Sunday, August 7, 2011

Federal Environmental Laws - Hamilton Montana - Montana NIH Lab

"Hamilton, Montana

NIH in Montana
Scientific Misconduct/fraud at RML reflecting poorly on NIH

In May 2009, The NIAID Biolevel 4 facility in Montana went fully operational. It is protected with 29 Volunteer firemen, who are not trained in specialty labs like Firestation 51 at NIH Headquarters, Bethesda MD.

The question is, would you come to work if you were not safe from hazards, accidents?

Would you be thinking of transferring to a new facility to do your research?

Why would NIH Research facility services blow off emergency services/safety in Montana?

The following blogs shaped how the NIH facility did business in Montana. Why are we in danger here (and some of your colleagues)?
More importantly, are you too afraid to speak up against safety/health issues at NIH?

NIH in Montana made attempts to violate Federal Environmental Laws, see 1st blog below. Are Montana citizens more expendable than those who live in Maryland? Who at NIH makes these decisions? "

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