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Lee County Conspiracy - Gregory Scott Goodyear - Officer Vincent Minnillo - Cape Coral - 20th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office


"Internal Affairs Telling Me to Shut Up" and My Response

WINK TV and Corrupt Sheriff Mike Scott

Conspiracy to Cover up a False Arrest Lee County Florida

My name is Gregory "Scott" Goodyear, case # 04-CF-001624 I am/have been being prosecuted on a closed case pursuant to Statute. I was held hostage, in the Lee county Jail for 23 months on a false arrest cover up, that this Government can not get out of with multiple Judges under a Federal Investigation. I can be contacted at g.sgoodyear@gmail.com

This website will have documentation of falsified police reports,and email threats (exhibit 7 to grab your attention) email hacking proof by Officer Vincent Minillo of the Cape Coral Police Department whom had a charge pushed through to Judge Thomas S Reese of the 20th Judicial Circuit here in Lee county Fl.

I will show on paper Judicial, Prosecutorial misconduct that is beyond belief. Intentional malpractice by multiple paid counsel, and assigned defense attorney's appointed by the court to help railroad me, and ruin my life, in attempt to avoid they're own guilt of conspiracy to wrongfully convict.

I have just served 23 months in the Lee County Jail in Fort Myers, Florida for a violation of a restraining order in which I just bonded out on for the 2nd time in nearly 4 years. I've just done 5 months over a plea deal, on a false arrest cover up in which every stunt in the book has been pulled on me. They can't give me anymore time, and they can't convict me.

I was deemed incompetent to stand trial by 2 alleged shrinks in collusion with this very sick government and left in the county jail without proper care. But the problem is they are under a federal investigation, and anything granted by these people will admit to conspiracy, and I am now being used as ginnie pig by the federal government, because of the knowledge I have on how this government fixes cases, to seek convictions, and to generate capital for this very rich area. This place is controlled by Republican Policticians. Which is a big reason nobody will help me.

Like my 3rd attorney P.A. Robert Branning told me, "They do this all the time. They just went too far." Nobody would know better than him. He is a former prosecutor and taught at the Lee County Police Academy. Anyone whom has went near my case is under a Federal Investigation. If you see hostility, and aggression by me on this website, this government has created it. The paper work exhibited out and the story on what has been done to me will attest to exacty why I should be.

Officer Vincent Minnillo's email's suggest he is/was a very powerful street cop. As you will see it does not take an attorney to see 3 conflicting police reports by this man.

Judicial Cannon's, Rules of Court, nor Statutes do not apply here in Steven B. Russell's 20th Jokedictial Circus in Lee County. Because this is where the rednecks make up there own rules. They take advantage of naiveness to law, lies and corruption everyday and spend more time chasing their tales then they do anything else. I can prove it with documentation they can't get out of.

If you know nothing about a judicial system, and you are innocent, or they screw up. They will bury you under the jail or in the Everglades with the alligators if you attempt to stick up for yourself.

I have the craziest story you will ever hear or see, and it is all on their own paper trail. The more they did me, the harder I have came. Attorney's won't come near me, but know all about this. I call out of county attorneys and they are in disbelief. I have a paper trail to Governor Charlie Crist, but nothing get's done. I filed bar complaints on Mayor Eric Feichthaler of Cape Coral, and Rep. Nick Thompson (whom is also an Assistant State Attorney here in Lee County) but they don't act on anything.

Rep. Nick Thompson helps write the Statutes they have infringed upon but see's nothing and should obviously not be in the position he is in. But he is friends with all these people, and the Governor has probably told him to stay out of it. Both of these cowards are attorney's and should know that Statutues Govern the Judicial System. They also have the Governor's cell phone in their wallets. Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp lives in North Fort Myers. Cape Coral City Council has first hand knowledge of THEIR problem but fail to do anything about this.

I have not directly spoken to the FBI, since my release on Dec 22, 2007 just over 2 months ago. But will let this sequence do the talking for me. The Judicial Qualifications Commission, and the Florida Bar are an absolute joke. This Government in Florida is completely deranged and needs cleaned out. www.southerninjustice.com, www.jail4judges.org, and www.AndJustice4all.org are just some of the referances of this corruption. I have personally exposed these people as a fugitive of Injustice, and from a jail cell for 23 months.

I was deemed incompetent to stand trial by "Doctor" Barbra Palimino,and "Doctor" Fredrick Shraef. I never spoke to Dr. Shraef for him to be able to deem me anything. This is very very sick government, whom can dictate anything they want to dictate because they have done it for so long.

The local media has been shut down, and condone this kind of activity. They most likely get threatened to be put out of business if they do anything about situations like this. The defense counsel in this area are guilty of incest. They dance on both sides of the fence, and they aren't on your side. I have had 5 attorneys burn me, and one take money that wasn't licensed to practice law but nothing was done to him, because of this cover up.

My own P.A. Michael F. Hornung turned me out, to try and hang me. Essentially he was trying to get me to the courtroom to force me to plea out to a false arrest cover up in which I was out on bond for 13 months on from May 29th,2004-June 30th,2005 before my failure to appear warrant was issued.

I never viewed my police reports (discovery) nor ever even seen one before. I had no prior criminal record of any kind up until this injunction was placed out on me at the age of 35.

I was never arrested for domestic violence, I raised a little girl on my own, and ran a business for my mother here in Cape Corrupt.

I will Exhibit out their own paperwork before I attempt to explain what has been done to me and my family. I am just the lucky guy whom caught these people dead in there tracks, their only option is to kill me because Judges are coming off the bench.

Exhibit 1- F.S.741.31 to legally charge someone for a violation of injunction. Statutes are suppose to be interpeted by the Court.

Exhibit 2- An ORDER DENYING AN ISSUANCE TO SHOW CAUSE filed under case # 03-DR-008289 on 4-06-04 for this alleged violation of email contact with this so called "victim" Michele Newland. CASE CLOSED.

Exhibit 3- This is a letter sent to me on 4-06-04 from the State Attorneys Office pertaining to perjury charges on the alleged victim whom obtained this injunction on false grounds. This letter by paralegal Fred Shirley is absolutely insane. He states that the STATE ATTORNEYS OFFICE don't handle crimes directly! In Lee County this is true as you will soon see.

Exhibit 4- Probable Cause Arrest report by Officer Vincent Minnillo of the CCPD. On 5-28-04 I went to the Cape Coral Police Department to file criminal charges on Michele Newland for perjury, and to make a complaint about being threatened NOT to appear at any courtdates against her.

I was arrested for the SAME violation Ordered Denied and Issuance to Show Cause nearly 2 months before. I was charged for F.S.784.048(4) Aggravated Stalking/Violation of Injunction Order. To be able to legally charge me for this so called violation, there needed to be a warrant or a "notice filed that the case remained under investigation" pursuant to F.S. 741.31 which is a directorial statute, which means in order to beable to legally charge ANYONE for a restraining order violation the police, and the State must comply with this Statute.

Anything beyond this Judge Sherra Winesett's Order is purely criminal, and intentional by this wack job of a cop, and JOKE of a Government.

NOTE: I was not "gaining information regarding my case" as this probable cause report alleges. This would be blatent perjury by Minnillo. Nothing was "forwarded nor "completed" within a "20 day period" pursuant to LAW to legally arrest me. But his Lt. Carolyn Pensiero signed off on this report, as you can see on page 2.

Exhibit 5- A dated 6-07-04 report marked "inactive case" with a report attached in complete confliction to his SWORN statement on 5-28-04. Minnillo now alleges my arrest was "based on an Open Booking Sheet" in which he completed on 3-29-04 when I supposidly "failed to turn myself in." This report also verifies at to why in fact I went to the CCPD on 5-28-04. This idiot rat's himself out, and proves he openly perjured himself. I WAS filing perjury charges on Newland when he arrested me. That is actually a truthful statement by him.

NOTE: To prove there was not an Open Booking Sheet online at www.leeclerk.org under my case file 04-CF-001624. It will show "Case Opened booking report filed on 6-01-04" A cop can't open a case, just because he want's to after a Judge's Order and Statute. Unless your in Lee County Florida.

Exhibit 6- Is a DATED "3-29-04 Investigation Report" with an affidavit attached requesting a warrant. This is a backdated fake warrant request by Officer Minnillo, and notorized by Theresa Cesa.

NOTE: This report is done in past tense, and marked "ACTIVE CASE" 2 months before my arrest. How does my case go from ACTIVE on 3-29-04 to INACTIVE on 6-07-04 ?

He was a street cop, and not even able to request a warrant and the typographical errors prove it was done AFTER both the 5-28-04 and 6-07-04 reports.

I am sure if he completed an open booking sheet on 3-29-04 or requested a warrant on 3-29-04 his probable cause report might say so. Clearly Officer Minnillo could not make his mind up as to what he did that day. He did neither, and the only way I could legally be arrested was with a warrant. So therefore he backdates a fake warrant request in attempt to justify this bad arrest. Just in case I get a real attorney they can say "OH NO, THAT WAS A MISTAKE"

Exhibit 7 - Emails sent to me by Officer Vincent Minnillo. I was filing complaints to all parties (CCPD,State Attorneys Office, and Judge Thomas S Reese) while of fugitive status of Injustice.

NOTE: They illegally hacked my email account to gain my access, in attempt to shut me down. (what ever there plan was,will never know) They were emailing people in my email account and calling friends of mine whom were actually helping me.

I was on a horse ranch in Arizona, and I did go to Southern California as he states in his emails. This cop and some of his buddies were harrassing people.

