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Alexandra Mayers Clark County Nevada Court Filing; Jennifer Randazza / Randazza Legal Group. Ari Bass aKa Michael Whiteacre, Sean Tompkins, Mike South aKa Michael Strother, Marc Randazza.



Alexandra Mayers Reports; "Michael Strother / Mike South states WHO posed as Jennifer Randazza requesting my help, AFTER Marc Randazza offered legal services to Strother to sue me"

"Michael Strother / Mike South has stated WHO posed as Jennifer Randazza requesting my help, AFTER Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group offered legal services to Strother (in what appears to be “pro-bono” form) to sue me.
The following document (complete with exhibits) has been filed and accepted into the United States of America Clark County Nevada Civil Court – case A-14-699072-C Dept. 32
I will post a video blog (vlog) about this issue soon on
click here for the complete filed and stamped copy of the PDF document
click here for a higher resolution of the exhibits in PDF document format.
Below is the text of the legal statement filed into the case:
On August 16, 2016 porn industry blogger Michael Strother aka Mike South of wrote a post (exhibit A) stating that Sean Matthew Tompkins and Ari Scott Bass posed online (trolled me) as Jennifer Randazza – which is what led me to post the tweets in question (exhibit B) that this lawsuit is based on.
            I have been told by another porn industry blogger known as Kelli Roberts, that Randazza Legal Group was involved in Sean Matthew Tompkins’ acquisition of a website called
            Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre was on the initial witness list sent to me from Jennifer Randazza’s legal council (exhibit C).
            The domestic and international organization, the Aids Healthcare Foundation, recently released a press released which states that Michael Strother aka Mike South is a credible blogger / journalist (exhibit D).
Michael Strother told me on Twitter August 13, 2016 that he would take up Mr. Randazza (Marc Randazza’s) offer to sue me if I did not delete the claims I posted online about him being a pimp and being involved in sex trafficking (exhibit E).
            Michael Strother aka Mike South has also stated that to me via email (exhibit F) as of August 15, 2016 that if I don’t apologize to him for stating that he is a pimp (even though he labeled himself a pimp as of December 4, 2002 and November 26, 2002: exhibits G – H) and involved in sex and human trafficking, that he will sue me.
            Michael Strother aka Mike South has a multitude of posts (some in which he recruited civilians for his Bukakke pornographic adult movies which are filmed in Atlanta, Georgia), on a website called (a website that labels itself as a sex travel / sex tourism guide. Sex Tourism is a form of human and sex trafficking). Strother vouched for illegal prostitute’s sexual performances on the website’s forum and offered recommendations to other posters of the website who were seeking to illegally purchase sex (exhibit I).
In addition from 2002 to 2011 Michael Strother operated a website called (exhibit J) which showcased photographs and stated the exact streets in Atlanta where illegal prostitutes could be located.

Strother stated on his own blog (exhibit K) that he gained financially from the sexual exploitation of illegal prostitutes, being that the photographs he took of them drew online traffic to his website, which converted into sales of his pornography on his “pay sites”.
Michael Stother aka Mike South emailed me September 5, 2014 (exhibit L) stating that Marc Randazza was receptive to the idea that someone was impersonating Jennifer Randazza and that he felt he could arrange for Marc Randazza to drop this lawsuit against me if I apologized.
Lastly, August 16, 2016 at 2:20pm (PST) Michael Strother aka Mike South sent me an email stating that “several people” are offering him money to get a judgment in Georgia against me to take all of my websites (exhibit M).
            Considering Marc Randazza’s offer to Michael Strother to file a lawsuit against me, I believe that Marc Randazza’s and that of Randazza Legal Group’s actions are that criminal conspiracy & illustrate the abuse the United States judicial system to intimidate me, silence my work on the truth of pornography and organized crime (namely sex and human trafficking), harass me and extort money from me via a legal judgment.
DATED this 16th day of August, 2016.
Pursuant to NRS 53.045, I declare under penalty of
perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Alexandra Mayers
/s/ Alexandra Mayers
Defendant, In Proper Person"


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"Bio-electromagnetic-photic Fields, Dowsing, and
Comparing Regular Humans Versus Star Kids and Star Seeds "

Lakota Woman (1994) - the Story of the Woman who Survived Wounded Knee.

