Friday, December 30, 2011

D. Bruce Sewell - Formerly of Intel - Now General Councel at Apple - Formerly of Perkins Coie and Now Head of the Nokia Smackdown...

Bruce Sewell comes to Apple from Intel in the Fall of 2009

When did Bruce Sewell FIRST know of The Trillion Dollar Stolen Patent and the FACT that Intel was using this patent, this Stolen Technology though Intel was NOT honoring contracts they assumed ?

Well Scour for One and Find Emails, Phone Conversations and More that PROVE D. Bruce Sewell not only knew about this Patent Theft, but also Was informed that Intel was using it, was informed of Contracts that Intel was not Honoring and REFUSED to make this right with the Rightful Patent Owners and For Some Reason D. Bruce Sewell and CEO Paul Otellini seemingly FAILED to Disclose this Dirty Little Trillion Dollar Secret To Their Shareholders.

"Before Intel, Sewell worked at Brown &; Bain, which became a part of Perkins Coie in 2004, and before that he was an associate at the firm now known as Schnader"

Now Where Do I Know the Perkins Coie name From? Oh I know their involvement in Corrupting the Bankruptcy Courts in Oregon from my Blog at
With Perkins Coie in Bruce Sewell's Resume we Begin to See where his Lack of Ethics Comes From. So Check more on the Bio of D. Bruce Sewell at the Link Below..

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