Thursday, February 9, 2012

Montana Law Enforcement has a Unique Way of Dealing with Whistle blowers

There is Death By Cop, they say Suicide in jail.. many tell me this story..

There is putting them in a Mental Institute whereby they are discredited, drugged, brainwashed..

Jailing Whistlblowers.. Getting Illegal Protective Orders.. pressing felony charges for posting the facts of corruption at a local library or on a blog..

Oh and don't forget paying Lee Enterprise to lie in the "Legitimate" newspapers about crimes that REALLY did happen, RAPES that really did happen and protecting the cops, county attorney, commissioners and cronies to lie cheat and steal.. and of course run out the "Good Cops" who don't want to violate the constitutional rights of the citizens.

Montana Corruption is rampant, it is a Pay to Play Justice System.. and the Law is Irrelevant as Corrupt County Attorneys such as George Corn Ravalli County and Bernie Cassidy of Lincoln County Montana, well they are the law and what they say goes.  They have the power to institutionalize those Whistle Blowers, Cops Wives, or.. well anyone that they wish to or are paid off to ..

It is common knowledge that a Montana Supreme Court decision costs $50,000 - cheap price for folks like WR Grace or say Ravalli County Montana, Hamilton Montana Thugs and Thieves.

Montana Counties do NOT take Kindly to them thar Whistle Blowers.. carefully they love Economic Terrorism, Bernie Cassidy of Lincoln County will run you out of business fast and furious, ifen things don't go his evil, corrupt way.  You will not get government contracts, your family business will be boycotted, you will get tickets for sound pollution and every little thing possible ... meanwhile Bernie Cassidy let's rapists, crazy old men shooting people at camp grounds, drug dealers, child porn kings, elite managers of phone coops and more thugs and criminals run the streets while he targets those EXPOSING the real injustice..

Protect Whistle Blowers.. Expose Corruption..
Speak Up.. Get a Video, Start a Blog.. Tell on them..

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