Sioux Chief Taken Aboard Star Ship

Chief Shares Knowledge About Star Nations, UFO's

Galactic Peace Corp

"Star Nations

Who and what are Star Nations?

Star Nations is the name of the organization of intelligent advanced civilizations in our galaxy - the Milky Way. This is the name that these various star civilizations have given their organization.

And Star Nations is also the name by which these civilizations are known collectively by traditional indigenous people of North America and elsewhere.

There are myriad star civilizations that belong to Star Nations.

These civilizations number well above a million.

There are 1438 star races in contact with Earth, not to mention the many, many more civilizations which are also members of Star Nations.

For a description of the Star Nations member races in most frequent contact with Earth, see:

What are the entrance requirements to become a member of Star Nations?

A candidate civilization must be made up of intelligent individuals who have developed to a level of spiritual and cultural advancement where their civilization collectively is in either explicit or implicit conformity with the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos.

For a description of those Laws, see 

The purpose of Star Nations is to serve as an organization of highly intelligent and spiritually developed civilizations which:

1) provides wise general supervision over the star systems which support life;

2) fosters the development of intelligent life where appropriate within star systems and as directed by Source [God];

3) assists in the development of such civilizations by sharing information and guidance to encourage these civilizations to develop to their full intellectual and spiritual potential; and thus in this role Star Nations serves as a sort of galactic Peace Corps;

4) provides protection to civilizations which are still in the earlier stages of development, so that these will not be preyed upon by those morally-undeveloped civilizations which are not members of Star Nations and whose arrested spiritual development allows for immoral predation on the weak and vulnerable.

Thus, in this role Star Nations serves as a galactic police force to keep the peace. In this role Star Nations could somewhat inexactly be compared to Earth’s United Nations Organization and the UN’s Blue Helmets peace-keeping forces.

Earth has been under protection by Star Nations, who have placed a protective cordon around Earth so that Humans are not subject to being preyed upon by any members of civilizations of inferior moral and spiritual development. 

The Star Nations organization is a very ancient organization, having been formed many many millions of years ago.

What is Earth’s future as regards Star Nations? 

If Humans continue to reform and transform their current corrupt, materialistic, ecocidal, power-focused global culture into a peaceful, just, sharing, mutually-supportive, appropriately-spiritual, family-like global civilization with responsible ecological stewardship, and reach consensus to abide by principles consistent with the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws, then we will have reached a point where we may reasonably expect an invitation from Star Nations to become the latest member civilization of Star Nations.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor "

"Earth has been under protection by Star Nations, who have placed a protective cordon around Earth so that Humans are not subject to being preyed upon by any members of civilizations of inferior moral and spiritual development.

The Star Nations organization is a very ancient organization, having been formed many many millions of years ago. "


History of the Extraterrestrial Star Symbols - Chief Golden Light Eagle

Part ONE

Part TWO

William Brandon Shanley's case against the Government and Big Media alleging that the Sandy Hook Massacre was STAGED

When a Court Deems a Lawsuit Frivolous, ruling against a Whistleblower, Filmmaker, Citizen Journalist or Anti-Corruption Blogger, it Means they have TRUTH and FAC|TS and the Courts are protecting Corruption, Plain and Simple.

William Brandon Shanley's case against the Government and Big Media was ruled to be frivolous and malicious, just as the Bill Windsor Court Cases Exposing Corruption and the Blogger Crystal Cox court cases exposing corruption. FRIVOLOUS and Malicious MEANS, Read those Case Filings, Odds are very high they are FACT.

Here is the District of Connecticut Dismissal of William Brandon Shanley's case against the Government and Big Media alleging that the Sandy Hook Massacre was Staged.  Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer. District of Connecticut Case 3:14-cv-01881-JAM

Shanley v. Smith et al, Original Complaint

If you have a Pacer Account, here is the Docket

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Darren Chaker WINS FIRST AMENDMENT APPEAL; Free Speech Case; Leesa Fazal; Free Speech Rights; First Amendment Rights

"On the morning of July 7, 2016, the Ninth Circuit reversed a conviction based on First Amendment rights concerning Darren Chaker.

