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Port Townsend City Councilwoman Libby Wennstrom Complicit in Attack on Amy Sousa's Press Conference, assault, civil rights violations on women at a Permitted Event in Port Townsend Washington.

 Regarding: Ethics Complaint Libby Wennstrom, Port Townsend City Council

Port Townsend City Council Member Targets Elder Woman, Bullies, Incites Violence. 

An Expose’, Ethics Complaint by Reverend Crystal Cox into how it came about that an entire community attacked elders, lesbians, minorities in the streets of Port Townsend, and covered up the events that took place. This public records information is in regard to councilwoman Libby Wennstrom. 

Councilwoman Wennstrom had her own “crew” at Amy Sousa’s Press Conference. The “he” she is referring to below is Port Townsend City Manager John Mauro. 

Councilwoman Wennstrom admits that the Port Townsend Police deliberately “blew this off for 10 days” and was not prepared. Libby admits her “crew” was ready. Councilwoman Libby Wennstrom had a concealed carry, gunshot trauma packs and body armor that night. Though she told members of the public in private messages that she had received no threats. 

Background and Public Records

On July 27th, 2022, Julie Jaman, an 80 year old, 40 year Port Townsend resident, and Elder in our community, had been swimming at the local YMCA. The YMCA is on city property and is under contract to manage the property independently of the city of Port Townsend. 

For me there is nothing an 80 year old woman could EVER say that would make me incite violence upon her, protest her, hurt her, try and deny her right to be heard. 

Throughout time, generations have clashed. Elder women have yelled at me for the clothes I wear, using too much salt, the music I listen to, who I hang out with, giving them the wrong pastry when waitressing, being a lesbian and so much more over decades. So what. I may have made a comment, or expressed my view, but I would never have incited a hateful campaign against the elder. To me the YMCA issue was easy, with compassion, strong leadership, love, and true equality with no agenda, politics, prior opinions or prejudices, the matter would have been solved quickly and quietly. All management had to do was apply common sense and the golden rule, instead personal prejudices literally created an international incident. The city of Port Townsend should not have been involved in YMCA policy in any way, as per their operating agreement contract.

Keep in mind, city manager John Mauro knew that Libby was a bully, as just the day before he had emailed mayor David Faber about Libby bullying city staff. Click below to read the email I am referring to.

Source Email 

August 2, 2022, Julie Jaman was exercising her First Amendment rights, and held a small sign with a couple of other community Elders, in front of the YMCA, for a couple of hours. Councilwoman Wennstrom, who took an oath to uphold our constitutional rights, put out a call to action for those in the community to come to the YMCA to protest and bully Julie Jaman, get in the way of Free Speech rights, and incite hate against this long time Elder in our community. Libby called Julie a trans-hater, of which she was not. The YMCA was thus not a safe place for everyone, and certainly not standing for all.

Julie Jaman had a right to Equality, no matter her views, opinions, beliefs or personal choices.
Not only did councilwoman Wennstrom put out this call to the community, she, as a public servant, went to city property, a nonprofit that the city was under contract with and protested Julie Jaman’s rights in person. Libby incited hate in our community, and divided community members and seriously divided the LGBTQ community. 

Julie Jaman went to city council August 1, 2022 and expressed her concerns, as a citizen of our community. Libby Wennstrom called it a “shit show”. Libby incited hate and violence in the community and flat out lied to the public, misleading them about what Julie actually said. This hatred began to grow in Port Townsend and beyond and would later lead to real world violence, civil and constitutional rights violations, human rights violations and hate crimes against those of us who went to speak at the August 15, 2022 council meeting as was our due process right. Libby Wennstrom’s “crew” and community members she helped incite, blocked us out of the council meeting, physically. Denying our right to due process, and our voice. Libby called those who came to participate in a city council meeting, bigots.

August 9, 2022, Libby Wennstrom claims that the Port Townsend Leader did not write an article on the YMCA issue so they would not give Julie Jaman a platform. 

Libby Wennstrom incited hate against community member Jim Scarantino who broke the YMCA story to the world. Her hate for him translated directly into violence to all of us at Amy Sousa’s Press Conference no matter our political, personal or religious affiliations. I had not met Amy nor Jim until that night. 

Libby misled the public claiming that the City proclamation had nothing to do with the YMCA banning Julie Jaman. If that is true then why not wait or why was it not done earlier? It was obviously a direct result of Julie being banned, and served to fire up the entire community. Libby Wennstrom was part of this violence inciting.

