Monday, March 26, 2012

Verizon is Determined to Kill Off ALL Connection. Verizon is Behind the STOPPING of Lightsquared Moving Forward.

"Nearly 20,000 people have told Congress to block Verizon's sweetheart deal to divide up access to the Internet with Comcast, Cox and Time Warner Cable." This From FreePress.nt and the Free Press Action Fund, as well as Save the

" .. this deal would "put former rivals on the path to cooperation, not competition" — and that it would hurt Americans' ability to get online.

Sen. Al Franken and a few other committee colleagues agreed. "It's almost as if your companies got in a room together, and you agreed to throw in the towel and stop competing against each other," Franken told representatives from Verizon and the cable companies."

Verizon is behind the Stopping of Lightsquared, which would give Internet Access to all, even the remotest of rural communities.

STOP the Monopoly that Verizon is 
Trying to Create by pushing to STOP Lightsquared.

If Lightsquared is not able to "Open for Business", this will create a Monopoly and Verizon is behind it. Now Verizon is making other deals to buy Spectrum.

". "Verizon to Buy Cox Spectrum to Remake Its Broadband Model," GigaOm, Dec. 16, 2011:"

SavetheInternet.comfree press action fund
Dear Crystal,
Your cable and wireless companies are getting into bed together. And while it might be a cozy arrangement for them, it's bad news for the rest of us.
Verizon has struck a deal with a cartel of cable companies — including Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications — to stop competing against one another. They want to divvy up the spoils of the growing mobile market for themselves so they can continue gouging consumers without the threat of competition.1
Whether you use a mobile phone or a desktop computer to access the Internet, this deal will hurt you. Verizon is already the largest wireless provider in a consolidated market. If there's no competition to keep carriers in check, prices will continue to spiral upwards and services will decline.
The Senate Antitrust Committee is holding a hearing on Verizon's shenanigans on Wednesday. I will be there testifying before Congress on your behalf. But I need you to show your opposition to this deal:
If this deal goes through, the cable giants will hand Verizon a giant chunk of the public airwaves, allowing the company to grow even bigger while its wireless competitors wither away. In return, Verizon will promise not to eat into the cable cartel's broadband business.
If this deal is approved, the United States will fall even farther behind the rest of the world in broadband adoption, speed and affordability. Sky-high wireless and broadband bills will rise even higher, even if you're not a Verizon or cable-cartel customer. And even fewer people will be able to afford Internet access.
These companies aren't talking about trading sports players back and forth. The product they're trading is our very ability to access information and engage in our democracy.
Do you want Verizon to have this kind of power? Speak up now and tell Congress to block Verizon's deal with big cable.
The future of the Internet is too important to be left to a handful of giant companies. I will go before the Senate on Wednesday to help make sure Washington hears from you. Please take action to show Congress we mean business.
Joel Kelsey"
Send Via Email, STOP Verizon.  Call your Congressman and Speak Out for Lightsquared. 

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