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Joe Di Stefano - Albarin Aloe - NonToxic Alternative Therapies

"Who benefits from FDA "protection"?

Most people don't realize how politically influenced the FDA is. Several former FDA officials who now work as consultants for private industry explained this to me. The FDA receives a lot of "complaints" about various products it regulates. When I was first told this, I said, "Do you mean a lot of consumers complain to the FDA?" The answer is no. The FDA defines "complaints" as when a commercial company contacts the FDA and asks them to investigate the activities of a competitor. The purpose of these complaints is to cause problems for the competitor so that the "complaining" company can gain a tactical advantage in the marketplace. The FDA is happy to serve various pharmaceutical interests in this role due to the revolving door between the Agency and certain companies whose interests they protect.

The FDA claims to be a consumer protection agency. The truth is that industry uses the FDA to attack competitors. So when the FDA pretends to have the interests of consumers at heart, always look to who benefits from the FDA's actions. In most cases, it's giant drug companies, the blood banking industry, large food processors, etc. There is relatively little "consumer protection" provided to the American public by the FDA. The FDA aggressively protects the profit margins of industry (especially big drug companies), at the expense of the individual consumer.

Now here is where the story gets interesting. Who do you think "complained" to the FDA about Joe Di Stephano and Dr. Mayer's intravenous aloe therapy? It turns out that no cancer patient or their families ever complained. Joe Di Stefano and Dr. Mayer are loved and respected by their patients who found them by word-of-mouth. Unlike many alternative clinics attacked by the FDA, Joe Di Stefano and Dr. Mayer were not advertising and not making curative health claims. Remember, to find out what motivates the FDA to act, you have to look at whose economic interests were being impacted. It turns out that more and more cancer patients were choosing this nontoxic alternative therapy instead of chemotherapy. So the oncologists in the area got together to "complain" to the FDA about Joe Di Stefano and Dr. Mayer selling an unapproved cancer drug (aloe extract).

Realizing that these conventional oncologists are part of the monolithic "cancer industry," the FDA acted with lightning speed to shut down this competitive threat. After all, if the effects of this aloe extract became widely known, it could inhibit sales of highly profitable chemotherapy drugs.

The FDA has historically functioned to protect the profits of the politically well connected. Small companies who discover novel approaches to treat disease seldom survive the FDA's delays in approving paperwork or Gestapo-like raids as were instigated against Joe Di Stefano, et al."

"What the FDA says

The FDA is attempting to label Albarin as a "dangerous, unapproved drug" and would have people believe that Joe Di Stefano and others involved with it were "ripping people off." Joe Di Stefano claims they were bending over backwards to comply with the FDA's drug approval process when the raid occurred. If Joe Di Stefano's group had been a large pharmaceutical company, the FDA would have made an inquiry about what was going on instead of conducting an armed raid.

The FDA is threatening to bring criminal charges against Joe Di Stephano and others for selling an "unapproved drug." Based on how the FDA traditionally prosecutes a criminal case, they will seek to block all evidence and testimony showing that the unapproved therapy may be effective. Instead, they will make their case to the jury that it is illegal to sell an unapproved drug. FDA enforcement personnel have stated that they don't care whether Albarin was saving people's lives or not. They say their job is to enforce the law, not determine efficacy.
The Judge sealed the documents relating to the execution of this search warrant and all the patients' records remain with the FDA. This prevents us from conducting a complete independent evaluation of this situation. However, the medical records that we have reviewed lends weight to the many testimonials from actual cancer patients about the benefits they were obtaining from Albarin.

How effective is this aloe extract?
We could present an array of evidence that would indicate that Joe Di Stephano's aloe extract (Albarin) is a valid cancer therapy, but we are going to wait until we can get ahold of the actual patient records (now being held by the FDA). We don't want to raise any false hopes. The handful of medical records we've seen seem to confirm the numerous verbal testimonies we've heard regarding Albarin's effectiveness. Although the FDA has made a more complete evaluation impossible until some time in the future, we still emphasize the need to contribute to Joe DiStefano's legal fund and to do everything possible to help these cancer victims get their Albarin back!
It is important to point out that studies published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature"

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