YMCA manager Rowen DeLuna is upset that the police are not helping enough. The YMCA manager in the conversations yet nothing to do with the “Y”?

Public servant, councilwoman Wennstrom lets the public know she is sick of this shit.  Even though without her incitement, prejudice and hate, it would have all blown over within days.

Libby Wennstrom admits she is not getting threats, yet misleads the public as to all those threats that are coming in. This in turn worked up a rageful public leading to our assault days later.

In a Facebook Message on August 12, 2022 between Alden Rohrer and Mayor David Faber, we learn that Libby Wennstrom wore body armor with a concealed carry to the August 15th 2022 city council meeting. Faber declined to wear one, claiming he had talked it over with a friend and decided it was not a good idea. 

August 14, 2022

The night before Amy Sousa’s Press Conference, Libby was organizing her protest shirt, hate campaign and discussing a “proxy war” with local resident Julia Cochrane in public record messages. They discussed it is not local but national. Libby is a representative of us, here locally. Libby is under oath to NOT violate our rights and treat us equally. Yet Libby engaged in a national “proxy war” against us, that resulted in us women, elders, lesbians who live here, having our rights violated. We were threatened that worse would happen next time, by people such as Libby’s friend Donn Christianson.  I have a local non-profit church, that night I had a business license in the city of Port Townsend for my church. I have lived here for 11 years. Yet Libby Wennstrom made this a “national” issue, a “proxy” war. Yes, a few speakers came into town. However the event was put on by local women, and many of us locals spoke and attended this permitted press conference. 

August 15, 2022

Councilwoman Libby Wennstrom has “multiple gunshot trauma wound packs”. Prepped for a “proxy war” against women, lesbians, elders of Port Townsend. 

Libby Wennstrom arrived at the City Council meeting early to Get the City Manager off her back. 

Libby admits that the Port Townsend Police, though they had prior knowledge of an Antifa Call to Action, and threats against us, were NOT “PREPPED”. 

However, Libby’s “team”, Libby’s “crew” were ready. They had radios, communication set up, medics, and overwatch. Libby herself had on “Body Armor” and had a concealed weapon. 

On this one I agree with Libby. The Port Townsend Police did NOT prepare properly and could not even be bothered to put even a couple of links of fencing to separate the groups. Chief Olson had prior knowledge and getting fencing and police standing between groups should have been easy. However Olson hated us, prejudiced us prior and lied about our assault, gaslighted us after. The police that obeyed Chief Olson and NOT their constitutional oath were also not “prepped”. A local councilwoman, under oath of office was prepped for a bloody war against us, local women, lesbians, elders. A “war” she was a big part of inciting.

Mayor David Faber communicates with “team” “crew” that Libby Wennstrom refers to. Message from Alden Rohrer to Mayor Faber. The City Council, I Allege, was acting directly with those who assaulted us, violated our rights to Free Speech, peaceful assembly, due process and violated our civil and human rights.  Mayor Faber knew that Libby’s “crew” was there in the crowd that was violating our rights, coordinating a sabotage on our event, and directly involved in bullying, intimidation, harassment, and assault on us. Below is from public record message FABER-Rohrer

Councilwoman Wennstrom says she knows her “team” is busy outside, and so she chose to not go out, as then it would be all about her, and her team would have to divert from assaulting us to protect her, from what I have no idea. The “bad guys” were obvious. 

Libby has a discussion about the City Attorney and Concealed Carry laws, this message sent during the August 15, 2022 Monday night city council meeting. While our councilwoman is discussing these matters, we are just outside being pummeled by her “crew”. Our rights are being violated at her inciting and direction. 

Libby Wennstrom messaged community member Sherry NeSmith during the council meeting. 

Sherry NeSmith, a local Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Registered Nurse in Washington State, saw the attack on our rights, intimidation, harassment and threat; the shut down of women’s voices at a permitted event, as “peaceful” and a “great” crowd”. Beau Ohlgren brought 8 under age (teens) to the meeting, yet they knew there would be violence. Later they would “worry” the teens would be identified.  The multiple Felony assault arrest(S) were not for “shoving”. Libby Wennstrom flat out lied and continued to gaslight us and belittle our physical and emotional trauma, our flat out assault incited by our own local government at every branch, along with major nonprofits, churches, hospital commissioners and school counselors. 