Exhibit 7- Minnillo is emailing a friend of mine whom was helping me at that time. As you can see in there documented conversation. She asked him how he had gotten her email address. Det. Mark Morreal I also caught emailing people. It will be posted on this sight in time.

Clearly between a Judge, Jury, Defense Counsel and a Prosecutor someone in the room might realize Officer Vincent Minnillo could not be put on the stand, and asked if he followed procedure pursuant to F.S.741.31 to legally arrest me. Nor could real defense counsel ask him why I came to the CCPD on 5-28-04, or if he requested a warrant or completed an open booking sheet on 3-29-04.

I believe a jury might think there is something wrong in that courtroom???

I had 8 witnesses to testify on my behalf to prove that contact was initiated by this alleged "victim" Michele Newland, and to prove I was physically in danger and my life was threatened by her "OUTLAW" motorcycle gang member boyfriend not to appear at any courtdates against her.

Newland put this injunction out on me 4 days AFTER an appraisal came back on a home in which I had a substantial amount of equity in, and appraised out much higher than purchased for a year prior.


Michael F. Hornung took my case in Oct 2004, and this would be the only time I ever seen this man face to face. Shortly after he took my case I was viewing my case file online and HABEAS CORPUS was posted under my case. At this time I was not sure of the exact terminology due to my lack of being in the criminal system. I called his office about it, and his paralegal Wendy Gannon told me "Oh no no, that was filed under the wrong person's case"

I viewed my case file about a week later and Clerk of Court Charlie Green must have pulled it down for this Government. My mother witnessed this posting as well sometime in late Dec 2004.

The correct filing would be Habeas Corpus F.S.27.06 attacking the Statute in question 741.31, and the falsified police reports. That would force the hand of guilt of an illegal charging by the State of Florida. But defense counsel don't go against the State in this county which you will learn, as I type this. They were acting like they were going through the trial process.

He took Officer Vincent Minnillo's deposition in March of 2005 but it was not transcribed. I was told my case was being dismissed after that. Then in June I was told he was taking Michele Newlands deposition. Every word out of her mouth was a lie.

Now all of the sudden there was going to be a trial but they couldn't make up there mind when my lynching was going to be. I told him "just get me probation I have a business and a little girl, I will take care of this later" He said "it's a non probational offense, and do you realize that if one person on the jury finds you guilty Judge Reese can sentence you to 5 years in prison"

I knew right then I was being set up, but I didn't have the money for a different attorney.

He was setting me up to get me into the courtroom alone. His office had written testimony by 8 people to prove she was a liar, and I was having sexual relations with her during this alleged violation. Therefore would nullify an Aggravated Stalking charge. A jury might also wonder why in fact it took her 6 weeks to violate me if she was in fear of her life.

I took all of my paperwork, and my daughter and I went WEST instead of north as they expected. I had no clue a "JUDGE" would involve himself in such a ridiculous situation to the point they would intentionally ruin my life and put careers in jeapardy. If you read Officer IDIOTS emails, they literally chased me around the country, and the CCPD had local authority knocking on doors to try and catch me.

My daughter an I ended up in Los Angeles, where my UNCLE is an Assistant Dean of Faculty at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. In Sept of 2005 while a fugitive of Injustice he helped me put a sequence of events together prior to me heading back to Illinois.

I had reviewed my discovery while in Arizona and started filing complaints to all parties of record. These complaints were filed by friends and family via fax. I called Judge Reese's Judicial Assistant multiple times, and nothing was ever avoided by me. You can see online, I immediately filed motions and complaints right after my Failure to appear Warrant was issued.

Before I went back to Illinois, I sent INTERNAL AFFAIRS complaints directly to the CCPD because they already knew I was in California. I signed them with all attachements of Falsified reports, emails from Minnillo and hacking proof. But it was clear they already heard my complaints as Minnillo's emails prove this being true.

Faxes were sent to many Judges in Lee county with all documentation on a daily basis. I had these people circling themselves. I was nearly captured in Illinois within minutes on two different occassions as the Rock Island County Sheriff Michael Gerchen was having his Deputies knock on doors for me. My family and friends were laying me low, because we were in fear of my life, being in danger. With the people that are in trouble over this now over 2 and half years later, it was highly possible they were going to have DON WHAN put me in a ditch with a bullet in my head.

My business account was hacked with the help of my ex girlfriend Carey Patton whom was obviously cohersed by this maniac cop whom seems to like my ex's, and she is also under investigation.

I set up a new email account while in Coal Valley, Illinois at my mom's, in Nov. 2005. I sent this sequence with my Uncles name stamped on it (Rodney K. Goodyear) with all attachements to Cape Coral City Council on Nov 13, 2005. Nobody knew this email account at this time.

On Nov 16th, 2005 I received an email from Sgt. David Newlan of Internal Affairs. This email will be posted at a later date, but it essentially states that "He has done a curasory investigation into my allegations and he see's nothing," as expected. He also told me I need to refrain from any contact with public officials. They already knew what was going on, as my brother also walked an Internal Affairs complaint into the CCPD in October as well.

On Sgt Newlan's email, I then had Capt Micheal Maher's email address, and attacked him over this matter they all knew about. He emailed me back on Nov 25th, 2005. This email state's "He is not reading any of my emails and any complaints I have should be filed with the court of proper jurisdiction"

During this period,my brother contacted the Deputy Sheriff Tim Galloway. Galloway was told about the emails. I told him what was going on through a speaker phone, with him on the other line listening. He wanted to see my information, so I was given his email address. I forwarded him this scenerio in which I am typing out right now. He emailed me back and told me to give him some time to look it over and to have a good holiday with my daughter. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see an immediate problem. His first statement to my brother was, "he is going to be in trouble for emailing him." Tim Galloway's emails will be posted very shortly.

On Capt Michael Maher's email, I then had the Chief of Police Dan Alexander (now Boca Raton Chief) and Deputy Chief Rob Petrovich's email address. Petrovich is now the Chief of Police in Cape Coral. The mayor gave him the job while under a Federal Investigation.

Petrovich emailed me on two occassions. His emails state hopefully constitution will prevail in the end. These emails will also be posted shortly and should be in my case file.

I stayed in repeated contact with Galloway, and in early Dec 2005 as I was still sending 3rd party faxes, and emailing anyone I could find. Galloway emailed me and claimed he called Judge Reese's Office a week prior but hadn't gotten a phone call back. This might be kind of strange to an Officer of that law over a Fugitive that neither a Judge or his assistant calls him back on. I am sure great suspicion arose when he didn't, and I claimed he wouldn't because he is in on it. I had screamed bloody murder for about 5 months to his Office almost on a daily basis. I have many witnesses to this, by family and friends whom sent these faxes with all validation of conspiracy.

Prior to being captured in Coal Valley, Illinois at my mother's home. I entered the Criminal Justice Information System. This is a public record Federal source, and can be viewed by anyone. The easiest way to get on this site is go to the 20th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office website. Go to "related sites" and an icon will pop up to the right CJIS. Click on this and type your name in as "guest."

I typed the following names in of the people I knew were directly, or indirectly involved in the mishandling of my case, as I flipped through my paperwork. It was clear the FEDS picked up my case file. It is my belief Galloway called someone in regards to me. But then again I sent my information to many, so it is hard to say whom pick my file up.

Arresting Officer Vincent Minnillo
Dennis Honor - took my fingerprints
Jay Majewski - took the initial report for this
Theresa Cesa - Notorized Report
Lt.Carolyn Pensiero - signed off
Sgt Michael Torregrossa - approved my arrest
Det Anthony Sizemore - involved in many ways
Det Bennett Walker
Sgt David Newlan - Internal Affairs
Capt Michael Maher"
Chief Dan Alexander
Det Mark Morreal -in my email

Steven B Russell- State Attorney
Carrie Pollock-Prosecutor
Dineen Baker
Kelly Worcester - Felonyhead
Scott H Cupp- Former Felonyhead
Fred Shirley-paralegal

Michael F Hornung
Wendy Gannon-his paralegal
Judge Thomas S Reese
These are the people whom I know for a fact have been under investigation since at least Januarary 2006 if not a little earlier.

I have raised my daughter on my own since the age of 4 and she is soon to be twelve and I haven't seen her in 25 months, as of the typing of this situation.

Once extradicted to Florida for this bogus charge I knew I had them under investigation, so I had my mother raising hell for my saftey letting them know that they were in trouble.

I appeared infront of Judge Jay Rosman at my first appearance on February 24, 2006 and should have been released. But spent another 22 months in the county jail with many games being played on my life.

The State Attorneys Office was calling my mother in Illinois claiming she is responsible for paying for my extradiction. This would be to feel out whether or not my family had the money for a real attorney to take care of this. My mother is NOT responsible for her 37 year old son.

I was raising havic among the inmates letting everyone know what was going on. I was befriended by a man named "Von James." He was an alleged jailhouse attorney. He claimed he would file a motion for me an I signed a blank piece of paper without my knowledge I was doing so.

While I was convinced that I was going to a hearing over this motion, in March. I was pulled out of the cell block by a Lt Mytar of the Lee County Sheriffs Office. She was asking me all kinds of questions, and she showed me a piece of paper and asked me if it was my signature on it. I was raising hell questioning her as to what the hell was going on. She then showed me a contract filled out by this "Von James" claiming I offered him $5000 to kill Minnillo.

It was clear he was a plant in the county jail by the CCPD, and was caught by someone honest. They were shaking him down, listening to his phone calls with his wife. I told Mytar the story as to what was going on. She pulled another inmate out of the cell to verify my story about this motion. He told her he had seen what I was saying was true. She was to come back, and see my information, but clearly she wanted nothing to do with it. She had stated that she believed every word I was saying because the Cape Coral Police Department is dirty.

