Thursday, January 12, 2012

Media Bias vs. Media Corruption - Media Bias, Media Corrupton, Media Arrogance.

"Although most of us will not admit it, at least publicly, we all know that media contituents are biased. All reporters lean one way or another as it relates to the subjects and/or people they cover. Mainstream media leans to the left, while the alternative media, such as talk radio leans to the right. Whether it be in politics, music, film, or the fashion industry, the media has its favorites and often makes it known.

Of course, for appearances of objectivity, most take painstaking measures to hide it. Although some are better at hiding it than others, seldom is their bias undetectable. For example, reporters often reflect their preferences for certain CEOs, politicians, actors, singers, or musicians in articles or news pieces by writing favorable articles about them or "product placing" them in feel-good news pieces to which viewers would be most receptive. Conversely, the individuals that media likes the least are given adverse coverage, if any at all. That is media bias.

Unfortunately, today most of the news rooms have gone from media bias, to engaging in media corruption.
While media bias is a breach of the fundamental journalistic standards that may lead to loss of the public trust, media corruption is the use of criminal devices to manipulate or defraud the public, and destroys our societal moral fabric.

With the proliferation of technological advances, and subsequent increased ambitions on the global socio-political/economic platform, so too have the ambitions in newsrooms across the nation increased. No longer do media journalists prioritize source accuracy and reliability in news reporting over ratings.

News sources are now competing for popularity, high ratings and advertising dollars. With full access and control of the news outlets that reach the masses, and no one to "answer to," media has ceased to be reliable tools for information, but become powerful tools for fraud and manipulation.

Unthinkable as it once was, today journalists fabricate stories, create fraudulent documents to pass them off as evidentiary facts, and for personal gain even collude with elements of society to sabotage rivals, hurt their enemies, and control the masses. Right or wrong, they do whatever pleases them.

Who wouldn't? Given the tenets of the press, they can make up "undisclosed sources", fabricate stories of events that never happened, slander/ libel individuals, engage in every level of criminality, and in the name of journalism arrogantly invoke the protections of the profession, make millions, and become "red carpet stars."

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