Friday, November 4, 2011

Is Oakland Learning?

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan made a pretext statement today about uprooting peaceful assemblers in Oscar Grant Park--to memorialize a BART commuter slain by transit police Jan 1, 2009.

One aspect no one seems to be mentioning is that the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce has their offices overlooking this same public park in Oakland, CA.
Jean Quan is now facing a recall effort in Oakland.

Ms. Deanna Santana, 40 has degrees from Cal Berkeley in city administration. Those degrees do not include a course in US Constitutional rights. Peaceful assembly in public parks has been protected since 1939 in the US Supreme Court in Hague v. CIO 307 US 496 (1939). None of these starlets pictured below figured out that tear gas, sound guns, helicopters, riot gear is not necessary when Americans are peacefully assembled on public property.
Oakland Administrator Santana (who planned the 4:30AM raids), Chief Jordan, and Mayor Quan

Although smart people individually, none of them picked up on the fact that they all violated their constituents right to peacefully assemble. If there were vandalism, or other problems in Oscar Grant Park, perhaps patrols, or K-9 Patrols would be able to cover the alleged crime.

Mayor Quan issued a statement about the Occupy Oakland raid. It is republished here:

Many Oaklanders support the goals of the national Occupy Wall Street movement. We maintained daily communication with the protest0rs in Oakland.
However, over the last week it was apparent that neither the demonstrators nor the City could maintain safe or sanitary conditions, or control the ongoing vandalism. Frank Ogawa Plaza will continue to be open as a free speech area from 6 am to 10 pm.
We want to thank the police, fire, public works and other employees who worked over the last week to peacefully close the encampment. We also thank the majority of the protestors (sic) who peacefully complied with city officials.
I commend Chief Jordan for a generally peaceful resolution to a situation that deteriorated and concerned our community. His leadership was critical in the successful execution of this operation. City Administrator Deanna Santana developed the plan and secured mutual aid from other departments and the State of California. She will direct departmental teams, including safety, public works, communications, to restore conditions at the Plaza so that it is available for public use.
The City welcomes all Oaklanders to continue to use the Plaza during daylight hours for peaceful protest. [via]

I had no idea the US Constitution slept at night and peaceful assembly, guaranteed in the US Constitution was available only during daylight hours. Perhaps Mayor Quan, Oakland Chief Jordan, or Administrator Santana can share any reference to the US Constitution ever sleeping.

A call was made to the Oakland City Attorney regarding the authorization that the Occupiers were conducting an "unlawful assembly" in Oscar Grant Park on October 25, 2011.
Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker did not return my call.

When the United States Constitution is involved, it trumps all state law, including The State of California, especially Oakland California. The Due process clause of the 14th Amendment says no law can be enforced that abridges (or stops, halts) the rights of an American.

Mayor Quan, Police Chief Jordan, Administrator Santrana and City Attorney Parker did fail the American people today. Most importantly the tear gassing, and riot gear clad policemen is a shame to the sacrifices made by all Americans to be free.

Just when you thought a Berkeley Education was superior, one of its graduates, aged 40 who interned in Oakland, CA, then coordinated assets to violate the rights of the people she was "excited to serve" (June 2011 press conference at her hire). Oakland looked for an Administrator who had urban experience, and found one willing to plan, coordinate a clear violation of rights in Oakland California.

Deanna Santana's kids were at school the day she was hired and had a press conference. Will they talk to her now that she is fully responsible for the violation of fundamental rights? Although she appears smart, she will go down in history as the planner of the dumbest attack on Americans ever contrived on US soil.

The occupy movement will not be silenced even by unconstitutional acts done by Oakland City Officials who were most likely pressured by the Oakland Municipal Chamber of Commerce. I dont know about my readers, but this foolery does not make me want to come to Oakland, sorry chamber, did this achieve you goals to create jobs and tourism in Oakland?

Ms. Santana, you failed, and Oakland Chief Jordan had a sworn duty to stop the raid. Mayor Quan had the ultimate duty to not assign the coordination of an action in Oakland which would violate the rights of their citizens. Ultimate shame, stupidity, and defeat for Oakland.

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