The next day I was served with an Injunction by Officer Vincent Minnillo whom swore out more statements claiming I threatened him via email. I allegedly had stated that if I could get rid of him and the victim my case would go away. This injunction petiton by him proves he again was in collusion with "Von James" and he was clearly a plant to set me up to make me look crazy.

I filed a proper motion with help, with all attachments of the police reports, emails, and Order. The day after I was served with this injunction. Assistant Public Defender Mark Cattell came to the jail with full knowledge as to what was going on before he even arrived. He said "Why would they do this to you? Has your life been threatened in jail?" I said "File your motion get me out of here!" He said "Do you realize you have a Judge, State Attorneys Office and a Police Department in trouble" I said "That's Not my problem, who do you work for?" He left with his tail between his legs.

On March 29,2006 I went to this injunction hearing infront of Judge Margaret Steinbeck, the wife of my current Judge Mark Steinbeck. I conceeded to this crap hoping someone would step up to this. All the evidence is in my case file for this injunction. Judge Margaret Steinbeck should have not only dismissed this injunction but should have released me from jail. That of course was never done.

On April 18th, 2006 this so called Doctor Barbra Palimino came to see me. I spoke to her and she knew what the was going on. Come to find out the Public Defenders Office filed to have me evaluated. Robert Levine filed this motion on 3-27-06. I never met nor spoke to Robert Levine for him to be able to file any such motion. Pursuant to Rules of Court a motion of such needed to be filed in "good faith." He wasn't even the attorney assigned to my case! I was unaware that they could buy off a shrink, but trust me, these people can get to anyone.

On May 1st, 2006 I received this evaluation back and I was deemed incompetent to stand trial. But "if inaccuracies and deceit are involve her evaluation is subject to change. Otherwise I need long term treatment to become competent to stand trial"

My brother and grandmother hired P.A. Robert Branning on May 19,2006. He came to see me at the county jail on May 21,2006. He had no clue as to what was going on at that time. I slapped down the paperwork, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. I then told him the story. He said "They can't get out of this. They just went too far"

He was to call the media and have me out within a couple of weeks. After a couple of weeks went by, I knew I was getting sold up the road again. He was circle jerking my 85 year old grandmother and feeding my brother a bunch of BS. By this time Michael F. Hornung, tried to turn me out, Mark Cattell of the Public Defenders Office, and Robert Levine, now Branning whom just looked me in the eye, is sucked into this wrath.

He came back to the county jail on June 19,2006 to try and pump me for more information. I backed him up, and said file your motion. He said another Doctor was coming to see me on 7-07-06. I said "you better stop that!" He said he would and he'd have his motion filed by the end of the week. I had stated to him "Judge Reese is in on this" He said "He's got to be, he doesn't grant you anything" BINGO! Being under investigation there is no way he could, and their only option to avoid guilt is to find me nuts.

Branning had told my brother that his motion was filed on June 27, 2006 and he mailed me a copy for my review. On July 7, 2006 I again was pulled out of my cell and it was Doctor Fredrick Schaerf. I kindly said " I refuse to speak to you, go get my attorney and I will gladly talk to you. Do you need his number? He said, "No I have it"

I knew right then what was going on. If I spoke to him I was going to be found incompetent to stand trial. Branning had no intention of stopping that evaluation, and that is why his motion was not filed BEFORE hand. This man could not be in the same room as this so called "Doctor" on a false arrest cover up. If he files his motion before I speak to this man, then he would agree something is wrong with my case.

I called my brother and told him to get on this loser. He called Branning on the 10th of July. Branning said "I will have a courtdate tomorrow, I am going by Judge Reese's Office." The next day I had a courtdate for July 24th, 2006 for his motion to dismiss. I told my family to look online to see when his motion was filed. BINGO AGAIN! It was filed on the 11th of July, but we were told it was filed on June 27th, 2006. I received it on the 12th of July in the mail. It was a valid Double Jeopardy Motion and very simple. A Judge Not in trouble over this would grant it. Branning had told my brother "sometimes it takes awhile for paperwork to be filed with the clerks." No I don't think so it is filed right when they get it.

Branning avoids falsified police reports, and attacking the Statute 741.31. Because there is no arguement, and they drop like a bunch of dead maggots on the pile of shit he is.

On July 24th, 2006 he pulls me up to speak with me and hands me case law on Double Jeopardy. I said "they are actually going to argue this?" He said " Yes, they think you will cave." I said, "You make it sound like this is going to be denied." He said, " I have seen this man do whatever he want's to do" I knew right then I was getting screwed again. But I knew when I was sitting in jail 2 weeks after he came to see me. I was NEVER a motion. The State should have prosecuted Michele Newland for her perjurous statments and other antics as well as Officer Minnillo for falsifying police reports. He claimed to be a "Dective" on the front of the 6-07-04 and 3-29-04 reports.

My grandmother and brother sat with him for over 3 hours in a full courtroom. My motion was last to be heard as they didnt want anyone to hear it be denied. This was set up like a sketched out play, as I sat back and watch this schrade. Judge Reese said, " I can understand you point but I am going to deny this."

NOTE: Conspiracy again by the Clerks. Online it shows a RESERVED RULING. This was not Reserved and they were trying to avoid Branning's incrimination in this conspiracy.

I immediately filed complaint on him, then wrote almost every Judge in the county and sent them documentation of Conspiracy. I sold Branning up the road, and showed him I was doing it. I wrote him and said "Nice try you piece of shit! Now make sure you give all my families money back. I told them not to hire an in town attorney."

He removed himself, and gave all the money back to my brother and told him, "they're just in too deep"But BEFORE he removed himself he supplied the State with 12 witnesses on my behalf. Only to try and help himself, to avoid his incrimination of conspiracy which is totally immpossible. If you touch or go near my case you are IT!

NOTE: Attorney's don't give money back after they argue a false arrest. Something might be very wrong there. BRANNING IS UNDER A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION NOW. Bet he wishes he would have done his job now?!

These funds were given to a James P. Woods an Orlando based attorney in which I was referred to by another inmate. He is/was the mobster type attorney I need to handle these people. My brother gave him $2500 in the parking lot of the Lee County Jail on August 26,2006.

He came in to see me, and again, in total shock. He said, "Your gonna have to get out of this county" meaning of all the people that were in trouble over this. Most of our conversation was about the lawsuits. He left and said "Hold tight you've been here way too long." Everyone and any attorney in this country would love of piece of my lawsuits but nobody want's to help me. Because of the fact these people are basically a big Mob, of organized crime.

He left and a couple weeks later, he was given another $1500 by my brother and on Sept 12, 2006 told me I would be released ROR. He claimed we were going to file something other than a Habeas Corpus. Two days later I was still in jail. My family found out he was DISBARRED! He was unable to practice law, was was supposidly in a rehab for cocaine use. My brother was told by his former paralegal, that he thought he would get his license back real quick and get me out. Because he knew I wasn't leaving quietly.

I filed complaints at the county jail, about this man stealing money, and all my paperwork. The said "He must have shown a fake badge." I said "Charge him that is Grand Theft and theft by deception." They said, "Have your family file a complaint at the Sheriffs Office on Cypress Lake in Fort Myers." I said, "You do it, it happened here I am not suppose to be in jail anyway!" I wrote the Sheriff many letters, and told him this will all come out in the end. Now Sheriff Mike Scott is greatly involved.

My grandmother and brother filed complaints and reports were taken. They told my family it was a "CIVIL MATTER!"

NOTE: If I pretend to be a practicing attorney and go to a jail, with false identification, and take money I am getting charged. But if someone does it to me, it is a "CIVIL MATTER?" How does this work out?

The only reason it was a civil matter is because it was me and it would have ruffled feathers in my situation. I wrote Judges, the State but these people are in trouble over me. So obviously nothing was done.

NOTE: This would now be TWO crimes committed on me in that jail in which the Lee County Sheriffs got involved in, to help comrads of corruption. First the plant in the county jail, now a man potraying to be an attorney.

I was then Pro-Se, burning everyone and anyone I could think of. I picked names of inmates attorneys and wrote them about what was going on. I filed Motions that were better than any attorney could file on my case. I filed for bond hearings, and showed malpractice by Michael Hornung, all DENIED or just simply ignored. These people left me in jail without a bond that I was entitled to. Nobody wanted me out because of this. They are still hoping I can't get anyone to listen to me.

I would be taken to court, with games being played by the DISHONORABLE Judge Thomas S. "No Release" Reese, and Prosecutor Dineen Baker. I would say "Your Honor I am ready for trial." She would say "He's been found incompetent to stand trial by Doctor Palimino." He would pretend like he knew nothing, when in fact if he opens up my case file it essentially say's, "Your in some trouble Judge." (You can read between the lines on my thoughts as to what I've indirectly stated.)

On Jan 3rd, 2007 I was taken to court and there was a different Assistant State Attorney there. I knew I had a shot in open court to put some things on the record. I said "Your honor maybe if you reveiw the perjured, falsified police reports in my discovery you would have to release me from jail." Everyone was turning there heads back and forth. He said, "What did you say to me?" I repeated the above mentioned quote verbatim again. He said , "Oh that's not up to me, it's up to the State Attorneys Office." BINGO! Got the almighty Judge Reese tongue tied in his courtroom.