Libby knew we were blocked out of the city council. Libby said we would leave whenever we were done talking about whatever we came to talk about. Complete disregard for our rights. Council member’s word in this video. 

August 16, 2022

Libby Wennstrom began bullying event participant Rachelle Burt. Rachelle is a long time Jefferson County resident and part of the Port Townsend Community. Rachelle used to be friends with Libby Wennstrom. Libby began publicly and privately gaslighting Rachelle and misleading the public as to the events the night before at Amy Sousa’s press conference.

I witnessed Rachelle Burt’s assault by local resident Bjorn Maclochlainn. Bjorn violently knocked Rachelle to the ground, then charged her while on the ground. Men at the speaking event stood over Rachelle so that Bjorn could not further hurt her.  This was after Bjorn hit many with a flag pole, screamed at us, threatened us, violently slammed into many elder women and was horribly cruel to older women throughout our speaking event. Bjorn is the beefy tattooed guy you see in the video footage. There is footage of Rachelle Burt going to the ground, yet Libby Wennstrom flat out lied to the public that Rachelle was not assaulted, made it all up, was nowhere near the assault and staged the entire event.   

Libby clearly had prior prejudices against community members Scarantino and Rachelle Burt and this prejudice and targeted hate campaign led to direct assault and violation of rights of all of us at the event, and long after. Libby Wennstrom has divided our community in irreparable ways. All because of personal history, bias, prejudice and discrimination. Libby misled the public, flat out lying that there was clear footage showing Rachelle was not assaulted.

City Manager John Mauro gets it into his head that Councilwoman Libby Wennstrom has “hired private security”

Mauro is said to be Passive Aggressive and Libby set up a “formal” meeting between her security team “crew” and the Port Townsend Police on 8/8/2022. 

Now we know who the people directing those coordinated assaults and violations of rights on us were. They were incited by, directed by City Council member Libby Wennstrom. 

I have a video clip of the man with the radio telling our attackers where to stand and what to do.  In my footage I call him security guard guy. He also works with Salish Sea Rescue. 

Also I witnessed the coordinated attack in person. 

I allege that Salish Rescue instructor Erik Wennstrom, Libby’s husband or now ex, assisted Libby to get her local “crew” “team” directly involved in a violation of our constitutional rights, of which she took an oath to uphold. There are several videos showing the “crew” coordinating those disrupting our event, those assaulting us and violating our civil and human rights. 

No wonder Libby Wennstrom publicly Gaslighted us claiming that those bad things did not really happen to us. Because how horrific if they really did happen and were instigated by the city of Port Townsend itself. 

In the message below, Libby claims that City Manager John Mauro gaslighted her because she was upset she must have “imagined it”. Yet that is exactly what she did to us, the victims of her “crew”.

Libby is so full of her own self importance, that if she went outside, she would be a target and her “crew” “team” attacking and intimidating us, would have to “divert” and protect her. Protect her from who? US? Our group was 99% over 50, most over 70 and 80. We were attacked, and she is so arrogant that it is all about her safety. Had she went out, no one would have recognized her from our event. I had no idea who she was until after our assault. I knew Ben Thomas as he had introduced himself to me a couple hours prior. But to Libby it’s all about her imagined victimhood, her being harmed by 80 year olds in the street. 

Councilwoman Libby Wennstrom’s “Crew” had a formal meeting with the Port Townsend Police on August 8, 2022. We were up against a violent mob, antifa, angry PRIDE members, plus a security team Libby Wennstrom got involved, and a local Police force that stood by and watched our assault, and gave police escort to selective individuals and groups. They all prejudiced us and incited, enabled and put upon us extreme hatred, bullying, and long term intimidation in the community we live in. And they did this, not as private individuals, but as public officials who took an oath to uphold our constitutional rights. 

City Official gaslighting victims, claims it was somehow misleading that “angry white men attempted to silence black feminist”. That is exactly what happened and worse, yet Libby, as a publicly trusted official, under her oath of office misled the public as to what we experienced and what actually happened that night.

Councilwoman Libby Wennstrom should have remained neutral and represented us all, the entire community equally, instead she constantly targeted Julie, Amy and all of us who attended Amy Sousa’s press conference August 15, 2022. 

Libby Wennstrom let the public know that she loved this comment so much, she closed her eyes and listened to it read at the city council meeting. This basically says it does not matter if you were raped or molested, your trauma does not give you the right to consent, privacy, valid intuition, or boundaries

August 17, 2022

City Official Condones Criminal Act, finds it “Mildly Hilarious” 

Libby Wennstrom finds the sabotaging of our equipment, our event and the violation of our constitutional rights “mildly hilarious”. I am sure she would not feel the same about this happening at one of her theater or campaign events, or any other permitted event in Port Townsend. 