Cato InstituteACLU of San DiegoElectronic Frontier FoundationFirst Amendment Coalition, and Brechner First Amendment Project at University of Florida filed a joint amicus brief in his support wanting the court to reverse a decision from a San Diego federal judge who found Mr. Chaker violated probation by posting a blog about Nevada Attorney General Investigator Leesa Fazal, of Las Vegas. A compelling opening brief was filed by Federal Defenders of San Diego Inc.

The amicus brief was authored by the Washington D.C. office of 
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, who is consistently ranked as an international top 20 law firm. See opinion, Darren-Chaker-Appeal, where the Ninth Circuit found absolutely no harassment or defamation took place.
Mr. Chaker was on probation for a white collar crime. The record shows Mr. Chaker’s bankruptcy attorney fraudulently filed a bankruptcy petition without Mr. Chaker’s knowledge. The report states in part, “In my opinion Chaker’s attorney did not exercise a reasonable standard of care in filing a Second Bankruptcy Case without Chaker’s consent and signature. Indeed, in my opinion such conduct is fraudulent.”  See expert report, page 7.  Despite the conduct of his bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Chaker was found guilty of only a single charge at trial. That conviction is being challenged.
While on probation, it was alleged Mr. Chaker made a false statement about Leesa Fazal of Las Vegas. “Specifically, Mr. Chaker wrote that Ms. Fazal, an investigator with the Nevada Office of the Attorney General, had previously been “forced out” of the Las Vegas Police Department.” says First Amendment law professor Clay Calvert at the University of Florida’s Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project.

The blog also addressed the fact Leesa Fazal, a Nevada peace officer, brought her firearm into a San Diego Superior Court while hoping to testify in a family law matter. Leesa Fazal was not allowed to testify, and appears was detained by Sheriff Deputies when told not to leave as she was walking to the exit. It was Mr. Chaker who informed court security she had a firearm on her.

See video [Link is a public record, U.S. District Court Nevada Case No. 2:16-cv-00036.] Scott McMillan, McMillan Law Firm La Mesa, exited the elevator with Ms. Fazal – he apparently may not have advised her she may be breaking the law when they entered court together (but am not sure if she was counseled).
Ms. Fazal complained to the FBI, the Nevada Attorney General, and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and no one arrested or questioned Mr. Chaker.

The Las Vegas Metro Police report stated, in relevant part, “All the evidence was reviewed and does not rise to the level of criminal harassment.”

Leesa Fazal gun stolen out of car
Ms. Fazal then turned to the probation officer who promptly filed a petition and Mr. Chaker was put in jail. The court “had reviewed a police report prepared by the Las Vegas police department after Ms. Fazal reported Mr. Chaker’s blogposts, and noted that the police ultimately did not forward any charges for prosecution concerning Fazal’s allegations.” Opening Brief, page 7.
Ms. Fazal communicated to the probation officer Mr. Chaker may have had something to do with her firearm being stolen out of her car. However, Ms. Fazal’s own Officer Safety Alert stated –  “The suspect is unknown” see excerpt,
Leesa Fazal unknown suspects
During the probation revocation hearing, “At no point did the probation officer or government contend that the blogposts constituted stalking under the condition, nor did the court make any findings as to stalking.  Instead, the focus was on whether the statement was harassment and defamation.” See Opening Brief, page 12.
As the ACLU of San Diego states, “even if the defamation condition is valid, the court did not require the government to prove that Mr. Chaker made a false statement of fact, subjectively believed his statement to be false, or acted with reckless disregard of its truth.” At the hearing, Mr. Chaker admitted he posted the blog after doing online research. It was never proven what Mr. Chaker posted was “a false statement of fact.” Although Ms. Fazal was flown to San Diego and in court, the government did not call her as a witness. The court found Mr. Chaker violated probation, and an appeal ensued.
Cato Institute stated, “Public officials are appropriate objects of criticism and the protection of their feelings is not the appropriate province of the courts. Chaker’s words don’t even rise to the standard that must be met to constitute defamation of a public figure. Chaker didn’t act with “actual malice” or reckless disregard for the truth when he published his blogpost, which is the mental requirement necessary to sustain such a charge.” The Electronic Frontier Foundationsaid the government’s position would, “eviscerate a half-century of First Amendment protection of political speech criticizing government officials.”
Probation conditions are typically tailored to protect the public from future crime not online comments one takes offense at or believes are defamatory. It is well established speech “may not be suppressed simply because it is offensive.” Dworkin v. Hustler Magazine, Inc., 867 F.2d 1188, 1199 (9th Cir. 1989). Mr. Chaker was never sued for defamation or harassment by Ms. Fazal.
The blog consisted of about 421 words. Only two words were found to be false – “forced out”.  No evidence was introduced the statement Mr. Chaker made was in fact false, or that Mr. Chaker knew the statement was false – hence actual malice. As page 27 of the opening brief states, “Without actual malice, the speech is protected by the First  Amendment — even if false and damaging to Fazal’s reputation.  See Alvarez, 132 S. Ct.  at 2550-51 (stating that when a false statement is made without actual malice, the best  remedy is not “handcuffs” but publication of “the simple truth”).”
Mr. Chaker is only one of 4,708,100 people are on probation or parole per a Bureau of Justice Statistics report. People under supervised release are not second class citizens where the First Amendment may be marginalized or discarded unless the speech are in an unprotected class – like true threats or inciting criminal conduct. For government to regulate speech, it must be “integral to criminal conduct.” United States v. Meredith, 685 F.3d 814, 819, 2012 U.S. App. LEXIS 13012, 7, 2012-2 U.S. Tax Cas. (CCH) P50,421, 110 A.F.T.R.2d (RIA) 5157 (9th Cir. Cal. 2012) [case cited at page 28 of opening brief] In this case, two words “forced out” were found to be false and Mr. Chaker’s probation was ultimately revoked because of it. 

