Monday, October 31, 2011

Sacramento Prosecutor Jan Scully

Sacramento Prosecutor Jan Scully needs national attention.  She can read the US Constitution, and implement it to the betterment of the people.
Prosecutor Jan Scully of Sacramento, California  

Ms. Scully understands that the people have the right to peacefully assemble as is a fundamental right in the United States for American Citizens.  Prosecutor Scully also understands that it is a waste of her public funds to prosecute a protected activity in her jurisdiction of Sacramento, California.

Jan Scully needs to be Nationally recognized, and she needs to be modeled after.  If you are a Mayor of a city with an occupation, you have no authority to deem the occupation as unlawful.  Why? because the US Supreme Court has already determined that the activities, speech, and assembly in a public park is always protected, and this was determined in 1939: Hague  v. CIO 307 US 496 (1939).  

Send this to your city attorney, send this to your Mayor, your police chief.  The US Constitution still exists in America, although the FBI, local prosecutors, State Attorney Generals are defying it with respect to PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY.

Thank you Ms. Jean Scully.  Our blog network has won a US District Court decision that we have protected free speech as opinion in blogs, and Ms. Scully has made the bold decision that she will not pursue the arrests of occupiers.

Be proud Ms. Scully, other city officials need to emulate you.

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