Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tip Emailed to Me, Have any Information on This?

"Hello, Li Changjiang, the couple and some senior officials have a harmful companies。Business throughout the country, including some abroad, specializing in harmful work.  Specializing in harm.  Li Changjiang, the couple sent follow-up survey each other.  Intimidation, aggressive behavior, seriously affect the social order.Li Changjiang, couples home in the West Award Street Shenyang Liaoning China .Li Changjiang, the couple tried to cover up their harmful behavior.And the various scandals of the girl, Li Xiao Ye, divorced."


Notorious Chao with Li Changjiang, couple the surface to do anything else, behind a ruined nature of the company, business across the country, including some abroad, specializing in the crash. Li Changjiang, the couple's crash sent a follow-up survey to monitor destroyed object, the threats and aggressive behavior, seriously affect the social order. Li Changjiang, the couple also specifically impersonation dry crash reputation bad settlement sewage others dry, Li Changjiang, the couple also good at acting, bribed, and stir manufacturing all kinds of misunderstanding of the various events to sow discord between others relations, Li Changjiang couple know how to hire or bribe people to pretend chatter means of g deliberately destroyed the reputation of hire or bribe people behind deliberately finger people for others to see.

Li Changjiang, the couple also hire, bribe or a threat to your acquaintances, relatives in your side, behind Gaba mouth and pretend to do something to arrange a variety of fake like others to see. Li Changjiang, the couple also looking for long and you like people to impersonate you to do something to harm you. Li Changjiang, the couple forged the synthesis of various image video sound set you up for others to see.

Bribed by Li Changjiang, the couple do not know Li Changjiang couple or associates with miniature cameras, digital telephoto camera, videotaped or recorded, leaving the transaction and destroyed evidence. Li Changjiang, the couple fear of those who have been bribed to sell out will be tracked and monitored. Li Changjiang, the couple also good at the Internet crash, spread all kinds of really spreading rumors or PS over the pictures and video.

Li Changjiang, the couple can not speak does not work, will be playing in mind, like to sow discord between others relations, like the test, suggesting that, to sow discord and other means, Li Changjiang, the couple deliberately see others expression, action, hearing the voice deliberately say what someone hinted to sow discord all relations.

Li Changjiang, couple deliberately analysis of others psychological, how can the cause manufacturing misunderstanding how to sow discord between the relationship on how to analyze, much ado about nothing deliberately sow discord relations.

Crash behavior of Li Changjiang, the couple is at home command layout. Li Changjiang, the couple home in the West Award, Shenyang, China Street. Li Changjiang, the couple earned most of gave some senior officials into Li Changjiang, the couple left several properties, respectively, with local relatives' names enough to buy a property in Dalian, Jinzhou. Jinan, Shandong. In addition to several relatives of Li Changjiang couple of others who do not know the address.

Li Changjiang, the couple's destroyed the company to earn enough money will move. Li Changjiang lover intermittent mental illness, Li Ye, Li Changjiang, the girls there are genetic. A lot of people very early on spread through a variety of Li Changjiang, the hole in the crime and scandal, has been circulating online Li Ye indecent photos.

Li Ye is a waste, nothing will. Li Changjiang, the couple will bribe or threaten to arrange a variety of illusion for others to see.

Li Changjiang, the couple is trying to cover up various scandals Li Ye, and divorced. And threatened to control the Li Ye have the object as a backup. Li Changjiang couple shamelessly cover up their behavior and scandals of the crash, Li Changjiang, the couple's destroyed company also moved out of a number of senior officials WU Han St. David Wong, Oscillation sand ripples Gushao Qing, Zhu Chengqing, Qu Xiaofei, Liu Fenghai, Liu Guoqiang, SUN Xiao-gang, Sun Wei and others to cover up.

Li Changjiang, the couple's crash entrusted by others using a variety of means to destroy political opponents of these senior officials. Li Changjiang, the couple's crash also destroyed enterprises, companies, units of economic and relatives and friends. Li Changjiang, the couple also instigate people to spend money to bribe to conceal or Li Changjiang, the couple use a variety of ways to cover up.

Li Changjiang, the couple's behavior had been diagnosed as a pathological behavior. And Li Changjiang, carrying all the secret treatment for a long time and to identify suitable candidates, this woman was pregnant with a few months, Li Changjiang, hidden to an island.

Li Changjiang, the couple destroyed a large number of victims has been secretly Li Changjiang couple family revenge. Li Changjiang, the couple Han also will not, they will sow discord against your neighbor.

Those large numbers of victims used a high-tech products, brain waves brain waves the scanner to a wireless receiver isolated from the brain wave signal of thinking, auditory signals, visual signals, recorded on the computer, that is, no matter what others thinking what to see what what to think, as long as the brain wave scanner can read your thoughts. Brain wave scanner may not be able to buy, you can buy some similar products modified.

The cell phone has Bluetooth, a mobile phone or Bluetooth detection software installed on your computer you can find out all the other phone.

Other phone switch off the Bluetooth function can also be detected. Infrared perspective instrument, digital infrared telescopes,

X-ray analyzer, microwave detector, miniature cameras, advanced listening devices, computer electromagnetic leakage interceptor.

Above about the true, to prevent the crash behavior of Li Changjiang couple. Special Li Changjiang couple of nasty shameless acts like the world after another mass, there are already tens of thousands of people were involved in forwarding the ranks. This letter is only sent once, to prevent Li Changjiang couple steal theft mailbox posing letter."

Tip Send in By Reader, I make no claim to it's validity and am simply posting to attract more information or share with Eyes who may need to see this information.

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