The Ninth Circuit reversed the district court finding Mr. Chaker violated his probation as no evidence of harassment or defamation was presented to the court."
The Ninth Circuits YouTube Channel is revealing how the court responded to the Governments argument, 

15:33 Judge Kozinski to AUSA “she [sentencing judge] did say I am not going to limit your [Chaker’s] First Amendment rights?” AUSA, “that’s correct your honor”;

20:08 Judge Kozinski told the AUSA to go back to her office and watch oral argument with her colleagues to be "properly embarrassed";

23:16 Judge Kozinski to ASUA - “You managed to bamboozle…I mean the United States, managed to fool the district judge imposing the condition…”;

26:31 Judge Kozinski, “It’s okay for the district court to say obey all laws...but this is not at all limited to criminal conduct…this is conduct that is not illegal…agree this is conduct that is not illegal?", reluctantly AUSA said "agreed that the condition reached conduct that is not illegal."

Related News and Press Releases 

#FreeSpeech #FreeSpeechRights #FreeSpeechCase #FirstAmendmentRights #BloggersRights

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Mark Cole Upstage Complaint Against the City of Port Townsend

Upstage Complaint

David Peterson (DP hereon) and David Timmons, City Manager (CM hereon), and City
members violated City Ethics Code, City Personnel Policies, and Washington State
Ethics Code, in the least.

The complaint addresses present and former city members City Manager, David
Timmons (CM); City Engineer, David Peterson (DP); City Attorney, John Watts (JW);
Director of Public Works, Kenneth Clow (KC); Director of Community Services, Rick
Sepler (RS); Building Inspector, Michael Hoskins (MH); and City Councilors Catharine
Robinson, David King, Deborah Stinson, Kris Nelson, Mark Welch, Michelle Sandoval,
and Robert Gray.

Full Complaint Click Below

David Peterson; Ethics complaint filed against Port Townsend government; City Council to take up matter today

"PORT TOWNSEND — A former restaurateur has filed a complaint against the city of Port Townsend, alleging that city government violated its own code of ethics and did not follow procedures during an eviction process.

“Metaphorically, there is lead in Port Townsend waters,” said Mark Cole, who owned and operated the Upstage Restaurant and Bistro at 923 Washington St. from 2008 until it closed in 2013.

“This is about an abuse of power and city employees using the law for their own benefit. They lied to me and I don't want to see that happening anywhere else.”

In his complaint, Cole alleges that David Peterson — who in 2008 took ownership of the Terry Building, which housed Upstage — used his official position as city engineer for his own benefit, with the complicity of the city staff and the City Council

“David Peterson, through his own actions and the actions and nonactions of the Building Department and the city manager secured special privileges and exemptions,” the complaint reads.

