Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Ask any free thinking American, Do you trust the Mainstream News Media? The overwhelming response, No."

"Capitalism And Corporate News Media Corruption

Ask any free thinking American, Do you trust the Mainstream News Media? The overwhelming response, No.

Since the 2008 general election, I've asked our MSM a very simple question that they'd rather not answer. Can you remember a statewide or national election where media moguls, producers, editors, or reporters didn't ask political parties, organizations and candidates questions concerning their fundraising activities and campaign donations? In fact, all of these recipients of campaign money are required by law to file campaign finance documents.

What's never reported, and perhaps never will be reported, Who get's to keep the millions, if not billions of dollars spent to elect our government leaders?"

One would believe, since the MSM pockets massive amounts of money from our political process every two years, they'd have a moral obligation to the public at large to get their facts right by leaving their biases out of the finished product.

Why, as citizens of the best democracy on the planet, should we care what the mainstream press reports? Mr. Robert McChesney sums it up with these words, "The case for media reform is based on two propositions. First, media perform essential political, social, economic, and cultural functions in modern democracies. In such societies, media are the principal source of political information and access to public debate, and the key to an informed, participating, self-governing citizenry.

Democracy requires a media system that provides people with a wide range of opinion and analysis and debate on important issues, reflects the diversity of citizens, and promotes public accountability of the powers-that-be and the powers-that-want-to-be. In short, the media in a democracy must foster deliberation and diversity, and ensure accountability."

Robert W. McChesney is one of three Americans that founded the media reform organization, Free Press. This comment was originally published in the summer 1998 issue of Boston Review.

Domestic Media Bias and worse yet, carefully constructed domestic Media Corruption crafted by a small number of elitist who own and control the MSM is a greater danger to the American public than any foreign adversary. That said, the question becomes, What are "We The People" going to do about it?

For many years, I've known that our political processes, and far too many of our political institutions have become corrupted. One political institution, at the heart of media corruption is the FCC. FCC laws that permit mass media ownership by a small group of greedy elitist must be addressed and overturned. Does President Barack Obama have the courage and determination to stand up against those who, for the most part, elevated him to become the President of the United States of America?

Time is not on our side. I'd love to believe that I could leave this problem to our elected officials. That said, Who do our elected officials really represent? Are "We The People" without honest representation? What would James Madison or Thomas Jefferson do to combat media corruption? A new, non-commercial website Freedom From The Press attempts to offer valuable information and solutions to these very problems. Your ideas and public debate are always welcome.

Steven E. Thompson is a political activist living in Eastern Washington state. Mr. Thompson has ran for local public office and the United States Senate as a Reform Party candidate in 1998. Please use the 'contact us' link at Freedom From The Press to communicate directly with Mr. Thompson."

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