NOTE: The last I knew everything is up to a Judge. But if he releases me he admit's to conspiracy.On the record "it's not up to him"

I said, "Your honor can we please set this for trial? Only 4 different attorneys have known there are problems with my case and double jeopardy issues involved." He said "Okay February 26th" As I walked out people were just flabergasted as to what they had just seen. I just ran the almighty Judge Reese in his own courtroom. This would be one of the best day's in that county jail if you could say there was any at all. On the way out, the bailiffs said "They are giving you a hard time in there." I said, "That is because everyone whom touch my case is under a federal investigation."

I then filed Motions to Disqualify this loser, with amended situations left and right. I was taken to court again in late January. There she was again, Dineen Baker, in another empty courtroom. I asked the Judge why am I here? He said, "Because you asked me to assign you an attorney didn't you?" I said , " No I didn't my family will get me one, just send me back to my cell."

Dineen Baker said, "Your Honor he has another appointment with Doctor Schaerf on March 2,2007, to see if he is competent to stand trial." Judge Reese said, "Do you understand that I am the Judge, and I want you to just answer the doctors questions when he comes to see you."

I went back to the jail and filed more complaints to every source thought of. At that time, I had a comrad by the name of Don West in there raising hell on the railroad job he had going on by this so called Justice System. All over an injunction. We were filing things for other inmates, complaints on everyone. Judge Tara Paluck made him go to trial when the public defender told her, (right on the record on transcripts) "he was worried about malpractice suits, because he wasn't prepared." He was found guilty, when the Judge should have continued it. But the fact his, the Fort Myers Police Department should not have arrested him.

I again refused to speak with Doctor Shaerf on March 2, 2007. I threw down a Disqualification of Reese and walked out and told him to have a nice day. I wrote Reese and told him to go talk to the doctor, because I am not going to talk to anyone. They knew it, but just hoped I would break. They knew I shouldn't have been in jail, let alone ever arrested, and I was/am their worst nightmare come true.

I filed a 1983 Civil Rights complaint with the Federal Courts here in Fort Myers. I had no clue what I was even doing. I just mailed it out, and the next thing you know it opened up two cases. Reese vs. Goodyear 2:07-cv-192 and Goodyear vs. State of Florida 2:07-cv-130.

I was taken to court again on March 26, 2007, and the State Attorney (Im not sure whom it was) said , "Your honor we have a problem. Mr Goodyear won't speak to Doctor Shaerf, and he has been deemed incompetent to stand trial by Doctor Palimino." He said, "Well I guess I will just have to make a ruling on this, and appoint appellate counsel. Sit Tight."

NOTE: He ruled me incompetent on the record and I haven't seen any appellate counsel. I am sure they destroyed that court appearance.

I immediately filed a Notice pursuant to Rules of court I should have been release within 5 days. I sent complaints to Rep. Nick Thompson. My family emailed Nick Thompson and my mother was responded to via email by his office. You can't leave an Incompetent man in jail. I needed help for my mental conditions, in which I supposidly had.

An ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE was issued by the Federal Government on the State of Florida on 3-28-04. This lawsuit was Dismissed without prejudice because of jurisdiction, they can't intervene. But I was filing shit on any and everyone involved in my case to make everyone accountable. Don West and I were filing complaints to Deputy Chief Federal Prosecutor Doug Molloy at this time, as well as to the FBI in Tampa, Fl.

I was not taken to court in April. My mom wrote me and told me my next courtdate was not until May 21,2007. In this Order Dismissing my case against the State. Essentially gave me the clue to file a writ of Mandamus for Administrative relief. I wrote the legal law library for an example of how to file this properly.

I filed a 15 page writ on Judge Thomas S. Reese, with includes perjury, and threats by Michele Newland, falsified police report ect...ect...

I mailed it out on May 6,2007 and said "Watch this I am going to court this week." This petition was filed with the Clerks on May 9, 2007. I was taken to court on May 10th,2007. There were 2 other people going to see Reese that day. I was held upstairs as they went down and came back. I sat for quite sometime alone, before they took me downstairs to the holding cell and left me there for another 45 minutes as the courtroom was empty.

I was scared to death being in there alone waiting for someone to come back and kill me or something. I then hear, "All rise" and was taken in the courtroom. Nobody was in there except Dineen Baker, Prosecutor Eric Forte and come to find out it was ROBERT LEVINE. The man whom filed to have me evaluated a over a year before.

Levine said to the Judge, "Your honor it is unfortunate that Mr. Goodyear has done most of the time on this charge, and I am sure if he will let me negociate a plea for him, and the courts feel he is competent enough. I am sure the State will agree to time served."

I then said, "did you just call me incompetent?" He said "No" I made some other remarks to him, and then said, "No contest withold adjudication and you got a deal." Judge Reese said, "Will you at least talk to Doctor Levine?" That is when I realized whom this man was. I had never seen Levine before, and would someone needs to send him to a mental institution for messing with me.

I said, " I heard the deal, he said the State will agree to time served, no contest withold adjudication and it's a deal." Reese was begging me to speak with Levine. I said, "I am not speaking to anyone. I knew that Mandamus petition had them. He wanted to know if he could assign him to my case. I said "No, and I am not talking to anyone." They hated that. So now they are on their way with the new plan. Which has backfired severely on them. I expose another cover up, documentation attached to this website.

He set another courtdate out for July something. He was trying to get me to take an incompetent plea because he couldnt take a guilty plea from me. That is why he ignored the No contest pleading from me.

Note: Judge Margaret Steinbeck is the Judge whom presided over that petition. She was the one whom placed the injunction out on me by Minnillo. She also Dismissed a Habeas Corpus petition in Nov 2006 I had filed Pro-Se. She is greatly involved in my case.

I went back to the cell and filed Mandamus petitions on Judge Hugh Starnes whom granted this injunction and I feel is more guilty than anyone. Guess whom Dismissed that petition? Judge Margaret Steinbeck! She did NOT Deny my petitions, they were Dismissed. I believe that was done for a reason, to try and save herself. Being Denied and Dismissed are two different things. If she denies them, she knows nothing about the law. But if she dismisses them she is just essetially blind and hopefully can't get into trouble. But I believe she knew that she was already.

I filed a Mandamus petition on her for this injunction she granted for Minnillo. I was raising living hell. I had already been in the county jail for a year and a half and was not going to turn around. I got em! No way!

Judge Hugh Starnes completely screwed over Don West and he has it all on paper. This government knew we were in collusion together tearing them new assholes all the way around.

Milton Watts entered my cell block. He told me about his situation, and what his attorney Allison David was doing to him, and what had happened. As the CCPD entered his home, after barging in nearly running over his 9 year old son, threw his wife in handcuffs, and pulled him out of bed without a warrant.

His Judge was Judge Mark Steinbeck whom took over the case load for Judge James Thompson, after he retired in Dec 2006. I review his discovery and found 2 police reports written in first person. One by an Officer Dan Iten, and one by an Officer Robert Reese. The only differance was that Iten's report had a Grand Theft Auto charge on it.

I looked at his case summary, and seen that his cases were dropped 4 days BEFORE he was arraigned infront of JUDGE THOMAS S REESE. Now here we go again. That would be "DAD" to Officer Robert Reese of the Cape Coral Police Department. Robert Reese was the real arresting Officer.

They put the case infront of Reese and were going to have Dan Iten be the real arresting Officer, just in case they got caught. They did! By ME!

Note: All parties involved in his case are now under investigation as I have since learned, after my release from jail 2 months ago.

His so called alcoholic Attorney Allison David whom most likely has Bi-polar disease. Was giving him every excuse in the book.

Milton Watts went at these people, to and was saying "I am not pleaing out to this" Allison would threaten him, and blatently try to deceive him. She is owned by this government, and is a pawn. She was a long time Public Defender in this county. If we had tape recorders for when these attorneys visited us they would be locked up on the spot.

Watts just had a motion to suppress hearing, in early May. All Officers testified they never went into his home. But the only Officer that was not present was Robert Reese. When if fact they all went in his home, but lied about it because they knew they should not have been in it.

This was prearranged, as Prosecutor Dan Setlow, stated to Judge Mark Steinbeck on the record, that Reese was scheduled for a vacation. So Judge Mark Steinbeck, split this hearing up into two parts.

We discovered that the only Depostition NOT taken was Dan Itens. So Watts forced her to take it. We started filing many complaints. This Government knew it was me behind them.

On May 21,2007 Milton Watts was taken to a speedy trial demand hearing. Guess whom he appeared infront of again? Judge Thomas S Reese! Reese stated to Allison David, "You know by accepting this demand you will be going to trial within 5 days" Watts agreed. As he was being walked out past Judge Reese. Reese stated to Prosecutor Dan Setlow, "With that new evidence trial should go real good" Setlow looked at Watts and smiled.

Allegedly Judge Mark Steinbeck was on vacation. This was all a big ploy to try and scare Watts to plea out and avoid anymore perjury by these cops.

Judge Reese has no business going anywhere near a case in which his son has involvment in. We filed complaints and made allegations (FACTS) that it could possibly be his son. After that hearing on May 21, 2007 Watts called Allison David from the Jail. She said "He was just trying to scare you, we still have the 2nd part of the motion to suppress hearing."

Note: He was offered time served by her on multiple occassions. Prior to the first Suppression hearing, it was 48 months in prison, but after I had gotten involved it became time served. I exploited another one.

Exhibits 8 -& Exhibit 9 Milton Watts Police Reports. Again you don't have to be an attorney to say "what the is this?"

