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Criminal Complaints Against Andrew Coumo. Christine Anderson New York Corruption Whistleblower. Still No Justice for iViewit Inventors and Massiver Shareholder Fraud and Deceit IGNORED for over a Decade and Counting.

The Iviewit Technology Theft involves the biggest law firms, tech and media companies in the world and the Wall of Corruption in New York, Florida, the SEC, the USPTO and in the US Supreme Court continues to ignore the Shareholder Liability and the Criminal Complaints in the iViewit Technology Scandal.

Below is Quotes from the Ivieiwt Complaint against Andrew Cuomo and the NYAG Office.

"Multiple Criminal Complaints were filed with Andrew Cuomo while serving as Attorney General, and to my knowledge, nothing was done but to further Obstruct the Complaints or dismiss them without investigation. The Attorney General’s office has Illegally Obstructed numerous previous Criminal Complaints of Iviewit and Eliot Bernstein, dating back to filed Complaints with Eliot Spitzer as Attorney General, then as Governor as early as 2004.

With continued Conflicts, illegal acts continue to ensue despite the repeated demand from the outset that if Conflicts existed, the Complaints required being turned over to a Non-Conflicted Independent Party. All parties were requested to sign Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms and not a single party has prior to making decisions. If there are no Conflicts of Interest, one should have no problem signing and returning the Conflict of Interest Disclosure and no proceedings are legally valid when Conflicts are concealed."

"The most recent Criminal Complaints against Cohen and Cuomo, both named as Defendants in the Criminal Complaints, yet continue to be directly involved in processing the Complaints, comprise the integrity of any actions taken to this point, actions which are in Violation of Attorney Conduct Codes, Public Office Rules & Regulations and State & Federal Law. Cohen has personally handled the Complaints while serving under Cuomo at the Attorney General’s office and now at the Governor’s office.

Unequivocally, Cohen and Cuomo’s failure to turn over the Criminal Complaints to a Non-Conflicted Independent Party and remove themselves from the Conflicts, since June 13 2009, orprovide any response at all, adds further Criminal Acts to these matters, which will soon be reported, as soon as, a Non Conflicted party is in place to report them to. A tendered response by either Cohen or Cuomo, or even at this point the Governor or Attorney General’s offices, as the Governor and now the Attorney General and their employees evinces gross conflicts, as further evidenced herein and in exhibits, is worthless, other than as Prima Facie Evidence of further Criminal Misconduct. Cuomo and Cohen instead have elected to Conceal the Complaints and Derail the Investigations, further Aiding and Abetting the RICO Conspiracy by further Obstructing Justice in Federal and State Proceedings, through intentional failure to perform their “Honest Services” and Public Office Duties by intentionally and with scienter Violating Attorney Conduct Codes, Violating Public Office Rules & Regulations and State & Federal Law."

"II. The new york supreme court attorney Whistleblower, christine c. Anderson’s federal Lawsuit and the “Legally Related” Federal Lawsuits blow open a massive corruption of senior ranking new york and us government officials, exposing The “revolving door” of public office corruption and mandating investigations.

Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin “legally related” my TRILLION DOLLAR[6] RICO &; ANTITRUST Lawsuit to that of an inside New York Supreme Court Whistleblower, Christine C. Anderson, a veteran Senior Staff Attorney in the New York Supreme Court Disciplinary Department.

Anderson has blown the Whistle on a mass of Public Office Corruption, under Sworn Oath in an open Federal Court and made similar claims before the New York Senate Judiciary Committee[7] in an ONGOING investigation by that Committee. Anderson’s testimony rips open a mob styled conspiratorial ring operating inside State and Federal Government Agencies, at the highest levels, exposing illegal Patterns and Practices of LEADING PUBLIC OFFICIALS, ALL WITH LEGAL DEGREES, operating in concert to Violate Attorney Conduct Codes, Public Office Rules & Regulations, Judicial Cannons and State, Federal & International Law, in efforts to facilitate cover-ups of various crimes. Various crimes committed by ATTORNEYS AT LAW in private practice, mainly ILLEGAL LEGAL CRIMES that are then complained of to Prosecutors and Disciplinary Agencies by the victims. Instead of Due Process and Procedure, victims meet another layer of corruption.

What appears is a “playbook” of “cookie cutter” illegal legal crimes used by these Law Firms and Lawyers to steal inventions, steal estates [8] and more, and then another “playbook” of government cover-up crimes to stop any complaints against them, as exhibited in the “Legally Related”Lawsuits to Anderson, further enumerated herein."

"Anderson further puts forth a damning sworn statement to the New York State Judiciary Committee Chairman, John Sampson, containing allegations of FELONY Criminal Acts [9] by STATE & FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.

