Thursday, June 9, 2016

Unravel Soul Contracts.  The prime creator of this Galaxy and the prime creator of the other 2 Galaxies involved here created a grand trireme so that they could communicate with the prime creator of this universe. They had created a new life form that they wanted this new life form to spread beyond these three galaxies. and that to do that we needed to use our Free Will to come together as a Global Culture, put aside the hate and war that had divided us, to make us a unified culture, and then we had to relearn our place in Galatic History as people that are co-creators of our physical lives, while we were trying to ascend to our original home, the Duality that is Earth.

We are going to eliminate Polarity, and Return to a Sacred Neutral. Any being that cannot Except Sacred Neutral for a single cycle while all souls understand their migratory patterns will be sent back to the Galatic Central Sun and recycled." AND lot's more at the Andrew Bartzis Video Linked Below.

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