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Florida Corruption; Patent Theft; RICO; Judge Martin Colin, Ted Bernstein, Attorney Alan Rose, Florida Probate Court, Illinois Insurance Fraud, Deceased signing probate documents, alleged murder and lots' more..


1. That Eliot has previously filed a RICO and ANTITRUST lawsuit before Honorable Judge

Shira A. Scheindlin, 07cv11196 Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department

Disciplinary Committee, et al. and these matters and the criminal elements both proven and

alleged herein appear to be continuations of those crimes by similar and related parties

mostly reprobate attorneys at law. That Eliot filed an Amended Complaint1

this Court can review those records from that case for more information regarding how the

Iviewit matters tie in to many significant events in US History, including the Bush v Gore

election fraud and Supreme Court nomination in a 5-4 vote for President, the collapse of

Enron and more.

2. That Scheindlin in her err filed dismissal of the RICO2

case as defined at the time.

3. Eliot has recently come under new and continued life threatening danger and severe duress

and seeks this Court’s urgent protection from his Whistleblowing efforts on attorneys at law acting outside the color of law in Florida, in a variety of titles, as judges, prosecutors, private

attorneys, state bar disciplinary agent and more. This danger is evidenced by all the

following ongoing issues in the life of Eliot and his family.

4. Massive recent further fraud and other crimes against Eliot and his family, primarily

committed by attorneys at law, with court escalation of retaliation and denial of due process

and procedure against Eliot that obstructs justice, intentionally and with scienter, to interfere

with expectancies/inheritance for Eliot and his minor children and this retaliation due to his

exposing and having reported to prosecutors and criminal authorities attorneys at law

involved directly in crimes committed in, on and by the Florida Probate court and its Florida

Bar members. Eliot and his family are subjected to domestic terrorism under 18 U.S.C. §

2331 and crimes against Humanity.

5. It appears there is a domestic terrorist organization operating with the legal system, where a

mob styled infiltration has occurred at the highest level in the legal system, using the courts

as their business addresses to facilitate their crimes and operate a human trafficking scheme

through guardianships that rob the victims of their legal rights and theft and money

laundering through the probate courts to steal families properties upon the death of their

loved ones. The courts abuse of process creates a mob styled racketeering enterprise

committed under a tainted color of law in the State of Florida that is given cover by the

Florida Bar, which protects its reprobate members who are part of the scheme and artifice to

defraud citizens.

6. A victim is targeted in the Probate/Guardianship court, their assets then stolen after they are

dead in probate or while still living through guardianships of unlawful chicanery designed to

bleed their victims assets as they are slowly put to their death by illegal court “edicts”,

stripped of legal right through illegal legal custody gained and then defenseless stripped of

their assets and isolated from their family members who get in the way.

7. The officers of the Florida Probate court in Eliot’s parents probate and trusts matters were

caught and have admitted to their law firm committing felony criminal acts, including but not

limited to, proven Post Mortem Fraudulent Alteration and Notarization of Court documents

and Dispositive documents posited with the court as a Fraud on the Court, Post Mortem

Admitted Forgeries of documents for decedents Simon and Shirley and other living parties

including Eliot, numerous past and ongoing Frauds on the court and multiple Frauds

committed against Beneficiaries of the estates and trusts. Further they are undergoing

investigations for other crimes not yet proven but formally alleged, including but not limited

to, Insurance Fraud, Fraud on a Creditor, Fraud on a Federal Court (this Court), Mail and

Wire Fraud, Theft of Estate and Trust Assets, Conversion, Extortion, alleged Murder of

Simon Bernstein by Plaintiff Theodore Bernstein and more.

8. Eliot’s exposure of and objections to the court corruption and his filings with criminal

authorities for acts committed by these attorneys at law, operating as officers and fiduciaries

of the probate courts of Judge Martin Colin, Esq. (“Colin”) and Judge David E. French, Esq.

(“French”) , has been covered up and further aided and abetted by the judges of the Florida

Probate court, which are facilitating these highly sophisticated illegal legal crimes under the

guise of probate proceedings and providing cover for the reprobate attorneys who were


9. These harms are caused by the very courts that should be upholding Eliot’s rights and

protecting him, especially after he cleaned house for the judges by exposing the bad faith acts

of Florida attorneys at law practicing before their courts, the officers appointed by the courts,

who were found acting in concert to Fraud the court and commit a variety of crimes against

the Beneficiaries, these crimes primarily targeting Eliot.