On July 2nd, 2007 Watts went to this 2nd part of this hearing. The only Officer there to testify was Robert Reese. The Judge granted his motion and suppressed his arrest, but didn't release him from jail. He claimed Allisons Motion "didnt state that." So he has no arresting Officer, they all testify they never went into his home, but he is left in jail. Watts spoke on record more than once and told Steinbeck all officers had perjured themselves. But Steinbeck said "That's up to your attorney Mr. Watts." Robert Reese testified Officer Dan Iten was with him in Watts home. But Dan Iten on a deposition and in a Motion to Suppress hearing said he never entered his home. You have one cop, claiming the other one is a liar in the court of law and the JUDGE does Nothing! Maybe that is because he was helping the STATE Attorneys Office conspire to cover up another bad arrest.

At this time, family and friends contacted the Coalition of Justice here in Fort Myers. They told us the ACLU was taking my case, and Joe D'Allesandro had my information. I corresponded with Sherri Battle whom was with the Coalition. We got her Watts information as well and they were taking it also. His family was told the same thing. They essentially lost our paperwork, and didnt know anything about us. How conveinent! Joe D'Allesandro ran this corrupt government for 30 years and I told them he isn't going to help me.

On July 5, 2007 Judge Thomas S Reese recused himself off of my case. Judge Mark Steinbeck was assigned my case on July 11, 2007. I sat for 6 weeks without a courtdate. I filed proper motions to have me released. All of the sudden my new attorney was Allison David. Another big plan to avoid their guilt and switch prosecutors, and have her threaten me to leave me in jail if I didn't plea out. They knew I would flip out with her being on my case. She had just hired Pavlina Petrova to work with her, whom this government threw into this mess and is fully incriminated into conspiracy.

Note: If I plea out with people not directly involved then they don't admit their guilt directly and can buy time with there career's, and continue their nasty games on people. If you lawyer don't formally present the evidence to the Judge in motion form he can turn a blind eye. They have defense counsel in their back pocket.

Allison filed a motion to remove herself as counsel, and a hearing was set for Oct 19,2007. Watts was being pulled in and out of courtrooms being screwed by Steinbeck whom made comments about his filings, and knew they were done by me.

On October 6, 2007 Allison came to the jail. This would be the first time I had ever seen her. I said, "Why are you here? We have a hearing on the 19th!" She said "Finally nice to meet you too Mr. Goodyear." Pavlina Petrova was with her trying to get out of the room. I said, "The state of Florida is in violation of F.S. 741.31 to legally charge me. There are falsified police reports in my discovery by Officer Vincent Minnillo." I dont THINK Pavlina Petrova knew what was going on at that time, but she knows everything now.

Allison said, "I agree, alot of what has been done to you is wrong." I said "What BITCH! Alot of what has been done to me is Wrong? Everything that has been done to me is wrong! Everyone whom has touched my case is under a Federal investigation and you will be too when this is over. Why are you on my case?" She was begging me to plea out. She claimed I could be eating dinner with my family tomorrow night. I said "FUCK YOU!" Then I walked out of the room. Infront of a bunch of inmates she was saying "I could have you out tomorrow,but instead you will be in here for Christmas." I said, " I will send you a Christmas card bitch" Inmates were freaking out and Ms.Petrova just witnessed my attorney, knowing of a cover up and threatening me, to leave me in jail.

Don West was out of jail raising hell for me with the local media at the Fort Myers Newspress whom "has known about me for year." According to Sam Cook a columnist. Ed Johnson a reporter wanted to come and see me. But needed escorted in for the interview. Family and friends were giving him all kinds of information, and I was blasting him with the goods.

Note: Don West sat with Allison David on Oct 19, 2008 and talked to her about me. He went after her very hard then filed a complaint on her. This is filed to the Florida Bar and under my case file. Chief Judge G.Keith Cary eventually assigned Allison David to his injunction case he is fighting. They did this to him intentionally.

He told my mom, Lee County is the most corrupt place in the United States. He couldn't understand why they would do this to me. He ended up transferring from here.(Reporter Ed Johnson from the Newspress)

On October 19th, 2007 another shrade happened to me in Judge Mark Steinbecks courtroom. Allison came back sucking up to me. Then turned me out in open court hoping I would flip out to make me look crazy but they havent been able to do that up until then, and I wasnt going to let them. She even stated in this hearing that "alot of what has been done to me is wrong."

Judge Steinbeck swore me in and asked me why I wanted her off my case, then he threatened me and said, "If I remove her I am not going to assign you another attorney." I said, "Okay, because the State of Florida is in violation of F.S.741.31 to legally charge me for this." He immediately shut me down as expected, because that is what he would do to Milton Watts, and I was ready for it. Don West was present with Court Reporter Pat Gillespie of the Fort Myers News Press.

The State Attorney (supposidly Leah Harwood) said "Your honor Mr. Goodyear has been found incompetent to stand trial by two doctors." The Judge said "alright I am not going to remove her. We need to get a competency hearing set immediately." I never spoke to two doctors. At this time Watts and I were filing Bar Complaints on everyone whom went near our cases. We had these people circling themselves. His initial Prosecutor was Carrie Pollock, just as mine whom illegally charged me 4 months after the intial report on a closed case pursuant to an Order and Florida Statutes.

Note: The Florida Bar in Tallahasse have complaints on Robert Branning, Michael F. Hornung, Allison David, Prosecutors Dineen Baker, Carrie Pollock, Susan Tacy, Eric Forte, Leah Harwood, Nick Thompson with all documentation of conspiracy in my case. We filed complaints on Allison David, P.A. David Brener, and Prosecutors Carrie Pollock, Marin Bowman, Dan Setlow and multiple others in Milton Watts case but nothing is done.

We now had the same Attorney, and Judge. I have recently viewed the Criminal Justice Information System and seen that Dan Setlow is now my prosecutor as he was WATTS.

A hearing for my alleged incompetency was scheduled for Jan 28th, 2008. This would be 3 months after the Judge gave his order. Another violation of Rule 3.210 for incompentency to proceed. This hearing needed to take place "within 20 days"pursuant to this RULE. If I am crazy you cant leave me in jail, I needed help for my alleged mental issues.But instead they left in dangerous conditions, considering my mental instability, I was diagnosed to have. Supreme Court Chief Justice Fred Lewis has gotten on this government about people being left in jail with mental illnesses. I have contacted his office since being out of jail over my situation. There is a filing with the Supreme Court of Florida showing them Conspiracy by everyone involved.

Note: I am sending out a Notice to the Florida Supreme Court on Monday the 10th of March with all documents attached to this website.

Don West filed a complaint on Allison David for me, and sent it everywhere. He went to the FBI Office in Fort Myers. They asked him infront of a lobby full of people what he was there for, he said, "Conspiracy to cover up a false arrest by Officer Vincent Minniloo and this reaches to the highest powers of the land." They told him, "we need to hear from Goodyear." But he had all my paperwork in his hands. Imagine that, you have an FBI Office in a county that is more corrupt than the mafia. Alot of these "attorneys" walk in to the Federal building here in Lee county and most likely pull the same stunts. My Judge Mark Steinbeck was a US DISTRICT attorney before presiding as a Circuit Judge here. Do ya think maybe, he knows some of these people. Everyone of these Federal Judges have seen multiple pleading from me. I only did it for a paper trail. Hell, I filed complaints on THEM in their own Court.

On Oct 29, 2007 Allison David pulled both myself and Milton Watts out to speak with us. We were burning her and everyone everyday somehow. The whole cell block was in shock about her talking to both of us. She said. "Can I speak to both of you at the same time?" We said, "whatever lady." She claimed she wanted to "make amends with us." I started tearing her a new asshole, and Watts said, "I'm just gonna let him talk." She admitted right infront of Watts, that Officer Minnillo shouldn't have every arrested me. I said, "Did ya hear that Milton, my lawyer said I shouldn't have ever been arrested." I said, "Then do your job lady and file your motion." She said "I can't the JUDGE WON'T LET ME."

NOTE: My own attorney told me a JUDGE won't let her represent me. MiltonWatts0@gmail.com will verify this as being true.

I said, "I will file the motions for both of us and you will honor them." She tried to calm me down from ripping her apart. She is a complete idiot, and every other word out of her mouth is a lie. She told my grandmother, "You Goodyears, aren't very smart are you." She told my brother, that "they lost the depositions Michael Hornung took." She talked major shit to my dad. She told my grandmother "He is going to be left in jail for a long time. He has been deemed incompetent to stand trial."

We both left out of there telling her she was DONE and we were going to make sure of it. Laughing at her. The guards were freaking out as we both were screaming lawsuits, and disbarrment to her. I told her to go tell her friends "I'm gonna get em! Go tell the Judge I am coming."

NOTE: She was probably wired for sound for these people. So they could hear exactly what I was saying. I know she had went back and told them, this guy isn't budging. They probably wanted to know for sure. There is no documentation of Allison David entering the jail that evening. We believe that there must have been some sort of reason for it. We requested multiple times for documentation, and were circle jerked around by those low lifes.

On or about Nov 6th, 2007 Pavlina Petrova came to the county jail to speak with me. She said "Please Mr. Goodyear just hear me out." I said "Okay, you didn't do anything to me, Im listening." She said, "I know your not incompetent, and I believe they did this to you to avoid their guilt." I said, "I know this."

I believe she has SOME ethics in her and is why she came to see me. She claimed that she had asked Allison if she could look into my case. I believe she was thrown in the middle, and was also sent out, to try and save some of her own ass, as well as to see what she could do for these people. We disguised alot of my case, she was made real clear not to try any bullshit with me. She had already witnessed me rip Allison apart, and I am a better attorney than both of them put together. I can talk faster than either one of them can think.

