Monday, May 4, 2015

Oppenheimer - No Need for Signed Trusts, Just Give us your MONEY. Judge Martin Colin Florida Probate,

''196.   Judge Colin allows Trusts for minors to be operated by a Trustee, Oppenheimer, without

ANY SIGNATURE PAGES28 and improperly executed and asks Eliot in hearing what

statute prohibits a bank trust company from operating Trusts without signature pages or

opening an account (in a different name than on the trust) and using such funds without a

signed Trust instrument. When Eliot responded to Colin stating fraud as the statute, Colin

states it is not enough and overruled an accounting objection to the Trust accounting claiming

Oppenheimer operated without legal documents, and accessed an account with a different

name than that on the trust that has no signature pages.

197. Again this raises red flags as to Colin’s competency and his acts to try and further cover up

for the officers and fiduciaries he appointed, Oppenheimer, who once again are caught in

what appears an alleged massive fraud and again Colin fails to notify the authorities of the

possible criminal acts this bank fraud depicts and yet entertains guardianship hearings filed

by Steven A. Lessne, Esq., (“LESSNE”) the attorney for Oppenheimer, who is a counter defendant

in Eliot’s counter complaint against Oppenheimer which has been stayed by Colin

and yet LESSNE continues to represent other parties despite his conflict.

198. That it should be noted by the Court that LESSNE began his representation of Oppenheimer

at the law firm GrayRobinson, P.A. and then after Eliot counter sued LESSNE and Gray

Robinson, LESSNE then transferred with the Oppenheimer case, to ROSE’s former law firm

Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, P.A. (“GUNSTER”)

199. That GUNSTER is the former law firm of Christopher Wheeler, Esq., the central defendant

in Eliot’s RICO claims of theft of the Intellectual Properties, who was formerly with

Proskauer Rose until resigning and going to work at GEO Corporation, the private prison

company that incarcerates people for profit as their stock value is dependent on the number

of prisoners incarcerated.

200. Again Colin protects the officer of his Court LESSNE that he appointed and shields him

from criminal investigation of him and his client while allowing hearings of contempt and

guardianship issues filed by LESSNE as retaliation to proceed forward.

201. Judge Colin allegedly transferred Trusteeship of the three minor children’s trusts in 2010 and

without reviewing the 3 trusts which are not attached to the Petition filed29, which have no

signatures pages for Daniel, which have conflicting trustees and a Successor named Larry

Bishens, Esq. and are improperly executed, which he would have seen these glaring

problems had he reviewed the Trusts prior to allegedly transferring Trusteeship to

Oppenheimer based on what appear more fraudulent and forged documents.


29 Alleged Fraudulent and Forged Petition to Change Trustee of Children Trusts

Source and Lot's More

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