10. Why Eliot? Eliot was joined together in 2008 with American Hero Whistleblower, New

York Supreme Court Appellate Division Departmental Disciplinary Committee attorney at

law, Christine C. Anderson, Esq., by Federal Judge Shira A. Scheindlin who legally related

Eliot’s RICO case involving a massive corruption inside government and almost all

attributable to those with legal degrees, to Anderson’s riveting Whistleblower lawsuit that

exposed a criminal cartel operating at the highest levels of the country’s legal system and

protected by the self-regulating failed attorney at law disciplinary departments they


11. That Scheindlin related several other Whistleblower citizens fighting the corruption in the

courts for many years together with Anderson and so began a lengthy and ongoing effort to

expose the corruption that plagues our nation by a small group of very dedicated citizens who

fearlessly took on the corruption machine inside the courts, at great personal and familial


12. That after finding out how the innards of this corruption scheme worked whereby criminals

disguised as attorneys at law are violating law with impunity, it was apparent that they have

seized the keys to the kingdom at the highest outposts of law and turned a country built on

law into lawlessness society.

13. This has created an unprecedented situation in our country, a coup d'├ętat of the legal system

and everything it controls and now requiring unprecedented actions by both citizens and a

brave few lawyers and judges who are willing to stand up in their roles as honorable and duty

bound to justice attorneys at law and bust up this racket that threatens our nation by turning

in those reprobate members who are acting outside the color of law, despite the consequences

against them by those in control of their profession at this time, unafraid of the retaliation

they most certainly will face.

14. Eliot has recently met even more brave Whistleblower attorneys at law, upholding their oaths

to report the misconduct of their brethren, although these are false brethren, as they are really

criminals using law to commit crime and cover them up, using the courts as retaliatory

weapons against the victims and the retaliation of these lawyers who have done nothing

wrong but fulfill their duty to report other members misconduct is swift and vicious.

15. Joining Anderson’s heroic whistleblowing are now Barbara Stone, Esq., Candice Schwager,

Esq., Joanne Denison, Esq., Kenneth Ditkowski, Esq., Kevin R. Hall, Esq. and Dean Loren,

Esq. and other attorney Whistleblowers who are all exposing the illegally formed bar

associations and the crimes in the court they have witnessed firsthand. Now they are in

danger of losing their livelihoods and being viciously retaliated against for their exposure of

the bad actors by what at first glance appears lawyers, judges, prosecutors and the bar

associations and with deeper inspection one finds they are lawbreakers misusing law to target

their victims.

16. There is also another citizen, William Windsor, who has been jailed for his efforts to

expose the public office corruption in the nation by assembling video of nationwide victims

and again Mr. Windsor’s only crime is that of exposing the underbelly of the legal system

through the eyes of victims.

17. The reprobate attorneys are acting to commit crimes in various combinations of racketeering

type fraudulent illegal legal schemes that utilize the courts as host to the crimes and using the

their legal degrees to commit these crimes and then having other criminals disguised as

lawyers planted in the regulatory agencies to cover them up for them, with virtually no fear

of retribution, as the cover up is at the highest levels of the failed self-policing attorney at law

failed Disciplinary Departments, State Bars, Judicial Conduct Commissions and criminal

prosecutorial agencies.

18. The self-policing bar associations and the judicial qualifications commissions instead of

protecting the Whistleblowers exposing their reprobate members and investigating the

complaints filed by the Whistleblowers and citizen victims reporting the misconduct of

judges to them are instead retaliated against.

19. Retaliation against the Whistleblower members of the Florida Bar who are reporting against

other members of the bar committing the crimes include extortionary threats of disbarment

used in efforts to force these brave and heroic whistleblowers from pursuing their acts to

expose the bad actors or else.

20. Further the state bar associations and judicial conduct commissions are denying due process

and procedure of the attorney at law Whistleblowers by disbarring them and preventing and

dismantling their efforts to protect their clients, themselves, their families and the public at

large from the dangers of the reprobate attorneys at law, judges and prosecutors they are

exposing who have corrupted and polluted the legal system, casting a grave appearance of

impropriety over the whole system of jurisprudence and leaving no one capable of putting it


21. The danger to Eliot directly is further evidenced by Eliot and his wife Candice’s receipt of a

phone call at 4am. on April 11, 2015 by his children’s counsel, Candice Schwager, Esq. of