Libby admits to knowing that Jennifer Thomas’s shoe was ripped off, stolen. Yet later would publicly gaslight us, as to these events simply not happening. 

Councilman Ben Thomas is a fan of “letting” us speak so we can “show our ass”. These council members took an oath to uphold our constitutional rights, which include our First Amendment rights, our right to peaceful assembly and to not be assaulted, our right to equal protection under the law and equal access to our city council meetings. We have a right to give our public statement, whether it agrees with the politics, prejudice and opinion of the City Council or not. Our truth is our “ass” it seems like. For me, I believe all of us have a right to speak, and not be bullied, threatened, shut down, screamed at, hit, and threatened to do worse next time, as Donn Christianson, one mob member publicly threatened. 

Ben Thomas is unhappy about how a “handful” of trans supporters behaved. That is how people get killed. Yes, Ben seems to be saying that it is people like that that give trans identifying individuals a “bad name” and gets “them” hurt. Thing is for me, being targeted, bullied, hit, shoved, screamed at, intimidated and threatened by at least 50 of them, as the other hundreds pushed in to assist, well that was not a “handful” of bad behavior. Instead it was a massive mob that represented all sectors of our community.  It was the direct result of City council member Libby Wennstrom launching a hate campaign from day one of the YMCA incident, it was city manager John Mauro creating unnecessary fear and hate against Julie Jaman within 24 hours of the incident, with no investigation in to the matter as to what was true and what was not. It was also the prejudice and hate inciting against Julie Jaman and any of us who spoke up for an elder in our community, by Mayor David Faber. 

The “trans” community per se, was NOT who assaulted us, violated our rights. It was the City itself, the hospital commissioners, counselors, Quimper Fellowship, local nonprofits such as the Dove House and Centrum, the county commissioners, they all prejudiced us and incited hate throughout the community. They decided who and what we are and they justified their bullying, hate, and violence incited against us, other community members. Those who physically assaulted us were straight men, gay men, the PRIDE community, Libby’s “crew” and Antifa. All incited, enabled, protected by the City of Port Townsend. Those who assaulted us and a police officer, Felony Assaults, hate crimes were represented by the Mayors law firm, favors pulled by Prosecutor Kennedy and NO FELONY Charges. No Victims Rights. Even though Mayor Faber assured the public before being Mayor that there would not even be the slight impropriety of a conflict of interest. (All this will be in my full chronology of events to be published at a later date, once I receive all public records)

Libby knew that items were ripped off of women’s bodies, later she and other city officials and police would gaslight us claiming none of that happened.

Libby Wennstrom knew that our property had been sabotaged and some stolen.

Yet with malicious intent and knowing it was not true, posted this on her Facebook. 

Even if it was simply a plug pulled. Libby is a city official condoning and laughing at the sabotaging of a permitted event in the city of Port Townsend, at other people’s pain and property damage. 

August 21, 2022

Libby Wennstrom admits to knowing that the YMCA issue is “not city business”. Yet she, city manager John Mauro and Mayor David Faber made it “city business” and incited hate against us in the community we live in. Libby seems to be implying that the proclamation had nothing to do with the “Y” incident. However, that is clearly not true, the timing is clear evidence to that. 

Isaac Urner, I presume Libby’s son, claims that the Port Townsend Police do not answer to the mayor or city government. So then who does the Port Townsend Police answer to? Who were the PTPD working for that night? Public records show PTPD gave police escort into the city council meeting for Beau Ohlgren’s group, and clearly protected a mob to keep us out of city council. The police were on a “security detail” as if we were the threat. We were not the threat. Amy nor Julie was never a threat. The PTPD stood and watched our constitutional rights violations, our assaults, bullying and intimidation. 

Libby’s son claims that the Police don’t answer to the city government. Well then who does PTPD answer to? Libby says the Y’s policies are not city business. Exactly yet the city of Port Townsend made it their business and incited a hate filled violent rights violating mob against fellow citizens, lesbians, elders, vulnerable women. 

Libby Wennstrom and “crew” got dozens of my Free Speech Facebook Groups and Pages shut down. They have no regard for my First Amendment rights. They reported me over and over, and FB, loving censorship, simply shut down my sites. The Libby Wennstrom “Crew” tried to do it on Twitter as well and failed there. Libby did not want proof online of her actual words. They reported me for reporting on their Actual Words. 