Ms.Petrova said she would be back in a couple of days with my paperwork. She did show back up righ away, just to let me know, she planned on spending several hours with me, and that she hadn't gotten it yet. I didn't really believe anything she had to say, but this woman did step up for me, and eventually get me out of jail, which I am greatful for.

In mid Nov 2007 (just 3 months ago) she came out with alot of my paperwork. She did some research on situations I had spoken to her about. I showed her everything. She would try and step me back but at the same time, would agree with everything. I finally started to get up and walk out of the room after several hours of this. She claimed she didnt' know how to file a Habeas Corpus, but she could call her old boss in Pinellas county. I said to her, "Look, I know you can't do your job and they have probably warned you that you can't. Just get me a bond, I will get out and take care of this myself."

After 4 hours of games, she finally said "Mr.Goodyear I promise I will at least file for a bond hearing for you." I begged to please get it done as soon as she could. She said she would be out in a few days with a copy of it to show me.

Exhibit 10- A copy of Pavlina Petrova's bond motion. Allison David signed it but had nothing to do with it, what so ever.I read it, and told her to add a couple of things. That is not a regular bond motion. It is more like a motion to dismiss. I firmly believe she put all of that on the record for herself. She told me she would file it in the next couple of days and TRY to get me a hearing as soon as she could. I expected this hearing to take place sometime in 2009. She came back out on or about the 6th of December.

She told me I had a hearing date for the 18th of December. I was shocked. She wanted to speak with me before I went back to the cell. She told me that "THEY WERE VERY MAD WHEN SHE FILED THAT MOTION." She told me she had given her Notice to Allison David that she is quitting, but she would do everything in her power to read this motion. I begged her please don't let Allison do it. She said "No matter what I will be in the courtroom." She warned me they most likely would antagonize me in there, and to keep my cool. I said, " I know what they try to do to me, they can't get to me. Because that is their goal, to make me look crazy in the courtroom, like they have told everyone."

On Dec 18th,2007 the craziest bond hearing that could ever take place, did. The State pulled every stunt in the book not to hear that motion. Judge Mark Steinbeck tried to humiliate me, to get me to pop off, but it didn't work.

These evaluation's were pulled out in that hearing, because the State was saying that the Competency hearing should overide the bond hearing. There could never be no competency hearing, and I knew this. Both these alleged "doctors" would have to testify under oath that I am crazy and unable to comprehend the charges against me.

Now all of the sudden this second evaluation was pulled out of the air by Doctor Fredrick Schaerf. He deemed me incompetent, and claimed I belonged in a mental institution based off of Doctore Barbra Palimino's alleged criminal type evaluation.

Steinbeck threw out, these evaluations and wanted a "brief rundown of my case." Ms. Petrova gave him exactly that. She brought up Order Denying and Issuance to show Cause, emails by Minnillo, No Warrant, the situation by Michele Newland and a house involved. She brought up I had no prior criminal record, up until this ordeal. She got alot on the record, but when it came to the problems with my arrest he shut her down, and said "we aren't here for that today." WHAT A JUDGE! Don't worry about that Judge I only spent nearly 23 months in jail on a false arrest cover up in which you just STOLE $2000 more dollars from my family we didn't have.

He gave me a bond of $20,000.00, and claimed he didn't have to. He put a stipulation in that I needed to comply with any Orders for evaluations or he would revoke my bond. Ms. Petrova brought up the fact that Michael F. Hornung didn't supply any witnesses to the State upon my behalf. She also pointed out the he filed a NOTICE OF UNAVAILABILTY on June 14,2005. This notice states he was going to be out of the country and NOT able to be present for my up coming trial date.

NOTE: So how could I have a trial if my attorney filed a notice he would not be in the country until July? My alleged trial was on June 30, 2005. That is Conspiracy alone and Pavlina Petrova pointed that out to me. I didnt ever know what that Notice said, until she brought it up.

Ms. Petrova's email address is pavlina7criminallaw@embarqmail.com

Judge Mark Steinbeck did not want to give me a bond, and the State wanted a $30,000.00. She tried to get it lower. Steinbeck made a comment about how I have acted up in other Judge's courtroom's including his. I never acted up in anyone's courtroom, and surely not his. I had only seen the man one time, at the hearing to remove Allison. He, and the State were trying everything they could to get me to look bad. I dictated alot of this hearing to Pavlina in her ear. She did a very good job and really burnt these people. He should have cut me loose totally, and if anything given me a $2000 bond not a $20,000.00. What's he gonna do give me the full 5 years if I was found guilty of email contact as a first time NON VIOLENT OFFENDER, on a false arrest cover up the whole government knows about!? He probably would, just to let an appeals court rule on there problem. When the "Judges" whom read these appeals, or petitions to overide their friends in the same community. It's not going to happen.

I believe they were hoping I would not be able to bond out. This has drained my family. My mom has had to take care of my little girl for two year's. My brother and grandmother have sent what money they could and unecessary phone call's.

I got out late on Dec 22,2007 and I there was a HOLD on my by the Cape Coral Police Department from back in June 2006. They weren't going to let me go.

That is when Robert Branning was on my case, and they probably thought I would get out, and if he would have done his job I would have.

Milton Watts trial date was for Jan 8th, 2007. I could not make it nor do I want to ever enter the LEE COUNTY CORRUPTION CENTER ever again.

I put an email together and contacted every Senator in the State of Florida. I received responses from Charlie Crist Office, claiming "he is sorry to have learned of my difficulties with the 20th Judicial Circuit" Then they direct me the the Judicial Qualifications Commission, and the Florida Bar whom both should be indicted and tossed in the clink themselves for condoning this madness that has went on for years down here. I received correspondence for the County Commissioners Office that alleged they would forward my complaint to City Manager Terry Stewart whom couldn't manage a fruit stand on a dead end street. Cape Coral Officials have been investigated for quite sometime for stealing money from people pertaining to water lines being put in the ground and charging to much.

Down here, they're mentality is put the waterlines in then bend them while they are in the ground and jack the price up for the home owner's, so the government can fatten up their wallets.

I exhibited out the paperwork that is attached to this website and hand delivered it to the City Attorneys Officer as well as other complaints.

Southerninjustice emailed them, and also called the CCPD on my behalf. Jail4Judges have raised hell for me as well.

I have spoken to many media sources whom have my paperwork in their hand, but won't do a damn thing about this. Valerie Harring whom knows everything about my case and I have been in contact with her since July of 2005 while of fugitive of injustice,she makes every excuse in the book. She did put a media request for a warrant back in early January. I keep her posted on everything, and these organizations have spoken to her just as my family and friends, but non of these media people have the guts to do anything about corruption, in which is their duty to expose.

But again they like to keep shark attacks quiet, an say it really just a blue crab, that took a chunk out of someone's leg.

She hasn't gotten her response back from these people and can't. Because there is no warrant, and that is public record. Fox4 news in Cape Coral whom claim they hold the "Powerful Accountable" has it all and have verified alot of this pretty much told me I was bothering them.

The Naples Daily News blows smoke up my ass on a regular basis. I do talk to a guy their whom wishes he had the power to print this, so I keep him updated but the Editor "Tom" never has gotten ahold of me.

Katie Lagrone of Abc-7 in Fort Myers does listen and knows it's all true but her bosses have most likely told her "NO WAY." She claims she "needs proof" I say, "You have it in your hands Katie." She then says, "Well

Ya." Other people have spoken to her about me as well.

Milton Watts was aquitted on Jan 8, 2008 in which an illegal trial took place. Robert Reese's police report was not shown to the jury as they came back 3 times to figure out what the hell was going on.

On his Police reports there is an alleged co-defendant by the name of Michael Walters. Walters allegedly told Officer Robert Reese that he lived in Milton Watts home at 1807 Santa Barbra Place, but he wasnt there at this trial. Walters lived across the street at 1802 according to the Lee county Sheriffs Officer. All charges were dropped prior to this trial, but the charge of Fleeing an Aluding.

How do you supposidly steal a car, and get charged for Grand theft Auto, and before a trial it get's dropped and they try to get you for fleeing a scene?

If there is no car, there is no case. But then again this is Lee County Florida.

It took 6 weeks to get another evaluation scheduled. Guess who I was Ordered to go see? Doctor Fredrick Schaerf! The man whom claimed I needed to be in a mental institution but I never spoke to him!

Pavlina was very smart about this situation in the courtroom. She told the Judge that I needed to have an attorney present with me for any evaluations.

I went to this "evaluation" on the 13th of February. I showed up, sat in the lobby for a while filled out some paperwork, and left. My appointment was for 3:00pm I left at 2:45. I gave the lady at the front desk the Order Denying an Issuance to Show Cause and the emails from Minnillo and told her to give them to the doctor and walked out.

I was called by Allison David around 3:15 begging me to come back. She said "the Judge will issue a warrant" I said "I spent 23 months on a false arrest cover up you know all about, ya right" She put this shrink on the phone and he damn near begged me to come back. So I walked back to his office. I made them wait for quit sometime (INTENTIONALLY).

I went in there and ripped both of them apart. I gave him shit about his so called evaluation on me. I tore Allison up the whole time. But I did give him all the facts about Michele Newland, Bikers, falsified police reports, federal investigations, empty courtrooms ect.. ect.. He heard the whole story from top to bottom for about 2 and half hours.

Allison and he were trying to befriend me the whole time. He claimed I was definetly competent and if I would have just spoken to him when he came out to see me that is exactly what he would have written down. YA RIGHT DOC! He is not as smart as I am, and I ran him through loops in that back tracking evaluation.

Allison said, that I had to be evaluated by another Doctor, and it was an Ex parte Motion. This Doctor Hansen I went to go see on February 21st,2008.