Cole said these violations include a lack of supervision, reduced requirements, protection from the disclosure of wrongful acts, and assistance in concealing wrongful acts.

In the ethics complaint, Cole states that Peterson received favored treatment from Timmons, by the Building Department, city employees, and potentially some City Council members.

He cites city code that reads that an employee should not benefit from any “action or non-action” due his position, and said that Peterson provided no written disclosures as to his personal involvement in the case and that city staff expedited the project's permit process.

“No official documents indicate any query of Dave Peterson,” the complaint reads. “[He] did benefit from the City actions or non-actions due his position.”

Peterson declined comment about the situation beyond an email saying “the facts will speak for themselves when this is taken up by the outside hearing officer.”

City Manager David Timmons had a nearly identical comment, saying “I will let the facts speak for themselves.”

Meeting today

The matter will be addressed at the next regular City Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. today in chambers at historic City Hall, 540 Water St.

At that meeting, City Attorney Steve Gross will ask the council to appoint Seattle attorney Peter Eglick as the ethics hearing officer, which would be in effect from Wednesday through Dec. 31.

Cole previously filed a breach of contract action against Peterson that was mediated and settled with a $130,000 payment.

Cole owned and operated the Upstage as a 150-seat venue at the end of an alley, and it soon became a popular music venue. 

The club was at the peak of its popularity in early 2013 when Peterson disclosed plans to upgrade the building by building a pizza restaurant on the building's first floor, directly above the Upstage, with plans to install a connected kitchen.

Cole closed the restaurant June 9, 2013 for an expected three-week upgrade.

It never reopened, as Peterson began eviction proceedings against Cole, claiming Cole's neglect led to water damage and dry rot that became apparent when the floor was removed.

In his ethics complaint, Cole said Peterson fabricated this information and that he was not responsible for the damage. 

Plans dropped

In the meantime, Peterson abandoned plans to build the restaurant as it would have required increasing the weight capacity of its floor, which is also the Upstage's ceiling.

This represented the second setback for Peterson, who planned a similar rehabilitation of the Undertown Cafe but found that it could not house a legal kitchen.

Cole filed the ethics complaint using records assembled in preparation for the breach of contract complaint.

The 58-page document of he complaint— viewable at — contains emails, court documents and planning documents annotated with Cole's comments.

The Upstage property has been vacant since its closing, while the building's upper floor now hosts a beauty salon and a tattoo parlor.

The timing for the ethics process is undetermined, according to city code.

Eglick, who in May determined that a three-part ethics complaint against Port Angeles City Attorney Bill Bloor over fluoridation of that city's water supply was without merit, will schedule hearing times, hear witnesses and determine the Port Townsend complaint's veracity.

Named in complaint

Current city employees named in the complaint are Peterson, Timmons, Director of Public Works Kenneth Clow and Building Inspector Michael Hoskins.

Past employees named are City Attorney John Watts and Director of Community Services Rick Sepler.

Current City Council members Mayor Deborah Stinson, Deputy Mayor Catharine Robinson, Michelle Sandoval and Robert Gray are named along with past Mayor David King, past Deputy Mayor Kris Nelson and former member Mark Welch.

Regular procedure is for the council to receive and act on the ethics officer's recommendation, but the city does not have anyone in that position, requiring the hiring of outside council.

“Some of the council has been named [in the complaint], I've been named along with staff,” Timmons said.

“If it was just staff I would do the investigation, but because we've all been named we have to outsource it.”

On Friday, Timmons said he has not yet read the complaint and intended to do so sometime this week.

“It is what it is, and we need to find out what the attorney wants us to do,” he said.

“All of my actions are part of the record.”

Cole, now a Port Angeles resident, books acts at Studio Bob, an art gallery-event space in Port Angeles."


David Peterson City of Port Townsend Complaint

City of Port Townsend Ethics Complaint

Ethics Complaint Against David Peterson and the City of Port Townsend

Upstage Complaint

David Peterson (DP hereon) and David Timmons, City Manager (CM hereon), and City
members violated City Ethics Code, City Personnel Policies, and Washington State
Ethics Code, in the least.