Texas, informing him that their lives were in imminent danger for their whistleblowing

efforts against judicial and attorney at law corruption and to instantly seek federal and state

protections. This phone call and the following actions with state and federal authorities

already involved in Eliot’s life is documented below by attorney at law Barbara Stone, Esq.

who also received a similar call from Candice Schwagger, Esq.:

Sent: Monday, April 13, 2015 7:07 AM

To: Michael Horowitz [Inspector General @ US DOJ OIG] ~ Partner @ Cadwalader, Wickersham

& Taft LLP ( ); 'The Honorable Glenn Alan Fine, Inspector General ~

Cc: 'Barbara Stone ( )'; 'JoAnne M. Denison Esq. @ Denison & Associates,

From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein [ ]

Department of Justice'

PC ( )'; Candice Schwager @ Schwager Law Firm

( ); 'Andrew Dietz @ Rock-It Cargo USA, Inc.

( )'; 'CANDICE BERNSTEIN ( )'; 'Caroline

Prochotska Rogers Esq. ( )'; 'Eliot I. Bernstein ( )'; 'Marc

R. Garber Esq. ( )'; 'Marc R. Garber Esq. @ Flaster Greenberg P.C.

( '; 'Michele M. Mulrooney ~ Partner @ Venable LLP

( )'

Subject: Eliot Bernstein. FW: We have been warned by counsel that we are in danger and need

of Federal protection

Dear Inspector General Horowitz, please add this email to my ongoing case file with DOJ OIG.  As

this involves further potential dangers to my family, where it has been alleged my father was

murdered and a Coroner’s report reveals several elevated heavy metals, I take this warning very

seriously, especially where I have uncovered and proven fraud and forgeries of deceased parties

to gain Dominion and Control of my deceased father’s estate, the crimes committed by

Attorneys at Law.  I have been trying to contact the FBI for several months to report several very

serious crimes that require federal investigations and have supposedly contacted the FBI who

refused to give me names of the people that were supposed to be doing the intake and have not

heard back from them at all.  I have tried to contact your offices and similarly I was unable to

confirm anyone’s name that I was speaking to and if in fact you had gotten my messages.  Please

feel free to contact me at my numbers below. Eliot

Eliot I. Bernstein


From: Eliot Bernstein []

Sent: Monday, April 13, 2015 6:57 AM

To: 'Detective Andrew Panzer @ Palm Beach County Sheriff ('

Subject: Eliot Bernstein. FW: We have been warned by counsel that we are in danger and need

of Federal protection

Dear Detective Panzer, please add this to the ongoing investigation of my family estate and trust

matters.  Barbara Stone is a Florida Attorney who is exposing Judicial Corruption.  I got a call at

4am from attorney Candice Schwager who informed me and Candice my wife that our lives and

those of our children were in imminent danger for our Whistleblowing efforts.  This warning

came from a licensed attorney.  Paul Wright is at the FBI according to Barbara.  I was told to

contact state and federal authorities for protection. Eliot

From: barbara stone []

Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2015 7:36 PM

To: Paul Wright

Cc: Eliot Bernstein; Candice Schwager, Esq.; JoAnne M Denison, Esq.

Subject: We have been warned by counsel that we are in danger and need of Federal protection

My attorney, Candice Schwager who is also the attorney for Eliot Bernstein contacted

both of us on or about 4:00 am EST on Saturday and advised us to contact Federal

authorities for protection.

She warned me and Eliot Bernstein that we and our families are in danger and in need of

immediate Federal protection due to our efforts to expose judicial corruption.

22. That this wakeup call warning of imminent danger and to get the children protected by a

licensed Attorney at Law has left Eliot and his wife Candice panicked and frantic for the last

two plus weeks trying to get help and keep an eye on the children at the same time and left

them hardly able to keep up with the sudden increased legal hearings and pleadings dumped

on them as the pressure is mounting on the bad actors from the criminal acts being uncovered

in the courts.

23. These sharp practices of heaping hearing after hearing on Eliot seems calculated to heighten

the pressure on them intentionally in the six legal cases involving the Estates and Trusts of

Eliot’s deceased parents, Simon and Shirley as pressure mounts and their crimes are further

uncovered and reported on.

24. Many of the legal actions require strict deadlines, there are a mass of scheduled hearings,

hearings of Eliot’s changed overnight and moved up a month by Judge Colin on his own

initiative with demands that Eliot be present at that time or else lose his rights regarding

complicated accounting proceedings, where thousands of pages of documents were dumped

on him without giving him the opportunity to review them before the hearing and all this

coming as Eliot and others are finding out about a plethora of crimes committed by the

attorneys at law, fiduciaries and other parties involved in the Estates and Trust cases of

Simon and Shirley Bernstein.

