”. Meaning the Crystal Cox Ninth Circuit Appeal. Yet Crystal Cox claims Randazza represented her before this and told others he was her attorney. Randazza states in earlies sworn documents a different version of his story, let’s take a look.

Page 38, Line 26-28 and Page 39 1-4, Case 16-01111-abl Doc 26, (Randazza Decl. ¶ 26) Says:Only upon Mr. Volokh expressing an interest in teaming up on the case with him did Mr. Randazza decide that he was willing to accept the case. (Randazza Decl. ¶ 26).”

In this sworn statement (Randazza Decl. ¶ 26) Randazza claims he was only interested in representing me, Crystal Cox, with Volokh and only offered to represent me after this conversation. Even though, the only reason Volokh was talking to Randazza about me, Crystal Cox was Randazza told Volokh he represented Crystal Cox. And that he was brokering a deal with the Opposition in the Obsidian case, David Aman.

The statement is false, and it is making a false declaration to a Federal Court while knowing full well it is False as Randazza swore to different facts in Case 2:12-cv-02040-JAD-PAL Document 252 Filed 04/06/15,  Exhibit 9, Marc Randazza’s sworn interrogatory answers.

So in Case 16-01111-abl Doc 26, Page 38, Line 26-28 and Page 39 1-4, we see RANDAZZA swearing that he ONLY agreed to Represent Cox after Volokh expressed interest to team up with him.   We see below in a previous Sworn statement of Randazza that he was involved in representation BEFORE speaking with Volokh, talking strategy with Volokh, and only spoke with Volokh after he had already put in time and material into representation.

Interrogatory 21 Exhibit 9:

“Did you have phone conversations with Eugene Volokh and state that you represented Cox and discuss with him your strategy, or a deal you were trying to make with the opposition, Plaintiff’s attorney David Aman?”

"... Counterdefendant responds as follows:

Counterdefendant spoke with Eugene Volokh in December 2011.

Counterdefendant informed Volokh that if he was going to represent Cox, that Randazza would gladly bow out, and defer to Volokh to handle the case.

Volokh, however, said that he would prefer that Randazza co-counsel the case with him due to Volokh’s stated lack of litigation experience. Counterdefendant and Volokh discussed possible strategies that he and Volokh thought might be good ideas during that call.

Counterdefendant and Volokh both discussed the fact that Cox’s interests would be better served through settlement."

What gave Marc Randazza a legal right to negotiate who gets to be my attorney with him, if he was not indeed my attorney, or acting as if he was my attorney?

Randazza and Volokh discussed strategy? About Me? They discussed that a settlement was in my, Crystal Cox’s, best interest?

A couple of guys deciding what was in my best interest and Randazza proceeding with steps to negotiate what was in my best interest when Randazza clearly and plainly knew that I want to appeal. I did NOT want to settle nor did I want some aggressive, asshole man to decide it would be better if I settled and push me to do what I did want to do, negotiate behind my back, and trick and deceive me by letting the deadline run out while he held himself out as my attorney so no one else would represent me, thereby blocking me from appealing. He did not know I had talked to Volokh when he tried to pull off this malicious scheme.
In Conclusion,

Page 38, Number 1-13 of Interrogatory 21 Exhibit 9, Case 2:12-cv-02040-JAD-PAL Document 252 Filed 04/06/15 is Marc J. Randazza’s SWORN statement that the Interrogatory Answers are true to the best of his knowledge, yet we see on Page 38, Line 26-28 and Page 39 1-4, Case 16-01111-abl Doc 26, (Randazza Decl. ¶ 26) that Marc Randazza swears to the a VERY different Answer.

“I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Dated: October 20, 2017.

/s/ Marc J. Randazza

So How Can Both be True under penalty of perjury?

Marc Randazza held himself out as my attorney, he bullied me to STOP me from appealing for his own gain, he ran over my rights and when I FIRED Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, he sued me, threatened me, attacked me, launched a 5 year and counting malicious cyber attack and still seems to by lying about all to Federal Courts. Take a Look

Sunday, October 29, 2017

In Randazza v. Cox, Nevada Judge Gloria Navarro issued an unconstitutional TRO against Blogger Crystal Cox and Gave Marc Randazza massive online content and intellectual property. Thereby shutting down Cox's speech and flat out stealing blogs, online content and redirecting MY WORK and PROPERTY to Randazza's Legal Blog SLAMMING me and Promoting him and his law firm. In that Case it was OK and seemingly Lawful for a Federal Judge to go ahead and take my Constitutional Rights. Check Out this case below where WORLDS Most Hypocritical Lawyer Marc Randazza Makes the OPPOSITE CASE AGAIN.

