Friday, October 7, 2022

More FOI from the Michael Allman Case. Today we See an Email from November 29th, 2021 whereby Port Townsend City Attorney Heidi Greenwood eMails Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Ashcraft

 And Notifies him of the Crimes Committed in the Allmain Case. She forwarded my eMail with the Chronology of Events showing what a Local Non-Profit and members of the Jefferson County Government and Law Enforcement Really Did. 

Prosecutor Ashcraft says it is Fiction. If So then I Say, I should be Arrested for all manner of Fraud and Forgery. 

The Michael Allmain Case Chronology I compiled from FOI Emails, Personal Experience and Testimony, Court Transcripts, Court Filings, News Outlets, and more, has Real Crimes Throughout. 

We see from the beginning Deputies lying to Michael Allmain, false impound notice, tons of calls from the public to harass Michael, not following law or protocol, we see Officer Wendy Davis setting up Michael Allmain, we see members of the public stalking and harassing Michael, we see prosecuting attorney Julie St. Marie working with Sara Penhallegon of Center Valley Animal Rescue to steal a homeless man's dog (private property), premeditated. I have shown the premeditation through Facebook Threads.

We see City Attorney Heidi Greenwood, Prosecuting Attorney James Kennedy, Attorney Adam Karp, Sara Penhallegon of Center Valley Animal Rescue, and Officer Wendy Davis acknowledging that a Jefferson County Judge, Judge Mindy Walker ORDERED, via a Legal Document a Judicial Court Order to return Michael Allmain’s property to him (his dog Moses) and this bunch defied a court order.

Prosecuting Attorney Chris Ashcraft knew, and if not at the time then he knew through the email linked below forwarded to him by the City Attorney. It was all right there in my years worth of evidence he summed up in one sentence to City Attorney Heidi Greenwood. 

“Thanks. We knew this was out there. If people saw the pictures they would immediately see this is all fiction.”

Over a 100 pages of evidence of what Law Enforcement, his prosecuting attorneys, the public, and a local non-profit did and it's all cool cuz ya look at the pictures?  Which ones? The ones after a man had an accident with a dog? Or the chronic skin condition?

Prosecuting Attorney Chris Ashcraft did not even look at the Evidence. 

It was proven at trial that Michael Allmain’s dog Moses had a condition that was not able to be cured. It is all right there in the video and text trial transcript.

All the People, Government Agencies and Police involved spent years and well over a hundred thousand dollars, over 60k on legal expenses alone. They could have helped the Dog and kept the dog with his owner. They broke all kinds of laws and ethics violations. I emailed them all last November a Chronology of Events with a whole lot of proof that laws were broken at every level. 

They should have charged those involved, and cared about the laws and protocol violations, instead they simply discounted me. I am the Lady of The Untruth, and all that FOI, those emails, and documents of Evidence were “Fiction” says Chris Ashcraft Prosecuting Attorney Jefferson County Washington, all you have to do to know that those hundreds of pages of evidence are Fiction is look at the picture, presumably of the dog, but when?

Folks these guys are VERY corrupt, and ya it may be some dog, maybe you believe the dog needed to be taken and the man needed criminal charges and huge fines, however, it is clear from this chronology, these emails, the court transcripts, the long list of evidence that these guys got the prosecution they want through nefarious and illegal means, they DEFIED a Court Order and mocked the Judge for issuing it, and in no way did they get that dog or that prosecution by following the law, and it is clear they are above the law. This is How they Do it, and not just to “this guy”, whether you like or believe him or not.  They do it to Whoever they want for whatever reason they want. 

City Attorney Heidi Greenwood forwarded this email to Prosecuting Attorney Chris Ashcraft, he says that my Chronology is Fiction all you have to do is look at the pictures.  Yes, See I made up emails from Officers, I made up the impound Notice, and WOW I completely Forged a Judicial Order to Return Moses to Michael, All Fiction, if so I certainly should be in Jail. Right? I made up a Judge Order? I faked all those officer emails, prosecuting attorney emails? If all Fiction, Why Am I not in Jail Chris Ashcraft?  You may want to look into some criminal charges for me, maybe forgery or falsifying legal documents, emails and court orders. 

Yes photos of a Wolf Dog with a chronic skin condition.  A list with FOI evidence, trial transcripts, court orders NOT followed, and Jefferson County Prosecutor Ashcraft sums it all up with one word “Fiction”.

Anyway, Here is the eMail Response from Prosecuting Attorney Chris Ashcraft to Port Townsend City Attorney Heidi Greenwood regarding my Timeline Evidence of Crimes that Really Happened. 

They Do not CARE about the Law Folks.  To them it is all about their own Emotions, who they like, who they value, who is worth persecuting and prosecuting and who is worth turning the other way. The Michael Allmain Case Chronology is CLEAR, Laws were broken, if that’s all Good to ya, then you or someone you do care about is next.

Click Below to Read the “Fiction” email from Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Ashcraft.

To Read the Full Michael Allmain Case Chronology Click Below

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