Libby Wennstrom TERFS Out Facebook Thread

After Amy Sousa’s Press Conference, Libby Wennstrom posted a hateful TERFS out photo on her Facebook page. It showed a large wave coming after a woman pinned to a cliff. We were all still traumatized, injured and suffering and the city official that was part of the violence incited upon us, posted a photo glad to run us out of town, and making fun of our pinning to a brick wall. Many community members followed her and posted it on their FB as well, further dividing the community and intimidating and bullying those of us who live here. 

Libby Wennstrom violated her constitutional oath, and incited hatred against Julie Jaman before, during and after our assault at Amy Sousa’s Press Conference. 

The City of Port Townsend Q and A about the YMCA banning Julie Jaman was cited by City Manager John Mauro as a “look to” for the city's position on our assault. Odd yes, but true. Mauro said this at a city council meeting after the assault. See video here

Libby Wennstrom claims that city’s use a Q and A as propaganda however PT did not and theirs is accurate.

None of us said nor believe that all trans people are predators. Libby Wennstrom lied about us all and incited hate in our community. She made up things said in order to incite more hate. Julie and Amy were both lifelong democrats. The Press Conference was made up of a very diverse group political and religious diversity. I did not go there to speak on anything political. Libby flat out lied about us and our intention, and our words. This further incited violence and divided community members. 

Here is a Link to the Full Facebook Post Thread 

Libby claimed that the YMCA issue had nothing to do with the city or the proclamation. Yet Libby spread misinformation that incited hate against Julie, Amy and others in our community. Libby lied about events that took place, lied about who said what and spread hate throughout our community.

Libby Wennstrom, as a city official, spread misinformation that we, or Amy or Julie somehow staged the events. Libby knew this was not true, as she had inside information and was part of our attack. Libby knowingly, with malicious intent lied to the public.

Libby claims that we somehow staged 400 people to “shove”. This is knowingly, maliciously misleading the public and incited further division and violence. Libby knew we did not stage the “shoving” as she was part of staging those who attacked us. 

Libby Wennstrom “kicked” off hate in our community. The Sept. 3 2022 event was for us to protest what the city did to us, what Libby did to us. We were the ones made to feel afraid in our community. Libby was a big part in setting off that hate filled mob, yet blames Amy Sousa.  

Libby Wennstrom incited hate and was directly involved in sabotaging, attacking our event, and she did so knowingly, willfully. Libby knew it was a violation of our rights to shut down our peaceful assembly, to harass us, intimidate us and attack us. As she posted this in regard to our Rally for Decency September 3, 2022 protesting against violence and against what the City did to us. This clearly shows that Libby knows the laws, and willfully violated our constitutional rights. 

Libby Wennstrom wants the Internet scrubbed of her Facebook thread with the “TERFS OUT” photo to intimidate and threaten us women who live here. I saved a PDF of the conversation and made a video with commentary. Libby and “crew” reported me in mass, however, rumble don’t play the censorship game so the video stayed up. 

Here is a link to the PDF of the Facebook thread Libby, a public official, did not want online, even though she put it online, as a “Public Figure”. 

Click Below to Read

Libby knew the truth of what happened, and knowing she was part of our attack, and her “crew” was directly involved in a coordinated attack to sabotage our event, shut us down, and violate our constitutional rights. Yet Libby Wennstrom, a city official, called us “domestic terrorists”. We did not hurt, intimidate, silence or bully anyone, Libby and her “crew” did.  Libby misled the public that we were engaging in extreme behavior, when we were peaceful and simply giving a statement connected to a city council meeting. Libby admits she incited extreme behavior. 

Councilwoman Libby Wennstrom affected our safety, put fear into us, intimidated us then misled the public that instead we were the bullies, bigots

We were lynched, harassed, hit, kicked, bullied and our rights shut down in part by Libby’s action and Libby’s “crew” was directly involved in our coordinated attack. Libby plays victim when she incited the violence in the first few days with her own hatred, prejudice of Julie Jaman and joining a protest against her, as a representative of the City of Port Townsend. 

Libby cost the city thousands upon thousands, not us. 

