Monday, March 26, 2012

Stop Verizon Deal - Competitor Lockout. Verizon and ATT are Behind Lightsquared being Stalled, Stopped. Speak Out, Lightsquared is your answer to Internet Everywhere and STOP the Monopoly

"Watch Free Press Policy Adviser Joel Kelsey Testify in Front of Congress Against the Verizon Deal
Verizon has struck a sweetheart deal with a cartel of cable companies — including Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications — in which they've agreed to stop competing against one another.1The new plan? To gouge consumers and divvy up the spoils of the broadband market.
Whether you use a mobile phone or a desktop computer to access the Internet, this deal is bad news. We need online communications to be affordable and open to all.
Take action to urge Congress to stand up for broadband competition, and to reject this deal outright.

1. "Verizon to Buy Cox Spectrum to Remake Its Broadband Model," GigaOm, Dec. 16, 2011:"

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