"In the motion to dissolve the order, attorney Marc Randazza points out that fashioning a libel lawsuit as a tortious interference lawsuit doesn't change the ultimate goal of the litigation: to silence criticism."

"Judge Decides Free Speech Is Still A Right; 
Dumps Prior Restraint Order Against Mattress Review Site

A couple of weeks ago, a federal judge in Utah decided prior restraint was the best way to handle a recently-filed defamation suit against Honest Mattress Reviews by Purple Innovations, makers of the Purple Mattress.
Purple's lengthy filing contained numerous allegations of harm caused by Honest Mattress Reviews' extended commentary on the white plastic powder covering every mattress Purple ships. It also alleged HMR was just a front for site owner Ryan Monahan's brand management work with Purple's competitor, Ghostbed. Rather than give HMR a chance to respond, the judge decided the review site could publish nothing further about Purple or the lawsuit. It wasn't even allowed to refer to its previous rating of Purple's mattress.
Honest Mattress Review didn't care much for this decision -- one it had been given no chance to contest. It immediately posted an article about the case and offered to comply with the letter of the order, but perhaps not its spirit.
This temporary order commands that we take down all reviews, and even cease rating this company with a rating of “Poor.” Yes, indeed, we are no longer even permitted to rate this company as Poor. I guess we will change its rating to “💩.”
Do you trust a company that, rather than compete in the marketplace, decides that it will just try and sue negative reviews out of existence?
Purple Innovations immediately returned to court, demanding it find HMR in contempt of its order, in particular pointing to the poo emoji and HMR's claims about the unconstitutionality of the order and Purple's alleged disingenuousness in filing the libel suit.
That review has since been reinstated and given this header image.
And HMR has published a long list of court documents it has filed in this case. This includes a motion to dissolve the restraining order and a preliminary examination of the powdery substance Purple claims is harmless and that HMR claims could be hazardous to purchasers' health.
The action is a quintessential SLAPP suit designed to suppress negative consumer journalism. Plaintiffs have cleverly attempted to disguise this defamation claim as a Lanham Act claim – presumably to ensure the availability of Federal Court jurisdiction and to try to side-step the clear case law that cuts against them in defamation actions. But, no matter how eloquently someone may call a “dog” a “chicken,” it will never lay eggs. And styling a specious defamation claim as a Lanham Act claim does not remove the underlying speech from the protections afforded by the First Amendment.
He also points out that Purple's claims that the plastic packing dust is harmless haven't been supported by anything Purple's willing to let customers and competitors view. Instead, it's only made vague assertions about its safety. And those statements are ultimately meaningless when examined closely.
Plaintiff sells mattresses that are made of a rubber honeycomb, which they then dust with a powder that they claim is made of plastic and has been shown to be polyethylene microspheres. In other words, someone who sleeps on these mattresses would be expected to inhale these microspheres. The Plaintiff claims that it is “non toxic” and “food grade” plastic – but this does not assuage the concerns. After all, a plastic fork is “food grade” and “non toxic” but you most certainly would not want to actually eat it. The same goes for what a person wants to put in their lungs. It was reasonable to be concerned about this “plastic powder” since (a) if the particles that make up this plastic “powder” are of a certain size, they will pass through the alveoli into the bloodstream; or (b) if they are a bit larger, they will simply lodge themselves inside the lungs.
To support its claims, HMR put a Harvard Professor of Pathology to work. Dr. John Godleski's report[PDF] is far from complete at this point, but what's contained in his preliminary examination of the powder doesn't appear to agree with Purple's assertions of harmlessness.
By Fourier Transformed Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), the white powder particles were shown to be polyethylene, and the purple frame was found to be polyethylene-polypropylene copolymer. The foam portion of the mattress is still understudy, but has characteristics of butadiene, and may be a form of butadiene polymer.
Polyethylene is a common plastic formed into many structures. As inhalable microspheres, these have the potential to cause respiratory irritation especially when inhaled in large numbers as shown in my laboratory (1- 4). In addition, polyethylene has been associated with allergy in the form of either asthma or contact dermatitis in sensitized individuals (5-7). Based on this assessment, it is important for consumers to be aware of the composition of this fine particulate matter in the mattress which may be released into the air and has the potential for the development of respiratory or dermal hypersensitivity in some individuals.
Also included in the filed documents is an affidavit that undercuts Purple's claims about HMR's site owner being a competitor's "brand manager." This is central to Purple's Lanham Act claims -- the claims it's using to sidestep anti-SLAPP motions. The affidavit from the competitor (Ghostbed) notes HMR's site owner has never been directly employed by Ghostbed and that Ghostbed told him to stop referring to himself as its "brand manager" after noticing that statement on his Twitter profile.
The judge presiding over the case appears to have been overwhelmed by the pile of documents landing on his desk. A short order [PDF] issued on the 15th shows what can happen when a normally adversarial process is allowed to be, you know, adversarial.
For the reasons set forth in the parties’ briefing and at oral argument, the court finds a lack of “clear and unequivocal” support for a right to relief that is necessary for the entry of the “extraordinary remedy” of a preliminary injunction. Greater Yellowstone Coal v. Flowers, 321 F.3d 1250, 1256 (10th Cir. 2003). As such, the court hereby grants Defendants’ motions to dissolve the Temporary Restraining Order (Dkt. No. 36), and denies Plaintiff’s oral Motion to convert the Temporary Restraining Order into a Preliminary Injunction. The court similarly denies Plaintiff’s Motion for Leave to Conduct Expedited Discovery (Dkt. No. 39) and Motion for Order to Show Cause Why Defendants Should not be Held in Contempt (Dkt. No. 17). The court further denies Defendants’ request for sanctions, finding that such sanctions are not warranted here.
The restraining order is lifted and HMR's turd-laced post isn't in danger of being found contemptuous. The lawsuit should continue in a more constitutional fashion from this point forward.


