Friday, December 30, 2011

Andrew Cuomo New York Corruption Ring covering up a 13 Trillion Dollar Technology Theft in the iViewit Technology Scandal.

"Steven Michael Cohen, Andrew Cuomo Sr. Adviser Flees Sinking Cuomo Ship Over Iviewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein’s Criminal Complaints against Cohen and Cuomo.

Gotham Corruption at the Top Heating Up Did Steven M. Cohen Flee the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo’s office because of Iviewit’s Criminal Complaints against he and Cuomo or perhaps it was because of the taped phone conversations where Cohen describes himself as already being in “PRISON” prior to fleeing the stinkin sinking Cuomo ship. What’s the last thing you see from Space looking at a Sinking Ship? The Rats Asses. Who is Emily Cole on the Taped Conversations, could it be daughter of Maria Cuomo Cole and leatherman Kenneth Cole, the plot thickens in Gotham."

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