Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Petters Bankruptcy ~ Where is the Money?


  • Why were the 17 Print advertisements that were placed by a professional advertisement agency with the Star-Tribune Company CENSORED ?

  • Who owns "the truth"?

  • Who decides what gets told and what gets covered up?

  • BankruptcyMisconduct readers can get the all of the 17 one page ads for free together in one file here from our free downloads section related to the ongoing Petters Company fraud.  These ads were reportedly placed with a Star-Tribune newspaper but were subsequently pulled from publication without justification.

    We are tracking the story on websites by Stop The Petters Scam Foundation.   The "Stop The Petters Scam" scam website at http://stopthepettersscam.com which has the original ads on display.  Their wonderful documentary on the  Petters scandal entitled "The Second Fraud" has a trailer over at TheSecondFraud.com.  That site shows the following press release describing a lawsuit about the illicit censhorhip:"

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