Monday, February 27, 2012

Whistle Blower Retaliation. Support Whistleblowers Uphold the Law.

Whistle Blowers are Treated as Criminals and the Corporations that Commit the Crimes are NOT investigated.  Expose Corruption, Start a Blog, File a Criminal Complaint.

""Just pucker up and blow" The Air Cascadia Whistleblower Special

Whistleblowers Special

"You know how to whistle, don't you? Just pucker up your lips and blow."

The Government Accountability Project's Tom Devine was our featured guest for this 'Air Cascadia' Special on Whistleblowers.

Walter Tamosaitis, Hanford Whistleblowers talked about the report that triggered Bechtel, URS and the Department of Energhy's massive retaliation effort, the millions of dollars in tax-payers' money spent to silence Walter and the basement in which he finds himself wasting his days...but his days in court are far from wasted. Dr. Tamosaitis is reluctantly taking on the Giants and if we still harbor some semblance of justice, he will prevail...

crystal Cox, investigative journalist, blogger, reporter and alround 'Worst Corporate Nightmare' also was on board. Crystal has seen it all and fended poff the badest with one hand tied behind her back. But that one had is deep inside the Net ripping up the wrapping on corporate and governbment secrecy.

Diane Roark onme of the survivors ov 'The Thomas Drake affair' also was kind of enough to speak to us. Roack brought to light some NSA fraud, curruption and more - proving once again that when it comes to National Security, the dark corners have even darker corners...

And here's the link to the notorius 60 Minutes interview:

And finally let's not forget Bradley Manning"

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