Allison David wasnt even my attorney on February 12,2008. She was removed from my case on the 12th of February. I had no clue and like I said, an attorney couldn't be present in the same room with me during an evaluation. This government tried to cover her because they put her in the middle of this and her manipulative moves didn't work on me. This woman is a sell out. Friends called attorneys while I was in jail, they asked whom my attorney was now. They told them it was Allison. They would say, "She is nothing but a pawn for the State."

On February 15th, 2008 I called Allison (believing she was still my attorney) and was very nice to her to trip her up. I told my buddy "watch this I am going to be really nice to my attorney" I called to see if she scheduled the appointment with this Doctor Hansen. She said "Scott I am really busy right now I am with some clients. Can you please call me back tomorrow." I said "Hey I am just calling you to see if you scheduled that appointment for me?" She said " No I havent I am glad you reminded me."

Note: I got online that night of the 15th and that nut job had filed to be removed from my case on February 8th without telling me. The Judge signed the Order on February 12th. That was the most unethical situation yet as far as I am concerned. I never spoke to Allison since.

I called Doctor Schaerfs Office and left a message, about this and told him I was going to contact the Attorney General's Office. I never heard from him and doubt I ever will again except in a malpractice lawsuit for screwing with my head. He essentially cut my legs off, without looking to see what was wrong. A very sick man, hope he get's a good attorney because I bet ya he has fixed other cases for these people as well.

Doctor Hansen was a very down to earth guy. He was definetly stunned over my story. He said "He has heard this was a very dirty place and every once in while something like this has to happen to make things better." I made him tell my brother I was competent to stand trial before we left the parking lot. Just so I had a witness.

Michele Newland put this injunction out on me, just a couple days after an appraisal on a home. I was going to move back in the house with her if she went to get some help for being sexually abused by her father as a little girl.

I had went to one shrink about her to get some advice on how to get her their. She was agreeing. I brought all of this up to Judge Hugh Starnes in his courtroom on Dec 16, 2003. This man knew I was telling the truth, I had witnesses there, notorized statements and phone records. She had nothing except lies and I was the abuser because I brought this sick situation to light with her past and I was being potrayed as her father.

I was arrested 4 days AFTER this injunction was placed out on me, by the CCPD. I served a lien on this home in which I had great interest in. She had to pick this legal document up at the post office. The cops call me about his situation and state they needed to talk to me.They came over and arrested me. She claimed I left a package at her home, but I never went near her at that time.

I spent the night in jail for the first time in my life. I bonded out the next day. I called Domestic Violence and spoke to my case worker. I asked her if I could get arrested for serving a lien on a home. She said "No" I said "I did"

While out on bond for this first stupid arrest over this deadly restraining order. Michele Newland started seeing the shrink I had gotten her too. Jan 11,2004 she repeatedly called me, begging for me to forgive her and that she had a problem and needed me.

She came over pleading to me, and wanted me to come back home with my daughter to live. She was to see this Doctor Glenna Tibbs on 3 occassions then I was to attend with her. She was diagnosed with a severe case of Post Tramautic Stress Disorder.

I spent time with her because she was very distrought and was to be put on medication. She signed papers on this home to be refinanced and I was going to move back in. She was going to get this injunction lifted, that should have NEVER been placed out on me at all.

I was at a grocery store, speaking to her on Jan 22,2003 and was getting sort of loud. Someone whom knew us or thought we were arguing called the cops. We were out by my truck having a conversation, while I was sitting in it and she was giving my employee a hug when multiple Cape Coral Police Officers pulled up.

They asked me what was going on, I told them she begged the cops NOT to arrest me. They didn't want to arrest me. She was crying her eyes out when they took me to jail. This police report even states "she refused to give a statment and didn't want me arrested"

The lady cop whom took me to the CCPD was very upset I was getting arrested and said "I am about ready to arrest her for this"

The next day at my first appearance for this charge. Michele Newland drove my brother down to the courthouse in attempt to see what she could do to get me out of trouble. It is all on record. The Judge revoked my bond and kept me in there until my courtdate for the first violation on Jan 27, 2004.

My family called Cape Coral Attorney Robert Burandt to help me. He came to my courtdate and came back and said "Your not going to run for president or anything are ya, you don't mind a misdemeanor on your record do ya?" I said " No just get me out of here right now!" My daughter was as the babysitters and I needed out of jail.

I went into this courtroom infront of Judge Dommerich. The State, the Judge and my attorney all played it like I had done 39 days in jail. The judge asked me, "You've done 39 days in jail?" I said "Yes" Then he said "I am going to withold adjudication for this first violation and take a plea of no contest from you." I will give you 6 days credit time served for the other violation.

They FIXED a case, and it is public record! They are so confident that nothing will ever come back and bite them because nobody does anything about this operation. I believe this all happened to me because of this first arrest. I did not do 39 days in jail, that was the time period from my first arrest to my courtdate. I was out on bond, NOT in jail.

They knew I was getting screwed by this injunction, and had the police report right in front of them from the 2nd arrest. These people know I could prove perjury by Newland, and didn't want recourse for any of this. So they had Minnillo do me like he did.

After I got out of jail Michele Newland left me a very distrought letter about how she didn't want to live anymore and was very sorry for hurting me. My friends and family know about this letter. I was seeing her, and she had come over to read a book called Allies in Healing in which I was recommend by her shrink.

Newland was totally mental at this time, and very very screwed up. I finally told her if you don't get this shit straight I am going to file charges on you for all of this. I will take everyone I know down to the CCPD. I wanted my money she stole and part of the house so I could get my life back together.

She violated me on 3-11-04 for this alleged email contact. During that period I was having a sexual relationship with her and sort of felt bad for her as well because I did care about her. But I was also seeing other women and she found out. This injunction and the house was her control over me.

Officer Vincent Minnillo called me on 3-16-04 about this violation. I said to him, " I am going to file charges on her and will get ahold of the State Attorneys Officer over this. I am on my way out of town." It was my little girls birthday coming up, so we were going up north for it.

I called Assistant State Attorney Francine Donnarummo whom has great knowledge to all of this. After I was served with this injunction in Dec 2003 I went up to the State Attorneys Office and sat with her for a while and told her what was going on. I was in disbelief of what Newland had claimed on this injunction.

I spoke to her about shrinks, the home, and she listened to very distrought messages Newland had left me. She said, "Just take all your guns in there at the hearing and put one on her maybe she will drop hers"

I spoke to Ms. Donnarummo on the 16th of March while on our way to Illinois. I told her what had happened in the past 3 months with Newland. She said "She started going to therapy?" I said "Yes" I had admitted to contact with her and everything that was going on at that time. She said "Okay, I'm not going to do anything about this." I know she pulled that violation, of email contact for me, only because she knew what the real truth was, and that it was real apparent Newland had some problems.

When I got up north Minnillo was going over to my roomates house. Calling me and threatening me. I was in contact with the State Attorneys Office on a regular basis.

I filed another lien on this home, because the other one was removed when she signed papers on the home, when I was going to go back to her. Newland had the home SOLD with money in escort. That was when the market down here was very very strong. But due to my lien nothing could be done.

The violation was Ordered Denied and Issuance to Show Cause. I received the letter from Fred Shirley claiming I needed to file my charges with the appropriate law enforcement agency. (BOTH EXHIBITED OUT)

I filed for a rehearing to get this injunction removed, and civilsuits against Newland for money she would not give back to me, I had put in her bank account before I left her.

Note: The rehearing was scheduled for 6-01-04 in the afternoon. I had two civilsuit mediation hearings in the morning of 6-01-04 against her. The lien hearing on the home was set for 6-17-04.

On May 3rd, 2004 I received a call at 11:03am, a message was left. This messages stated :"Ya Scott! Where are you now Chicago!? Well have you ever heard of the Chicago Outlaws? We find it hard to believe that you like fucken with a chick in the fashion that you are so all this court shit with Michele better just go away or your gonna get a visit that is quite unexpected to you pal!" I recorded this threat onto multiple CD's, and my mom and went to the Sheriffs Office in Cambridge, Illinois to make a report of it.

I had no idea it was actually a real threat at that time but just wanted it referanced for my hearing and everything else.

As you know I went to the CCPD on 5-28-04 and was arrested for this situation I am living now. This CD should be at the State Attorneys Office but I highly doubt it ever made it there. I have copies of this CD and Michael F Hornung had a copy as well.

On 6-01-04 I went to the mediation in the morning and said "trial"and left. I had everything together, to bury her in that courtroom. Phone records, letters from the shrink, appraisals, affidavits on file by people ect....

I see Newland get out of her car with this big scary looking guy whom definetly looked like an OUTLAW.

I walked past him going to the courthouse as he was trying to intimidate me.

My friend Angela told me that is definetly the guy whom left the message. He was upstairs in the hall at the courthouse breathing fire, and half drunk.

Michele Newland had her attorney Marcy Shaw present, (whom is also under investigation) because obviously everyone needs this injunction to stick.

I was not going to be allowed to speak because I supposidly didn't file the proper paperwork. But I held up this recorded threat I had on tape, and spoke fast enough Judge Hugh Starnes had to hear me out. For about 25 minutes I went on and on about this situation. I pointed out, that this man was with her, and quoted the threat in open court. The Judge should have done something right then. He should have been placed under arrest. But at the end Shaw said "Your Honor he didn't file for a motion to dismiss." He said "She is right" The bailiffs held me in the courtroom, and escorted them out to make sure there wasn't any confrontations.

Note :This is all on Digital recording in which I have possession of. That Judge should have dropped this injunction right then and there.