The Criminal Acts include but are not limited to, Alteration & Destruction of Official Court & Prosecutorial Records, Destruction of Evidence in Federal & State Criminal & Civil Official Proceedings, Extorting and Threatening a Federal Witness[10] in a Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit, Whitewashing Attorney Disciplinary Complaints, Obstructions of Justice and more. The Anderson sworn statement to the Judiciary Committee and others, includes but is not limited to, the following statement, quote,

""On June 8, 2009, I testified at a hearing convened by John L. Sampson, New York State Senator and Chairman of the New York State Standing Committee On The Judiciary. (A copy of my affidavit submitted to the Committee is attached hereto as Exhibit B.) At that hearing, several witnesses testified as to their shocking experiences with the grievance and judiciary committees in New York State.

Shockingly, within days of my testimony, in my lawsuit, my sealed medical and psychiatric records were filed and posted publicly on the court’s Internet filing system by counsel for the defendants – i.e., the New York State Attorney General’s Office. I regard those actions as horrifically unethical and malicious, and taken in deliberate retaliation for my testifying at the Senate hearing.

The detailed testimony presented by innumerable witnesses at the June 8th Senate hearing reveals the manifold reports of corruption and abuse by the State’s Disciplinary Committees. (A copy of the transcript of this hearing is attached hereto as Exhibit C.) Charges included concealment of evidence, obstruction of justice, extortionate sexual threats by attorneys, pilfering of estates by attorneys, abuse of power, fraud, conspiracy and repeated violations of state and federal constitutional rights.” "

"The Violations of Law were exposed directly by Anderson to the New York Senate Judiciary Committee in the hearings, Richard Kuse/Catherine Wilson, The Honorable Duane A. Hart, Gizella Weisshaus[11], Patrick Hanley/Suzanne McCormick and others[12] also testified at the hearings.

Evidence continues to be circulated and copied to each individual member of the Committee, including then Senator Eric T. Schneiderman the current New York Attorney General, by those who testified at the hearings, as investigations by that Committee continue.

Again, Anderson made similar claims under oath in open court before Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin and therefore there can be no way that Prosecutors can fail to investigate these allegations from a credible Whistleblower eyewitness willing to testify under oath."

The Criminals Anderson fingered infect the entire legal/prosecutorial communities, showing a “Revolving Door” including at the highest posts of Public Office, including but not limited to, State & Federal Court Officials, State &; Federal Prosecutorial Officials, State Regulatory Officials and certain corrupt “Favored Law Firms and Lawyers.” Anderson further stated in open Court during trial that a “CLEANER” exists inside the Ethics Department of the New York Supreme Court, the highest post for Attorney Regulation, named Naomi F. Goldstein, Esq. Deputy Chief Counsel of the New York Supreme Court. Yes, you heard correctly, a “Cleaner” within the New York Supreme Court’s ethics department!

Ironically, John Gotti was tried upstairs in a separate action in the same courthouse, at the same time that Anderson was testifying in her proceeding, and Gotti’s mob trial did not even report having a “Cleaner.”

Goldstein, the “Cleaner,” Anderson exposes, with the aid of other senior ranking New York Supreme Court Officials, District Attorneys, US Attorneys and “Favored Law Firms and Lawyers” WHITEWASHED Attorney Disciplinary Complaints, Altered &; Destroyed Official Court & Prosecutorial Records and Evidence and more, on behalf of other “US ATTORNEYS, DA’s, ADA’s and FAVORED LAW FIRMS & LAWYERS”. OUTRAGEOUS! The gang of criminals creating an impenetrable wall of corruption, protected by the very people elected to stop corruption, and, opening a Pandora’s Box to further unregulated crime. Once the portal was opened it has led from one crime to another, bigger and bigger, including the Mortgage/Subprime Frauds and Financial Frauds rampant on Wall Street recently, all committed by Lawyers fearing no retribution from the Law with their Lawyer/Accomplices inside Government, there to derail any investigations, as further evidenced herein. Note that the same New York Supreme Court Department that Anderson worked for with Nicole Corrado is the department responsible for regulating Wall Street attorneys along with the Attorney General, as further discussed herein.

Anderson further complains to the Federal Court in a Motion to Remove the Attorney General[13] from illegal legal representations that CUOMO IS ILLEGALLY REPRESENTING STATE ACTORS/DEFENDANTS in both the US District Court for the Southern District of New York and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, in her case and the “legally related” cases.

Anderson filed to remove the Attorney General from her Whistleblower Lawsuit for ILLEGAL Conflicts of Interest and other Violations of Attorney Conduct Codes, Public Office Rules & Regulations and State &; Federal Law, illustrating a further Pattern and Practice of Public Corruption designed to evade prosecution. "

Anderson’s allegations are almost identical to those claimed in my RICO &; ANTITRUST Lawsuit about Public Officers violating Law. For years prior to having any knowledge of the inside mechanics of how the crimes operated from Anderson, I complained about these Public Officials and their crimes involving members of the SAME department Anderson and Corrado worked for, the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division First Department Departmental Disciplinary Committee.