The complaint addresses present and former city members City Manager, David
Timmons (CM); City Engineer, David Peterson (DP); City Attorney, John Watts (JW);
Director of Public Works, Kenneth Clow (KC); Director of Community Services, Rick
Sepler (RS); Building Inspector, Michael Hoskins (MH); and City Councilors Catharine
Robinson, David King, Deborah Stinson, Kris Nelson, Mark Welch, Michelle Sandoval,
and Robert Gray.

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 Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City

With the UK leaving the European Union we have a Devasting LOSS for the Dark Cabal, other wise known as the controlling war monger filthy rich elite.  We have a WIN for those who do not want to be controlled by the Dark World Leaders.

Leaders from around the world went to the UK, including Obama, to beg them to stay and all these so called Leaders as well as David Cameron, British Prime Minister flat out LIED in saying that the UK needed the EU to survive, it was the OPPOSITE. And these world leaders needed everyone to stay controlled in one big swoop and have no independence what so ever.

David Cameron is a War Monger, of course along with the U.S as we are VERY close allies and in fact I would dare say Britain rules the U.S. And YES the CORPORATION of the United States is the Military for the World. This is the their function. I do NOT CONSENT.

The City of London is a city and county within London. Which has a different governing body then London City. The Mayor of London and the Lord Mayor of London are to very different entities.

The City of London is a Sovereign State.

The Corporation of the United States is a For Profit Corporation with the U.S citizens as their INVESTMENT, their slaves. The individual states and most cities are a corporation. The U.S corporation is for hire as the military for the world. Who ever pays them for whatever agenda, that is what they do. The U.S military DOES NOT fight for Freedom, they are a hired army for multiple agenda's to the highest bidder.

When David Cameron wants war or some agenda, he gets the U.S to do it as does most other countries. However the UK, Britain, well they pretty much OWN the U.S colonies along with the Vatican. We are not native here folks. Oh and the CROWN gets a percentage of every single thing you do and she along with the City of London and the Vatican OWN your debt, your birth certificate is a stock for them. And they claimed the minerals and assets in the land in America, that they STOLE from the Native Americans by Bloody Force.

The Corporation of the United States of America only has power and jurisdiction in a 13 mile radius in D.C. However,  you unknowingly opt in and be a part of this. The states are not republics they are slaves to the Corporation of the United States which is owned by D.C, the Vatican and the City of London.

Cited on the US Constitution Gave Legal Ownership and Control of the United States to London.

"Neither the American people nor the Queen of Britain own America. The Crown Temple owns America through the deception of those who have worn their allegiance by oath to the Middle Templar Bar. The Crown Bankers and their Middle Templar Attorneys rule America through unlawful contracts, unlawful taxes, and, contract documents of false equity through debt deceit, all strictly enforced by their completely unlawful, but 'legal,' Orders, Rules and Codes of the Crown Temple Courts Our so-called 'judiciary' in America. This is because the Crown Temple holds the land titles and estate deeds to all of North America. "

David Cameron and Obama as well as other world leaders tried to convince you that the UK would collapse without the EU. All the while knowing that the UK is the SUPERPOWER. The UK controls the United States, via the City of London.

Leaving the EU is more exposing of the Dark Secrets of the Ruling Class and their Military which is the United States.

Every dollar you make as a U.S opt in Citizen, well that tax you pay, that goes to the UK. The Dark Cabal powers.

If you don't believe me research all this. And if you don't then where do you think our origins are? As a Human race anyway? Well us White Folks in America, we are British are we not? Come On.

Why in the world we even need to go through Immigration or Borders to go to the UK is ridiculous. Our Ancestors are British and the City of London is our RULER.

CONFUSED?  Well Lightworkers, Just Know that the Vote to Leave, whatever happens next is a sign of the LIGHT and a SIGN of the DARK Cabal, Rothchilds losing their Evil, Dark Power of Us.

However, there will be alot of games and Dark Manuveuring. If you want your POWER and Sovereignty, Independence and Do not Consent to their SICK Control over you and Enslavement of you then you must State your Non-Consent, Revoke Spiritual Contracts, Stand up for Your Rights, and get away from their control if and when you can.

A Bit of Research on the Corporation, Constitution, Crown, London and the U.S.

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Benjamin Fulford: June 20, 2016 In a First US Supreme Commander General Joseph Dunford Addresses...

This Mandela effect is freaking me out!