On 6-06-04 I was at a local tavern in Fort Myers, when I was confronted by this man threatening me infront of patrons, and friends that he and his boys were going to take care of me when I left.

NOTE: I have witnesses to this evening, and all my attorneys knew this.

I eventually excaped out the back door on the direction of the bar owners son after several hours. The next day I went back to the CCPD to file these perjury charges on Michele Newland and to make a report of this threat being fully valid.

Guess whom they send out to take my report? Officer Vincent Minnillo! I told him about the evening before, and he laughed and said "you look like a big boy and can handle yourself." He pretty much told me they would have to kill me before they did anything. He took these perjury charges in which are undeniable if not taken by a scumbag like this guy. Perjury is a law but not in Lee county Florida. That is all they do is lie in this county.

I was told for several weeks they were "signed off on and at the State Attorneys Office" I would call the State and Fred Shirley would say "I dont have anything from them on this."

I went to my arraignment on 6-28-04 and Judge "No Release" Reese continued it. Now looking back on this I believe they weren't to sure about what to do with me. When I was in the CCPD getting arrested that day I raised living hell for hours. I screamed false arrest over and over, and I am going to sue you. I believe they figured they better try to bury me. I know the fact of the matter was I busted on this cops ego infront of his buddies. So he most likely said "Well show this guy whom is boss" Bet they wish they would have stopped this along time ago now!

I never went to anymore courtdates against Newland due to nearly being killed and the cops hoping they would do it. She got all the money from the house and has literally gotten away with almost murder, because of her own problems.

On July 4, 2004 I received another call from this Biker boyfriend of Newlands. He leaves me another message claiming I had sliced her tires and he and his boys are coming to get me.

I went to the CCPD on July 5, 2004 to make a report of this because this really wasn't too much fun being afraid I was going to be mangled by a biker gang over this crazy chick.

They lady at the front desk heard the threats, took a report and gave me a case number and told me someone would get ahold of me. A couple days later Det. Anthony Sizemore contacted me. I told him the whole story about Newland, the injunction ect... ect... He said "unbelievable!" I told him I wanted her prosecuted for this situation, and my charge dropped. I made it clear to him I really didn't want to press charges on this guy because he would kill me and burn his house down.

I called about a week later after I was illegally arraigned on 7-12-04. He said "He spoke to Newland and she had given him a couple different names on whom this guy was" I said "That is her damn boyfriend he was at the rehearing, you guys took the threat, she was seen riding on his motorcycle yesterday with him." He told me he would get back to me. I gave him witnesses that he could call if he wanted to but he didn't need any, they knew what was going on.

I called Fred Shirley a couple times a week about those charges the CCPD keep claiming were "signed off on and at the State" He said "he was going over to the CCPD for another situation and would check on them when he goes over in a couple of days"

I called him a few days later, he said "Seeing I had to pick them up, I needed to find another agency to signe off on them, and he could no longer speak to me."

I spoke to Det Anthony Sizemore a couple days after that. He said "Look if there was a hit out on you they would have already done something." He pretty much blew me off.

This biker was giving friends of mine shit over a year and a half later. Because they stuck up for me the night at the tavern.

When I was a fugitive I discovered that Anthony Sizemore was involved in my case. Actually neither Minnillo nor Sizemore should have even been speaking to me considering they were witnesses for the State and bias towards me.

Michelle Watson the mother of my little girl Lyric Alexia Goodyear was a victim of a crime in Jan 2006 while I was a fugitive of INJUSTICE. Officer Minnillo was the investigating Officer in the case. I was going at them very hard 24 hours a day at that time.

He seen a picture of my little girl on her refridgerator and asked Michelle what her name was. He recognized it, and she mentioned that she didn't know where she was at the moment. She told him whom the father was and he said "No shit, what a same fucken world. He is wanted right now, and has been sending me and the mayor threats."

These idiots were getting blasted by me everyday, and I was sitting in the same spot in Coal Valley, Illinois with my daughter enrolled in school. I had a phone hooked up in my name, but they were so stupid it took them 3 months to figure out to call the school district to see where my kid was going to school at, and get her home address.

Minnillo was going over to Michelle's trying to get her to put kidnapping charges on me, and his buddy was going over there trying to go out with her. I don't think any of that would be very professional. She has recently sent a complaint for me to the City Attorneys Office in Cape Coral. Actually Michelle Watson gave me a notorized statement I took to Judge Hugh Starnes courtroom the day this injunction was granted. I didn't think I needed her present, and Starnes said "that wasn't good enough she needed to be there"

These sick people down here in South Florida have done this for so long they have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. This place became too big too fast and they don't know how to stop this corruption it is so openly condoned by everyone. This whole government knows about me. Attorneys I wrote from jail, told other inmates tell him "I am sorry but I cant help him"

Multiple Judges are under investigation now: Chief Judge G.Keith Cary, Judge Hugh Starnes, Judge John Carlin, Judges Margaret and Mark Steinbeck, all of these Judges have went near my case in some form or another.

I have opened up a Federal investigation on this whole government and am being used as a ginnie pig. I am smarter than anyone of these people that did this to me. Michael F Hornung took me for a chump, it is my belief he was going to represent me if I pointed out this situation to him. "When he told me how I got arrested had nothing to do with it" It was time to jump bond. This man sued the Cape Coral Police Department a couple years prior to my arrest. It was a big ordeal because the former Chief of polices daughter was involved with a drug dealer and Hornung got him off on a technicality.

My situation has snowballed to the point where Governor Charlie Crist has got a big problem and he better be doing something about this right now. I am going to get this information to every Federal Source in the UNITED STATES. He is the former Attorney General of Florida and can't see a problem? Sorry Charlie, I got a paper trial to you and JEB BUSH!

I will be glad to make you accountable for this because this county has generated capital for too long here on the criminal justice system. They set the drug dealers free, because they know they will come back. They pay their attorneys, whom get some of that cash to the prosecutors, and Judges. I know heard that many of them pay off there attorneys with cocaine, in exchange for legal representation.

I helped get alot of people out of that county jail. Their Public pretenders won't come see them. I have seen inmates sit for 8 months before someone from that office came. The jail down here is not over crowded because of the criminals on the street it is over crowded because of your corruption in this government. It is openly seen, by everyone but nobody does anything about it. Well guess what I am because you can't get out of what you have done TO MY LITTLE GIRL!

I am going to go after everyone involved in this situation to make sure they are never allowed to do this again to anyone. Not all of these cops, and prosecutors and Judges are bad,, but non of them have any leadership and apparently neither does the Governor of Florida, because he and his clone's have done nothing.

There are people above you Governor, and I will get to them come hell or high water. Too many people are screaming the same thing, but you just sit back and keep the shark attacks quite. Not with me you won't so why don't you pick your phone and tell me this is taken care off. I am sure you will read every word of this personally very very soon.

This was just a quick briefing of what has happened to me an my family. There is alot more but I can just imagine how many really innocent people this Judicial Circuit have sent to prison to cover their own ass. Judge Reese has been under a public record investigation for over 2 years. Minnillo has been arresting old ladies for jay walking across the grocery store parking lot's because he is too stupid to find something legitimate on someone.

You have a Police Department that is out of control, because they can be. That is because the people in charge of them are able to do whatever they want to do because you have let them.

I can't decide whom I want to nail the most out of all of this so I just lined them up like a stack of dominos, and it is all on paper.

This is not "Paradise" they plant the palm trees where they want you to see them down here. That way they can hide all the bullshit, they don't want you to see. Sort of like Officer Robert Reese's police report, that was not seen by a jury.

Tell me Governor? How can we have a trial on a false arrest cover up? How are you going to help these people get out of this? Well you do what you need to do, and I will do the same.

I am not afraid of any of you, it is the other way around. I know how you work and what you do to people. I have taunted this government into screwing up more and that is exactly what you have done. I have never threatened anyone in my life with any sort of violence. I will threaten you with JUSTICE and I will get it one way or another.

Officer Vincent Minnillo told me to "Bring it on nobody is listening to me because I am a felon on the run"
Well I am not a felon and never will be for this charge, nor anything else unless you have your government manufactures something else on me. But making me a felon was your plan, and it is documented on this website.

I have seen that many prosecutors, and local defense counsel whom practice here in Lee County are under investigation. Some of them have nothing to do with me, but I know I am the one whom got the Feds listening to me. Well the FBI in Fort Myers wanted to hear from me. You now have and so will every FBI source I can find.

I am in fear of my life, and can't walk down the street here in Cape Coral. I was walking home on February 25th, 2008. I was stopped by a Cape Coral Cop.

He wanted to see my ID, because there were some burglarys in the area.

I said "You don't have any probable cause to stop me for anything! I am just walking home man."

He ran my name, and asked me why I was being such an asshole to him. I told him the story, about everything. He didn't look shocked about it. I went at him like a bull, tearing his Police Department up.

Two more cops pulled up, I said "Oh great more cops!" He said "Don't worry about it. They are with me, they are new and don't know anything."

He gave me a ride home, shook my hand and said "He was sorry for my bad experience." I told him I was sorry and felt bad for the way I treated him. He said "He didn't do it alone."

Well this one is for you Officer Vinny boy! You told me to "Bring it on nobody is listening to me", well that is exactly what this government is going to get for destroying my life. I will let the music do the talking, and I am singing this very loudly.

I am looking for an attorney whom went to school to enforce the laws that many ignore. But the fact of the matter is, the 20th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office should have never charged me. That is the real problem.

Very Sincerely,

Scott Goodyear g.sgoodyear@gmail.com"

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