Monday, February 27, 2012

Air Cascadia On Lake Oswego - Eminent Domain for LNG but not for Lake Oswego.

"Strange Attractors: Eminent Domain for LNG but not for Lake Oswego
program: Air Cascadia
program date: Mon, 02/13/2012

Why is it that out-of-state corporations whose crepuscular pr4sence seems to haunt the state, are attempting an extreme 'Hail Mary' move. They are invoking eminent domain in order to seize the land they need to build an LNG termional at Jordan Cove.

Representative Pete deFazio has sponsored a bill to intercept the planned pass. DeFazio poses the question, Where exactly is the "public good" in creating an environmental disaster, tanking Coos Bay's Tourism and Fishing indistries (The region's only industries...) paying less than nothing in taxes and shipping the profits pout of Oregon. Gee, Thanks Guys!

And they don't stop. They don't even sleep. These indeed are the walking dead. And mere days after the above report comes the frothy little piece about Lake Oswego. There are a few, a handful of water sports enthusiasts who took note of the fact that Lake Oswego is not a private lake. Surprise! It's The Peoples' lake. residents are pulling out the now-familiar eminent domain flag and flying ti high above those algae-infested waves."

Source and Recording of the Radio Show on this Topic

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