Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reuters News Disclaimer flat out says they cannot vouch for their stories, and their news affects entire markets such as when they seem to get it wrong about Lightsquared every time, and Clearwire Stocks Surge and Reuters has NO Liability.

Funny since my Trial, so many traditional news outlets including Reuters has put a disclaimer on emails and articles saying they have not investigated and can't vouch for the stories. I did investigate and it was not my story, I was telling a story and getting the blog found that had the story in detail. All news does what I do, and well ya you should ALL be scared as now every person you write on can sue you with ease.

I was offered to do a "Paper" newspaper years ago in Montana and I declined as paper is old "news" and everyone gets news mostly online, just how it is. This ruling has changed CNN, changed, Reuters and many other blogs that bring you "alleged" news they get from several other sources.

I got information for years and from far more sources than most "journalists" do, and so ya you all better be scared. And with Oregon Retraction laws not applying to the internet which is today's news, well they don't even have to ask for a retraction of a post you wrote and they can legally sue you, and easily win.

SO you are ALL affected whether you consider yourself a "fact checker" or not and no matter what version of reality your opinion of me is based in.

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