Saturday, August 20, 2011

NIH AIDS information

I am going to prep this blogpost to say I am relying on my notes of Dr. Anthony S. Fauci's talk in Hamilton, MT on August 11, 2011--nearly two weeks ago.

In the World---statistics

65 Million infected with HIV.
1.8 M deaths from HIV/AIDS in 2009

from UN/AIDS:
30 Million total dead from HIV/AIDS from approx. 1981.

50 million annually infected HIV/AIDS
$45 Billion spent on research
6.6 Million people on Anti-Retroviral medication ARM (worldwide)
[Note: program for African treatment--US paid started under President GW Bush].

Genetic/Race considerations:
8 x higher rate of HIV/AIDS in African American population

1.) "Mechanical" cure of male circumcision more effective (68%) than ARM medication.
2.) life expectancy on HIV/AIDS medication is now not any shorter than "normal" life without HIV/AIDS.

Again, a recapture of notes taken from Dr. Fauci's Hamilton talk

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