Thursday, February 9, 2012

Expose Corruption in California, Start a Blog, a YouTube Channel

"The DEEP corruption of California's Judiciary!

This site is dedicated to exposing the RAMPANT corruption in the California court system.

 From blocking public records requests which would expose illegal county retirement benefits (Sturgeon v. Superior Court), to exposing the utter disregard for filing qualifications for office (Separation of Powers Clause) (Cal. Gov. Code sec. 1363), to funneling literally millions of dollars in public funds into "private" corporations which in turn launder the money into local bank accounts.

This site contains PUBLIC RECORDS that illustrate that anyone immersed in any case before California's rogue judiciary is in DANGER.

 We live in an age where the Constitution of this Land is NO LONGER RECOGNIZED as the Supreme Law of the Land. Instead, judicial "discretion", whether it violates local or federal law, as long it is is rendered as a "ruling", runs the day. The California court system, yea verily, the entire court system of the United States of America,... HAS FALLEN and cannot be salvaged. Prepare yourselves and take steps to protect you and your family against the communist takeover which is no longer abroad, but now taking place in our very living rooms."

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