25. That the court will again take note that it was alleged by Ted Bernstein and Pamela Simon on

the day Simon died that he was murdered, TED and PAM are his estranged son and daughter

who were cut out of the Estates and Trusts with their lineal descendants and if the murder

allegation is true Eliot could be next.

26. That the Court will take note that a bomb was placed in Eliot’s car (see Graphic images of

car bombing @ that blew up three cars next to it as well and where every

day of Eliot and Candice’s life that all of these matters are not investigated and handled

properly with fair and impartial due process given them, they are in danger every time they

start their vehicle to take the children to school in the morning.

27. This car bombing alleged to have taken place over Eliot’s claims that reprobate attorneys at

law stole his and others Intellectual Properties worth an estimated billions to trillions

(currently over 90% of internet traffic uses the technologies as they are backbone imaging

and video technologies), and the attorneys at law were using the Court system and other

Government agencies, including the US Patent Office, to enable the highly sophisticated

legal crimes deployed by major law firms to steal the technologies.

28. When caught in the act it is alleged that these lawyers infiltrated some of the highest outposts

of law in efforts to cover up the crimes by interfering with Eliot’s due process rights and by

obstructing Justice inside government agencies and when caught at the cover up then tried to

murder him and have since been pursuing a pattern and practice of crimes to hurt and damage

Eliot and his family.

29. The death of Simon Bernstein if he was murdered may also have been due to his ownership

interests in the Intellectual Properties, his potential settlement interests in Eliot’s RICO and

his intimate knowledge of how the royalties were being converted illegally by the law firms

that stole the technologies (primarily Proskauer Rose LLP) through the Madoff and Sir Allen

Stanford Ponzi Schemes (aka criminal attorney at law and law firm money laundering

schemes for monies stolen from clients.)

30. As the court will note in the Probate and Trust cases involving Eliot’s three minor children

and Oppenheimer, there are accounts at the heart of that matter that came from Stanford

Bank and Stanford Trust that then transferred with the agents from Stanford to Oppenheimer

Trust and the accounts and agents transferred to JP Morgan, where it is alleged that millions

of dollars of Simon’s monies in the estates and trusts disappeared weeks before his untimely

and strange death.

31. Eliot has had repeated death threats over a thirteen year period reported to state and federal

authorities for his Whistleblowing efforts against the highest ranking members of three state

bar associations, judges, prosecutors, attorneys at law and high ranking government officials

throughout the nation who were involved in the thefts of the Intellectual Properties.

Wherefore, Eliot requests that there be an order of federal protection from life

threatening danger to Eliot and his family.




32. That while Eliot is not an attorney at law, nor a member of any bar association, his efforts to

expose the corruption of the members of three state bar associations have led to Orders ( see


e%20complaints%20krane%20rubenstein.pdf )

from the New York Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, First Judicial Departmental

Disciplinary Committee for investigation of three of its members, including former deceased

President of the New York State Bar at the time, Steven C. Krane, Esq. of Proskauer Rose

(who died suddenly after the investigations were ordered), Kenneth Rubenstein, Esq. of

Proskauer Rose and sole patent evaluator for MPEGLA, LLC (who Eliot claims is the largest

infringer of his Intellectual Properties) and Thomas Cahill, Esq., the former Chief Counsel

for the First Judicial Departmental Disciplinary Committee (who Whistleblower Anderson

sued and immediately after losing her trial against him Judge Scheindlin came into the Court

after the jury had left and entered into the record that she had just learned that Cahill and

others had perjured their testimony in the trial and thus poisoned the jury decision and where

Cahill resigned early amidst the Anderson case and the legally related Iviewit RICO). The

Iviewit RICO4

attorney at law corruption in various divisions of the courts, prosecutors’ offices and more.

 is legally related to Anderson and other actions that allege widespread attorney at law corruption in

various divisions of the courts, prosecutors’ offices and more.

That the fraud on the Court in the Anderson case and related cases should lead, when the

time is ripe, for a rehearing for Anderson and the related cases once the court corruption is

cleaned up and it was truly extensive and widespread as Anderson’s testimony revealed.

33. The New York Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, First Judicial Departmental

Disciplinary Committee was Ordered to be investigated by the New York Appellate Division

of the Supreme Court, Second Judicial Departmental Disciplinary Committee. The reason

those ordered investigations were never completed was because new allegations of conflict

were levied against the New York Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, Second Judicial

Departmental Disciplinary Committee.