Libby told friends in private that she had no threats, then lied in a public comment response, as a city representative, that there were hundreds of threats. The city itself publicly standing with the YMCA with NO investigation, prejudicing and discriminating against Julie Jaman within the first 24 hours is what brought the calls to City Hall. The City brought them to itself and had no business in YMCA policy, by law, per a contract, an Operating Agreement. 

Source Email Click Below 

Libby Wennstrom criticizes member of the Public for participating in Public Process

In Port Townsend your comments are completely irrelevant. The city government has to act as if they are listening, as public comments are part of their legal process and government structure. However, they don’t listen, they gaslight, laugh and make fun of you later. They do not look into the facts of what you said or even consider your views. They simply listen, you may as well be talking to the wall. One such example is diligent, intelligent community member Steven Schumacher, he has brought a whole lot of information to city council through public comments. NONE of which was considered important. 

Here is Libby Wennstrom making fun of Steven Schumacher for standing up for us women who were victims that night. Steven called out what the city did to bully, intimidate and gaslight us. He called out the police in down playing our assault as a mosh pit. Steven stood up for our rights and Libby Wennstrom cruelly made fun of him, and proved the city council does not care what any member of the public says at public comments, they just listen as it is part of the public process, allegedly to factor in what the public wants. 

Here are Steven's public comments. Click below to watch. 

Yes City Officials were “actively complicit” and “negligent”

Keep in mind Steven was sticking up for our rights, as he spoke at the city council meeting. Steven spoke of the Port Townsend police’s handling of our attack, spoke of Chief Olson’s comments in the Port Townsend Leader and our mass gaslighting, and total disregard of our rights. Libby laughed it off. Clearly, because she was the main source of inciting a community wide hate campaign toward Julie Jaman and anyone that dared have an opinion on the issue that did not exactly match Libby’s. (complicit) (negligent)

The “narrative” is most definitely cemented.

March of 2023 Libby Wennstrom Gives Legal Advice 

Local community member Donn Christianson was one of the people in the 400 that attacked us that night. Donn went to my Facebook pages and groups and bullied me, stalked me, threatened me. Months had passed then in March of 2023, Donn came to my Facebook Pages again and threatened me again and told me I had no voice in the public square here. Donn claimed that he would do worse than what happened to us last time. I was and am afraid of Donn’s threats. So I emailed the Port Townsend Police and John Mauro (LGBTQ safety Laisons per city website). And I emailed city officials of my concerns for my safety, with proof. City councilwoman Libby Wennstrom forwarded this email to Donn, the very person I was seeking help regarding and gave legal advice to get an anti-harassment order against me. 

Further endangering me, a local vulnerable woman, a lesbian, with total disregard for victims rights, my safety, my endangerment. 

March 29, 2023 Public Record eMail

Click Below to Read email I sent to the city and the county asking for help, as a local woman, a lesbian for help from someone threatening me. Note this email thread included Libby, and Prosecutor James Kennedy. Because Libby Wennstrom and Ben Thomas were included in the email and Libby had advised Donn to get an anti-harassment order, though Donn was clearly the aggressor, Kennedy took this seriously and met with Donn to try and get charges against me. 

Below is the Public Record source for Messages Above.


A Port Townsend City Official endangered our lives, was complicit in our attack, acted with intentional malicious negligence, brought in guns and “crew” to harass and intimidate us, and seriously maliciously misled the public which led to real world violence and violation of our constitution, civil and human rights. Libby endangered us women before Amy Sousa’s Press Conference, at the permitted event, and long after. 

I have lived in Port Townsend for 11 years. I have never met Libby Wennstrom. Libby Wennstrom does not govern with equality, civil and human rights for all. Libby violated her oath to treat members of the community equality and her oath to uphold the constitution. I allege that Libby Wennstrom violated this oath, her duties as a city official and acted with criminal negligence that incited a riot, brought in guns and people to violate our rights and should be held accountable.  Libby Wennstrom creates and upholds public policy through a lens of politics, personal opinions and prejudices. 

Libby Wennstrom has also clearly violated the city policy of not using any means of communication with the public other than email. 

My wish is that public officials hold Libby Wennstrom accountable for her actions within accordance to city council policies, the laws of Washington State and our Federal 

Constitutional Rights. 

/s/ Reverend Crystal Cox, Pro Se

Port Townsend, Washington

Date: September 6, 2023

Written Upon the Knowledge, Research and Belief

of Reverend Crystal Cox, Pro Se

Bringing Back Goddess Church

“a Public Benefit nonprofit corporation” 

Est. in Jefferson County, WA 2014