Friday, December 30, 2011

D. Bruce Sewell Ignoring the Iviewit Information, Not Telling Shareholders and Not Responsiblity Reacting Hurt Intel.

"Corporate Social Responsibility" - Not Bruce Sewell - NO WAY...

No Wonder Bruce Sewell left Intel without much to say. Not only was he offered more money and other secret sides deals to MOVE Quickly as Nokia is a Coming... but also D. Bruce Sewell had to know that at Some Point Intel and it's Shareholders would have to Deal with the iviewit Company and with the Trillion Dollar Stolen Patent and with the Patent Infringement and Contracts ... this woudl at Somepoing Come up, Bruce Sewell Being a Super Duper Attorney - He had to Know this. Obviously these Contracts would have to be honored at some point and with damges... being a good Lawyer, Bruce Sewell certainly read all the Documents at www.iviewit.TV - read the lawsuits, patent claims and ALL court documents surrounding this case in Order to Protect the Intel Corporation and to Protect the Interest of The Shareholders. I mean Come on this is a HUGE Liability to Intel and Bruce Never did any of this.. he Had to Have ... Right?

Having had Fair Warning on all this, and Failing ... is D. Bruce Sewell liable to Intel ? Liable to the Shareholders for this Seemingly Undisclosed Damage he Did while at Intel that has been swept under the Rug as D. Bruce Sewell is Now general counsel at Apple and His gearing up to ATTACK the Rights of Nokia... wonder what judges, what connections, what favors owed or inside informatio nBruce Sewell will use to Win for Apple.

Maybe D. Bruce Sewell will tell the companies involved that he won't tell about their Iviewit Patent Infringement if they help Apple to Fight Nokia and Win.. just speculative of course.. but hey don't we have a "Corporate Social Responsibility" to examine all parts of this story? And to Expose the Truth about all this...

Email me Your Story about Bruce Sewell at - I am Nobody, I am simply a researcher, who Does not like to see the Rights of People STOMPED on by Billion Dollar Companies Stealing Trillion Dollar technology while the Real Inventors are Bombed and subjected to severe economic terror. I am simply the Self Proclaimed Industry Whistleblower and Standing up for Those who are not being heard, and using the Power of the Internet to Get them Heard....

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