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Michael J. De Paoli - New York Corruption - "To: State of New York Grievance Committee

"To:  State of New York Grievance Committee August 5, 2011
10th Judicial District
150 Motor Parkway - Suite 102
Hauppauge, NY 11788
From: Mr. Michael J. De Paoli, Complainant
PO Box 511
Centereach, NY 11720 Cell Phone: (631)561-1696
Re: 1. Stephanie Judd, Attorney ( Lic Reg #2143683 )
3505 Veterans Memorial Hwy.,Suite S, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779     
Tel.(631)981-9110 Fax (631)981-9004
2. Andrew Wolk, Attorney  ( Lic Reg #1639152 )
3900 Veterans Memorial Hwy., Suite #120, Bohemia, NY 11716
Tel.(631)585-3600 Fax (631)588-7175  
Subject: Complaint Against  1. Stephanie Judd, Attorney ( Lic Reg #2143683 )
& Complaint Against  2. Andrew Wolk, Attorney  ( Lic Reg #1639152 )
I am writing to you to file a formal complaint against Stephanie Judd, Attorney ( Lic Reg #2143683 ) and Andrew Wolk, Attorney  ( Lic Reg #1639152 ) for conspiracy to defraud, accomplices to fraud, ethics, morals and fiduciary responsibility violations, negligence, incompetence, attorney and client privilege misuse and abuse, mismanagement, filing false instruments, libel, slander, professional malpractice plus other federal and state misdemeanors and felonies applicable to my interactions with them during a Divorce proceeding in DePaoli vs DePaoli started in October 2009 in the NYS Supreme Court.
Attached is a copy of my filing with the U.S. Justice Department with copies and request to New York State’s Governor Cuomo and State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to also conduct a full and thorough investigation of Stephanie Judd, Atty and Andrew Wok, Atty.
I ask that you consider this correspondence seriously and take the necessary steps of action to expedite a full and comprehensive investigation of my charges against these two attorneys ASAP. I also ask that you please forward copies of this correspondence to other appropriate federal, state and local jurisdictional agencies / authorities  not only for my purposes but moreover for the ultimate benefit to aid and protect the public and the consumer alike from such fraudulent, unethical and immoral ongoing activities and abuses of trust among the legal profession.
Respectfully yours,
Mr. Michael J. De Paoli, Complainant
CP (631)561-1696
Att:   U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE August 5, 2011
950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20530
From: Mr. Michael J. De Paoli, Complainant 
Sr.Citizen, Vietnam Veteran
PO Box 511
Centereach, NY 11720
Cell Phone: (631)561-1696 Email:   
Subject:  “ Filing Federal Charges / Criminal Complaint “
I am writing to you to file federal charges against my spouse, Emilia J. De Paoli and her attorney, Stephanie Judd, of Judd & Moss PC,  for filing false instruments, committing perjury and other acts that may constitute fraud, robbery, burglary, assault, conspiracy, and other acts and misdemeanors associated with Defrauding one Michael J. De Paoli from his personal assets, belongings, house, possessions, estate and that of his heirs and yet other acts that evolve around senior abuse, gender, sex, age and ethnic abuse and others that may be arbitrarily and capricious acts taken against individuals with disabilities and impairments which have caused him great physical, psychological and long term irreparable harm of pain and suffering and other misfortunes all due to her/their premeditated actions taken prior to and during their intentional acts of filing Deforce Action Proceedings presently in the Supreme Court of Suffolk County with the Hon. John J. Bivona presiding under INDEX NO. 36305-09
For Informational & Reference Purposes:
Re:  DePaoli v. DePaoli INDEX NO. 36305-09
Accused: Emilia J. De Paoli
85 Fawn Lane East
South Setauket, NY 11720
Accomplices: Att: Stephanie Judd, Atty
Judd & Moss PC
3505 Veterans Memorial Highway
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-7613
Additional Accomplices/Individuals-Others/Organizations/Entities Involved and which may have aided and abetted in the Defrauding and the Abusing of Michael J. De Paoli are:
  1. Hon. Carol Mac Kenzie, NYS Supreme Court Justice - Cohalan Court Complex CI NY
  2. Hon. John C. Bivona, NYS Supreme Court Justice - Cohalan Court Complex CI NY
  3. Andrew Wolk, Attorney  3900 Veterans Memorial Hwy. Suite #120 Bohemia, NY 11716
  1. Louis England, Attorney - 2556 Middle Country Road, Centereach, NY 11720
  2. Other Agencies / Entities: New York State; Suffolk County; Federal Government
Although this may appear as a Civil Court Proceeding and a civil matter it takes on a criminality with the premeditations and current actions of Defrauding and Conspiracy to Defraud Michael J. De Paoli, his estate and his heirs when the actions of Emilia J. DePaoli, her attorney and others are associated with lying, deception, deceit and filing false instruments that result in actions, words and deeds that can be associated with fraud, robbery, burglary, assault and other such violations of law and therefore should be taken up / addressed by your agency with the same policies, procedures, resources and other details that would be used and treated in regular criminal cases that may involve both similar types of crimes.
Your assistance as the District Attorney of Suffolk County in processing this criminal complaint with the thoroughness and professionalism that it deserves is most appreciated and hopefully will serve to avoid or prevent me from bringing this complaint to other county, state or federal agencies if it is necessary to do so. I would rather stay within your jurisdictional boundaries because I believe your internet quotation presented by The English Novelist John Galsworthy that: “ The law is a majestic edifice, sheltering and protecting all of us, with each stone resting on another is more than just a phrase but a vision of moral and ethical beliefs that must be continued and supported in today’s criminal justice system. So, I look forward to your actions in this matter or your assistance in forwarding this complaint to the appropriate legal entities that will handle a complaint of this nature.
Respectfully yours,
Mr. Michael J. De Paoli, Complainant
Sr. Citizen, Vietnam Veteran - CP 631-561-1696
Items of Consideration:
Criminal Law / Criminal Justice System
Federal, State Violations
Filing False Instruments
Conspiracy to Defraud
Political Kickbacks/Awards/Special Treatments/Assignments/Remunerations in/of Like Kind/Favoritism/ Bias/ Prejudice/Violations of Oaths of Office and/or Fiduciary Responsibilities and Licensing Obligations/Requirements etc.,  etc.
Scheming to Defraud
Accomplice to a Crime
Grand Jury Investigations / Filings
Court Proceedings
Contempt of Court
Ethics/Morals Violations
Oath of Office/Fiduciary Responsibilities
Sr / Elder Abuse
ADA Violations
Violations of Constitutional & Civil Rights
Discrimination-age,race,gender,handicap et-al
Crime Victims Rights
Other Federal & State Violations, Misdemeanors, Felonies
Federal & State Income Tax Evasion
Note: By copies of this correspondence to the individuals listed below, I am requesting that they and their respective agencies take appropriate actions in this matter ASAP.
cc: Att: Andrew Cuomo, New York State Governor
The State Capitol - Executive Chamber
Albany, NY 12224
Tel.(518)474-8390 Fax(518)474-1513
cc: NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman
The State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

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