Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scott Goodyear on the Lee County Conpiracy. Threats from Officers, Cover Ups, Held Hostage Claimed, Alleged.. Check it Out.

To whom it may concern,

I have attached a pay out on a Lawsuit, I filed for a guy, and exposed
a cover up in his case. This information is on my website down towards
the bottom of my page.

My site is CRAZY, Sarcastic and Mispelled.. I posted things up as it happened to me and they were fresh in my head, it is ALL FACTUAL..

You will see 3 bogus Police Reports by one Officer, and email THREATS
to me from that Officer.

They have been under Federal Investigation
for 5 years, Ive been speaking to DOJ for 6 months.

Recently the paralegal said, "Get it exposed in the media, that might help." No
media down in Florida will touch this, it is too big.

The Officer that Fabricated the Documents Vincent Minnillo has a
famous Daughter Vanessa Minnillo.

The State Attorneys Office covered
for the Cops, the Judges then covered for the State.


Please visit my site www.leecountyconspiracy.com all the FACTS are
there, the reports could NEVER enter a court of law infront of a Jury.

I was held HOSTAGE for 2 years, without a trial, over a RESTRAINING
ORDER I fought and did nothing to get one in the first place. I had NO
CRIMINAL RECORD, the Officer has/had and ego, and its as simple as
that. Please view his emails to myself.

Scott Goodyear "

Source:  Email

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