Monday, December 12, 2022

Jefferson County Port Townsend Washington Prosecuting Attorney James Kennedy MOCKS Judge Mindy Walker and Flat Out Admits to DEFYING an Official Judicial Court Order.

If it is oK for the Port Townsend City Attorney, Port Townsend Police, Prosecutor Melissa Pleimann, Prosecuting Attorney James Kennedy and then prosecuting attorney Julie St. Marie to DEFY a Court Order then why bother having a court at all? Why bother having a Judge if the Judges order can be flat out IGNORED by the City Officials with no remorse or accountability?

Proof that Prosecutor James Kennedy knew the Court Ordered that MOSES be returned to Michael Allmain and they deliberately willfully maliciously defied this court order to please the lynch mob that went after Michael Allmain for years.

Prosecuting Attorney James Kennedy KNEW and admitted that the Court Ordered Moses be returned in March of 2021, yet CVAR defied the court order and charged Michael Allmain for those CVAR service too. Sued him and won $28,000 Judgment and got his dog.  

Kennedy eMail regarding his knowledge of the Court Order to return Michael Allmain's property and Mocking a Jefferson County Judge, Seen Below.

“until 3/12/21 based on when the court order that the dog be released back to Mr. Allmain (still unbelievable)”

That is Prosecuting Attorney Kennedy ADMITTING that the Court Ordered that Mr. Allmain’s dog was released back to him, yet it NEVER happened. 

Click Below to Read FOI eMail

They ALL Knowingly Maliciously DEFIED a court order to return Michael Allmains personal property. I filed criminal charges, bar complaints, a complaint against the judge, complaints against CVAR, vet complaints, and charges against one of the deputies, I went unheard. Because in Jefferson County Washington it is MOB RULE. And they choose who gets the benefit of the laws to protect and who does not. They selectively prosecute who they don’t like for whatever reason of the day. 

 Jefferson County Washington Prosecuting Attorney James Kennedy used a Civil Proceeding to Get the VERDICT he wanted in a Criminal Case.  It is my Opinion that it is Flat out Illegal, a CRIME Port Townsend Courts, Trial, Fraud, Corruption, Lynch Mob setting up and prosecuting a local homeless man. 

Vigilante Style Justice Port Townsend Washington Corrupt Officials Flat Out Defies Judges Court Order and Mocks her for making the Official Judicial Ruling.

Corrupt, Lawless, Prosecuting Attorney James Kennedy

In this Post we see James Kennedy, Port Townsend, Jefferson County Washington Prosecuting Attorney, admitting to Judge Mindy Walker that he knows what CVAR was up to all along and they only have the lien case in Civil Court in case Michael Allmain was NOT charged in Criminal Court. This is Fraud on the Court, I Allege. This is Abuse of Process. Taking Justice into your Own Hands regardless of what the Judge Says. Abuse of Process, Fraud on the Courts. Theft of a Valuable Wolf Dog and Emotional Support Animal.

8-12-2021 Port Townsend Prosecutor James Kennedy Puts on the RECORD that, Center Valley Animal Rescue, CVAR Used the threat of a lien and then a declaratory judgment THEN an Actually Lien to ENSURE the JUSTICE they personally wanted in a Jefferson County Washington Criminal Case.

Watch the Video Court Transcript Below, as you hear Prosecutor James Kennedy Say “In Case this Criminal Case did NOT Result in a Conviction”.

I Allege this is a CRIME in an of Itself. To ME this is NOT OK, nor LEGAL.

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The Full Michael Allmain Case Chronology


Port Townsend James Kennedy Blog Expose by Reverend Crystal Cox

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