34. Eliot therefore should be considered a Whistleblower as he is instrumental in bringing about

law enforcement to investigate the corruption in the legal system and because his RICO case

in New York is legally related to New York Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, First

Judicial Departmental Disciplinary Committee Attorney at Law Christine C. Anderson, Esq.

whistleblowing lawsuit against State Actors and Disciplinary Departments. So too, the

retaliation against Eliot involved in denying due process to Eliot’s RICO and his bar and

disciplinary complaints is substantially the same as the retaliation suffered by attorney at law

members of the state bar for their Whistleblower efforts.

35. Due to Eliot’s efforts as a Whistleblower he has come under repeated life threatening

retaliations by attorneys at law over the last decade who desire to cover up their crimes

through continued misuse of the courts and justice system to deny him due process, deprive

him of inheritance and to intentionally obstruct his efforts to get fair and impartial treatment

under law and essentially obstructing any/every effort Eliot makes to seek relief, state or federally to protect his rights and protect his family, all in efforts to try and silence Eliot and

his family.

36. That immediately after the recent warnings by Candice Schwager, Esq.5

family and Attorney Barbara Stone, Esq. were in imminent danger of their lives, exhibited

already herein, the bar associations in the respective states recommended disbarment of two

of the attorneys involved with Eliot and helping him, Joanne Denison, Esq. (IL)6

Stone, Esq. (FL)7 in what appears retaliation by the bar associations against them for blowing

the whistle on massive corruption schemes being operated under the color of law by certain

judges and attorneys in their states who they blew the whistle on.

37. These Whistleblowing attorneys are duty bound to report the misconduct of other members

of their profession by their respective state bar Rules of Professional Conduct in the first

place. By following The Rules of Professional Conduct that they take oath under G-d to

uphold, they are compelled to report any misconduct of other attorneys and judges they are

aware of.

38. The good actors are then rewarded with retaliation by the very institution charged with

investigating the corruption of the reprobate attorneys at law and judges they are exposing

and their law licenses are dangled as leverage to silence them and thus their livelihoods that

 that Eliot and his family and attorney Barbara Stone.

are held captive by the Bar Associations who can disbar them are used as threats, which is

like being blacklisted from the profession, a typical mob styled racketeering extortion

scheme reminiscent of mob controlled Unions and their extortion of their members.

39. Like the retaliation from Whistleblowing on the corrupt courts by honest attorneys at law

doing what they are duty bound to do, Eliot is also subject to continuous retaliation by these

reprobate attorneys at law because he is pursuing the law firms and thousands of corporations

worldwide that are using Eliot’s technologies through illegal patent pooling schemes the

lawyers are using to benefit themselves not Eliot from the stolen technologies of Eliot’s and

who have illegally blocked Eliot from market through anticompetitive monopolistic patent

pooling schemes and disabling his legal rights to pursue to such illegal combinations like

those conducted by MPEGLA, LLC., which is controlled by Eliot’s former Intellectual

Property Counsel, Proskauer Rose LLP and which licenses thousands of corporations.

40. Many of these companies such as YouTube and Facebook are wholly dependent on Eliot’s

SUSPENDED Intellectual Properties and these companies are directly tied to the alleged

perpetrators of the Intellectual Property crimes in many instances directly to Proskauer Rose,

a large law firm that Eliot is pursuing as the initial conspirator in the thefts and where these

corporations also have incentive to see Eliot and his family and other shareholders and patent

interest holders dead (including his father) versus successful in Court where they could lose

everything if Eliot succeeds and he will in time, when the due process blocks are busted up.

 Iviewit / Eliot Bernstein Amended Complaint 

 March 08, 2008 Shira Scheindlin Dismissal of Iviewit RICO complaint 

March 08, 2008 Shira Scheindlin Dismissal of Related Cases to Christine C. Anderson, Esq.

i. Case # 502012CP004391XXXXSB – Simon Bernstein Estate

ii. Case # 502011CP000653XXXXSB – Shirley Bernstein Estate

iii. Case # 502014CP002815XXXXSB – Oppenheimer v. Bernstein Minor Children

iv. Case # 502014CP003698XXXXSB – Shirley Trust Construction

v. Case # 502015CP001162XXXXSB – Eliot Bernstein v. Trustee Simon Trust Case OLD CASE


Source, Full Document (MOTION) and to Download

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