"Conclusion and Relief Sought
Because Defendants are likely to succeed on a motion to vacate the TRO, before this Court or on appeal, a stay of the TRO is warranted. Defendants’ fundamental First Amendment rights must not be stymied by the speculations of a Plaintiff who wishes to shut down discussion rather than answer legitimate questions, no matter how hyperbolically raised. Plaintiff has no likelihood of success on its underlying claims and was not entitled to the TRO.

Case 2:17-cv-00138-DB Document 28 Filed 03/09/17 Page 23 of 25
- 24 -
The exigency and urgency of dissolving this temporary restraining order can not be
overstated. Even a temporary suppression of First Amendment rights is itself irreparable harm.
However, given that this is information consumers need to make an informed decision about the health risks inherent in use of the Purple Mattress, even a temporary suppression of this information could be the proximate cause of actual illness or injury."

" Plaintiff is clearly aggressively intent on suppressing this information. At this point, the reporting has been shored up by the expert report of Dr. Godleski. The Purple Mattress, as currently manufactured, appears to be a public health hazard. This Court should abide no further censorship. "

Source of Above and Full Hypocritical Filing

Judge Grants Randazza's Order. To bad I did not have this judge when Randazza got a TRO against me in Randazza v. Cox

"Before the court are Plaintiff’s Motion for Order to Show Cause Why Defendants Should
not be Held in Contempt (Dkt. No. 17), Defendants Ryan Monahan and Honest Reviews, LLC’s
Emergency Motion to Stay and Dissolve Temporary Restraining Order (Amended) (Dkt. No. 28), Defendant Ghostbed Inc.’s Motion to Dissolve the Temporary Restraining Order (Dkt. No. 36),

"For the reasons set forth in the parties’ briefing and at oral argument, the court finds a
lack of “clear and unequivocal” support for a right to relief that is necessary for the entry of the “extraordinary remedy” of a preliminary injunction. Greater Yellowstone Coal v. Flowers, 321 F.3d 1250, 1256 (10th Cir. 2003). As such, the court hereby grants Defendants’ motions to dissolve the Temporary Restraining Order (Dkt. No. 36), and denies Plaintiff’s oral Motion to convert the Temporary Restraining Order into a Preliminary Injunction. "

"For the foregoing reasons, and for those expressed in the parties’ briefing and oral
arguments, Docket Numbers 17 and 39, as well as Plaintiff’s oral Motion to convert the
Temporary Restraining Order into a Preliminary Injunction, are hereby DENIED. Docket
Number 28 and the portion of Docket Number 36 requesting dissolution of the Temporary
Restraining Order are GRANTED. Defendants’ request for sanctions is DENIED."

Source of Above and Full Judicial Order

Check out Randazza v. Cox Docket and See how to REALLY use prior restraint to suppress speech and flat out steal online content AND top search engine placement. 

Lot's More Coming SOON on how to us a TRO effectively to Steal Content, Steal Search Engine Placement, Steal Intellectual Property and More. As inspired by Randazza Legal Group, Marc Randazza, J. DeVoy and Ronald Green. 

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