Without Anderson’s revelations however, I was unable to tie how the various departments operated together in a neat conspiratorial Criminal RICO Organization. Once exposed to the mechanics of the crimes from the perspective of an inside Whistleblower, it becomes apparent that a Criminal Conspiracy beyond imagination exists, blocking Due Process and Procedure to Obstruct Justice to Victims of the Criminal Enterprise’s ILLEGAL LEGAL crimes, then misusing Public Offices to bury any complaints against them.

The CRIMINAL ACTS described by Anderson herein are NOT part of a“Conspiracy Theory,” but instead comprise aFACTUAL LEGAL CONSPIRACY, steeped in Factual Damning Evidence. The difference between “Conspiracy Theory” and Factual Legal Conspiracy is that “Conspiracy Theories” are merely theories and Legal Factual Criminal Conspiracies come with very real PRISON SENTENCES at the end of a trial, if one is guilty, in some instances, the end of a rope. A list of the crimes alleged by Anderson, alleged in the Iviewit Criminal Complaints and contained in the RICO &; ANTITRUST Lawsuit, committed by Senior Public Officials, include but are far from limited to, the crimes listed inExhibit 2 of this document and listed at the URL,

The crimes include a Car Bombing in an Attempted Murder of my Family in Boynton Beach Florida, for graphic detail and further information on the Car Bombing see the Iviewit companies’ homepage at, which also has links for several thousands of pieces of supplemental evidence in these matters. ALL SUPPLEMENTAL EVIDENTIARY MATERIALS and LINKS ON THE IVIEWIT HOMEPAGE ( currently 1087 exhibits, see ), are hereby incorporated by reference in their entirety herein.

On October 27 2009, after Anderson’s trial and learning the shocking STATE& FEDERAL FELONY CRIMINAL VIOLATIONS OF PUBLIC OFFICES, ATTORNEY CONDUCT CODES and STATE & FEDERAL LAW committed by Government Attorneys and Law Firms, eyewitnesses to Anderson’s CRIMINAL allegations in court, Eliot Bernstein and Terrence Finnan, sent Notice to Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin of her obligations under law.

The Letter/Notice to Scheindlin demanded that Scheindlin follow her Judicial Cannons and Law and report the CRIMINAL allegations, of not only a credible witness, but also an expert witness, Anderson, to the proper authorities.

Authorities for Scheindlin to notify, include but are not limited to, the New York Attorney General’s Office, the United States Attorney General, the United States Attorney General Office of Professional Responsibility, the New York District Attorney, the United States Department of Justice Inspector General, the New York Supreme Court Oversights, and, all offices specifically fingered by Anderson. Notice to begin IMMEDIATE CRIMINAL & INTERNAL AFFAIRS INVESTIGATIONS of the CRIMINAL allegations levied by Anderson against Senior Public Officials in the government agencies.

Further, a copy of the Scheindlin letter and corresponding Criminal Complaint information, additionally requesting to add the new material to ongoing Iviewit Complaints and begin further new investigations of the new Criminal Acts exposed, was sent to the following State, Federal & International Authorities investigating the Iviewit complaint matters;

1. The Honorable Barack Hussein Obama II
President United States of America

2. The Honorable Glenn A. Fine
Inspector General United States Department of Justice

3. The Honorable John Conyers Jr.
Chairman House Judiciary Committee

4. The Honorable United States Senator Dianne Feinstein
Senate Judiciary Committee

5. Hon. Eric H. Holder, Jr.
United States Attorney General US Department of Justice

6. The Honorable Elena Kagan
Solicitor General US Department of Justice

7. Robert S. Mueller, III.
Director Federal Bureau of Investigation

8. Candice M. Will
Assistant Director, Office of Professional Responsibility Federal Bureau of Investigation

9. The Honorable Harry I. Moatz
Director, Office of Enrollment & Discipline United States Patent & Trademark Office

10. Todd J. Zinser
Inspector General United States Department of Commerce

11. David Kappos
Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office United States Patent & Trademark Office

12. John J. Doll
Commissioner for Patents United States Patent and Trademark Office

13. David L. Gouvaia
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

14. Mary L. Schapiro
Chairperson United States Securities and Exchange Commission

15. Peter L. McClintock
Acting Inspector General Small Business Administration

16. Chris P. Mercer
President Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi)

17. Steven Michael Cohen
Counselor and Chief of Staff for Andrew Cuomo New York Office of the Attorney General

18. Joseph M. Demarest, Jr.
FBI Assistant Director in Charge of the New York Division

19. David A. Paterson
Governor New York State

20. New York Senate Judiciary Committee Members:


22. Hon. Andrew Cuomo
Attorney General Office of the Attorney General

23. Monica Connell, Esq.
Assistant Attorney General - Division of State Counsel Litigation Bureau, State of New York Office of the Attorney General

24. Thomas P. DiNapoli
Comptroller State of New York

25. Robert Morris Morgenthau
District Attorney of New York County"

Source of Quotes from Andrew Cuomo Complaint by Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Founder and One of the iViewit Inventors. Also for Exhibit Links and Document Links, read full article linked below.

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