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SSRI Antidepressant - Mark Taylor - Columbine Shootings

"Mark Taylor's

testimony before the FDA 9/13/2004

I am Mark Allen Taylor and I am a victim of the SSRI Antidepressant Era. I took six to thirteen bullets in the heart area in the Columbine High School shooting when Eric Harris on Luvox opened fire that now infamous day.

They almost had to amputate my leg and my arm. My heart missed by only one millimeter. I had three surgeries. Five years later I am still recuperating.

I went through all this to realize that SSRI antidepressants are dangerous for those who take them and for all those who associate with those who take them.

I hope that my testimony today shows you that you need to take action immediately before more innocent people like me, and you, do not get hurt or die horrible deaths as a result.

As Americans we should have the right to feel safe and if you were doing your job we would be safe. Why are we worrying about terrorists in other countries when the pharmaceutical companies have proven to be our biggest terrorists by releasing these drugs on an unsuspecting public?

How are we suppose to feel safe at school, at home, on the street, at church or anywhere else if we cannot trust the FDA to do what we are paying you to do? Where were you when I and all of my classmates got shot at Columbine?

You say that antidepressants are effective. So why did they not help Eric Harris before he shot me?

According to Eric they "helped" him to feel homicidal and suicidal after only six weeks on Zoloft. And then he said that dropping off Luvox cold turkey would help him "fuel the rage" he needed to shoot everyone. But he continued on Luvox and shot us all anyway.

So, why did these so called antidepressants not make him better? I will tell you why. It is because they do not work.

We should consider antidepressants to be accomplices to murder.

See Mark's book "I Asked, God Answered ... a Columbine Miracle."

Tate Publishing


Updates on the Columbine Shooting in 1999

February 25, 2007

Above you have just viewed a new documentary that I appeared in with Michael Moore, Neal Bush and many others discussing the adverse effects of prescription drugs upon youth. It is an excellent documentary that includes interviews with a young man who instigated a school shooting situation while under the influence of one of these drugs and another interview with Mark Taylor, the Columbine survivor mentioned above, who appeared with Michael Moore in the movie Bowling for Columbine. The information they share is extremely critical information right now due to what is currently happening with records from Columbine.

When Columbine families filed suit against Solvay, the maker of the antidepressant, Luvox, which Eric Harris took before killing and/or injuring them or their loved ones, the drug company threatened to counter sue them. At that point all of the families backed off the suit stating that they had already lost their loved ones and could not take the chance of losing everything they had on top of that. Only one survivor was left to stand against them, a young man, Mark Allen Taylor, known as the "Columbine Miracle Boy" because he survived so many gunshot wounds at Columbine.

Within only days after Mark brought a new attorney in on his case, and days after another family, that of a decorated police officer in NJ, Edward L. Lutes, filed suit against the drug maker, Luvox was pulled from the market in the United States by the manufacturer. (Officer Lutes was also on Luvox when he went on a shooting spree in his own neighborhood leaving six dead in another senseless and tragic murder/suicide. (Click here to read article)

Solvay already had bad press to quell just the year before when Matthew Beck, also on Luvox, went on a shooting spree at the Connecticut Lottery killing four co-workers before taking his own life. (Click here to read article)

In the end Mark Taylor's attorney did not meet critical legal deadlines in his case and because of that all the other leading attorneys who were ready to jump in on this case and assist were forced to decline to do so. The only attorney left on the case was an attorney who had formerly worked as an attorney for drug giant GlaxoSmithKline. He encouraged a settlement with the drug maker, Solvay.

When the day for settlement negotiations came and caught us all off guard, as it was on a different day than scheduled and no one had been informed, we were surprised to see Mark taken into a room with drug company attorneys without his mother, who had been his guardian throughout the case. The meeting went on for hours - about five as I recall.

During one of the breaks Mark's mother put me on the phone with the one attorney Mark had left. I asked him what on earth he thought he was doing having Mark go in alone without his mother to negotiate a settlement in this case. He replied that Mark had just had his 20th birthday and legally was of age to make decisions on his own and could settle the case himself.

I reminded him of conditions that would make that not the case for Mark. I reminded him of the massive injuries Mark had suffered and the incredible blood loss resulting from 7 - 13 bullets as he laid there on the ground at Columbine for almost 2 hours before getting help. That type of blood loss results in much loss of oxygen to the brain resulting in brain damage. That type of damage sets one back mentally/emotionally for several years making Mark not of legal age or capable of legally signing anything. He ignored that information and proceeded with the settlement anyway.

For those of us waiting the hours began to wear on us. The Denver Post reporter, Howard Pancratz, finally tired of waiting and left. He too wondered about the whole procedure and the length of time it went on. Finally about five hours later Mark emerged from the room. The minute Mark got out he called me to let me know how things went. His first words were, "Well I settled, now they cannot put me in jail."

Shocked, I asked him where he ever got the idea that he was going to jail if he did not sign those settlement papers. Any legal advice he had been given had him absolutely convinced that would have been the case had he not signed those settlement papers.

The end of January this year the judge in this case (Click here to read that article) proposed that some of the most critical evidence in Mark's case, hours of interviews with the parents of Eric Harris, be sent to Washington, DC and sealed for 24 years!


I firmly believe the answer to that question came about a week later when the news came out that Solvay recently sold the rights to market Luvox in the US to Jazz Pharmaceuticals.(Click here to read that article)

Suddenly it became very advantageous monetarily for the evidence to be sealed while the profits began to roll once again with a new American market for Luvox.

The most popular antidepressant on the market now has "homicidal ideation" listed as a side effect. Homicidal ideation is not just homicide, but constant ruminating thoughts of killing and how to accomplish that. This warning, based on pre-marketing data - before the drug ever hit the market or was approved by the FDA, was kept from an unsuspecting patient base for many, many years. Last I checked that description would likely fall into what we might call "premeditated murder" by this company refusing to disclose this danger, would it not?

The first antidepressant Eric Harris was given was Zoloft. Within six weeks of taking the drug Eric reported he was having homicidal and suicidal thoughts. Clearly doctors suspected the antidepressant because they took him off the drug immediately. Eric reported feeling much better as a result. When you have a reaction to one of these drugs the chances of you reacting adversely to another is very great. Tragically, for Eric and all those affected by his actions at Columbine, he was placed on another antidepressant in this class of medications, Luvox. We all witnessed the aftermath of the drug-induced homicidal and suicidal thoughts that antidepressant produced for him.

We must ask, "How long do we as a society allow this situation of systematic murder to continue?" How long will we allow them to bury the evidence against them? Dylan's records were sealed almost immediately and kept hidden in this case. Now Eric's records as well may be kept hidden so that the secret murders and mayhem I have been forced to view daily for nearly two decades might continue.

Terrorists? Wars? Of what concern are these to me when our own homes, our own neighborhoods have been turned into war zones as a result of these drugs and much of what we are witnessing on the battlefront are a result of our soldiers being placed on the same drugs?


Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, Executive "

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