Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the Wendell W. Phillips Story ....

"" Dear Crystal Cox:
I know that you I have seen and heard it all in the investigative journalist business.
Well wait until you hear this true story.

First of all I am Wendell W. Phillips the inventor of the LED lighted Backboard and the LED Mounted 24 second shot clock that is currently being illegally used with the NBA and Daktronics Inc.

I have been harassed by the Eastern District with intimidation at the request of Judge Steeh to have the U.S Marshal's escort me to the clerks office on several occasion as a form of retaliation because
In the months of April and May of 2005 I was approached by FBI Agent officer Michelle Harmon who worked out of the Flint Michigan office.

Ms. Harmon and two other agents informed me and another individual that we were subpoenaed for questioning about being involved in an assassination plot to kill a Judge Battoni whom I never knew.

This of course is a bait and switch tactic that the political police practice do when they want to save face of some higher up state officials involved in off track horse race betting.

What had happened is I was asked in 2004 to assist a state employee for the State of Michigan to investigate misappropriation of federal money being assigned to the Family Independence Agency aka /Human Service Department.

What was discovered in the investigation was a substantial amount of federal money was supposed to go to various counties around the state for the sole purpose to compensate court appointed attorneys for indigent men who were incarcerated for child support.

However instead the men in Lapeer County were sentenced without being represented by counsel and
where the state and county violates the 6th amendment right to counsel.

In June of 2009 I was told not to file another motion in the Eastern District Court . This is where I truly began to question court procedural operations more closely.

I immediately filed a freedom Of Information request with the FBI to ask why they have not given the Eastern District Court of the Southern Division in Detroit Michigan a clearance on my polygraph test
that was taken in or around April and May of 2005.

Currently my Federal Claim of a Continual Conspiracy Violation Theory in conjunction with Section 1 of the Sherman Anti Trust Act was file forma pauperis was dismissed sua sponte before the U.S.
Marshals had perfected service.

Docket#25 in ORDER DENYING PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION p.2 where the Court asserts “The court’s order of dismissal was entered before service was perfected. Nevertheless in Moates v. Barkley , 147 F.3d 207 208 (C.A 2 N.Y. 1998 (“district court may not impose a filing injunction on a litigant sua- sponte without providing the litigant with notice and opportunity to be heard”.

I the Plaintiff contend that the dismissal was void at the very inception for a lack of due process Fed .R.Civ.Pro 60(b)(4) “ the... court acted inconsistent with due process see Burke v. Smith 252 F.3d 1260
(11th Cir 2001) U.S. v. Bullock Inc. 909 F.2d 657 , 662 (1st Cir 1990) also see Keller and Keller v. Tyler 120 F.3d 21, 23 (2d Cir 1997).

I have discovered other procedural violations where the case is a default judgment but the court itself is assisting the defendants in a conspiracy in its refusal to grant me relief.

For more information on this extraordinary story please call (517) 485-6526 or email wendellwphillips@hotmail.com .

Wendell W. Phillips "

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