Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Ain't Nobody Got Time for That"

So Leave them to it, if they wanted to Be Awake they would make effort toward doing so. Let them Be and Don't Let them Stress ya.

If they wanted to know they would research, study, and look at multiple sources. If they wanted to know they would study videos, audios, court documents, witness data and false data, background and so much more. They would look at it with their heart, their mind and truly DISCERN for themselves from a place of equality, information, truth and justice. They would use inner knowing, intuition and go within for clarity and answers. They would pray and ask spirit, angels, their guides, God, Goddess, Archangels, Ascended Masters or Saints to show them the TRUTH of any given topic, event, healthy issue. air issue, program, way of life or anything at all.

They don't want to know, they want to Believe. And whatever is fed to them as the "official story" on any given topic, event, situation, health issue, crisis, plane crash, mass die off of a species, mass migration, magnetic grid changes, geography, food, people, their own life or anything else, they simply BELIEVE, no questions asked.

They don't dig deeper. They instantly give over their power, their mind, their emotions, their heart, their very life force and all based on a Media source they know in their heart is CORRUPT, dark and deceiving, unjust, lying, and flat out NOT by the People for the People TRUTH on TRUTH.

If THEY wanted to know they would "look into it" with every part of their being and within all their capabilities, they would choose to LEARN TO DISCERN. However...

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