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Jackson National Life Insurance, Heritage Union Life Insurance Company, Don Sanders; and the Case of Alleged Murder, No Insurance Policy and yet Nearly 2 Million PAID out; WITH NO POLICY, Arsenic in a Coroners Report and Massive Fraud

Pamela SIMON "Friendly" Carrier. Ya Know where you don't NEED a Policy and No Questions are asked and Heritage / Jackson turns over millions. WOW.

Does Jackson National Life Insurance ALLOW People to claim they have a Policy, produce No Policy or Contract, have an imaginary Trustee to the Non-Policy and turn over BIG BUCKS? Does Jackson National Life Insurance think it is ok, legal, ethical or is it a Jackson National Policy to murder someone then claim they had a life insurance Policy and WOW Jackson National turns over the money with NO POLICY, no investigation and seemingly no questions asked???

So who is it at Jackson National Life Insurance Company that is behind the Simon Bernstein Estate Case, LaSalle National Trust, Robert Spallina, Ted Bernstein Insurance Scandal?

Who is it at Jackson National Life Insurance Company that is protecting Ted Bernstein, Robert Spallina, Donald Tescher and other mystery players?

Why would Jackson National Life Insurance fund a life insurance policy that they cannot prove exists? I guess this means any one of you out there reading this can claim you have a policy at  Jackson National Life Insurance and they will simply put the money into a fund for you, Right?

Does Ted Bernstein, Insurance Guy, have something on Jackson National Life Insurance or one of their muckity mucks? Why would they turn their heads while Ted Bernstein, Robert Spallina and Donald Tescher pull a big ol' whammy on them?

Why did Judge Amy J. St. Eve let Tescher & Spallina out of the Jackson National Life Insurance scandal? Why did Jackson National simply fund the imaginary policy instead of make a stand for what is right, for the law and possibly SUE Tescher & Spallina for millions on top of millions for Fraud on the Court, fraudulent documents and insurance fraud.

I mean there sure seems to be plenty of evidence and surely Jackson National has the money and legal team to sue Tescher & Spallina and win, so why cut a check and run? What is the REAL ulterior motive or conflict of interest behind the scenes?

The only reason that makes sense to me is Jackson National knows they are liable for a whole lot more then the amount they paid and possibly even they themselves or Heritage Union was involved in the fraud itself or even the alleged murder.

Does Jackson National Care if their Policy Holder was murdered for an inheritance?

Surely Jackson National Life Insurance does not want you to get life insurance on your parents, spouse or others you know and then simply murder them to get the pay off.

Why would Jackson National Life Insurance fund the policy when perhaps if it was murder then they would not have to pay right? Unless the mystery MISSING policy specifically says, hey if ya murder your Dad, or the imaginary policy holder, we are still happy to PAY. Accidental Death or Murder, don't matter to US, we simply cut you a check.

What does Jackson National Life Insurance Company CEO and President Michael Andrew Wells, think of all this? What does CFO Andrew Boutwell Hopping think?

What in the world is James P. Binder, Chief Risk Officer Thinking?

How about COO James Ronald Sopha or board members Howard John Davies of Phoenix Group Holdings Plc or Paul Victor Falzon Sant Manduca of Prudential PLC or David L. Porteous of McCurdy Wotila & Porteous?

How did Heritage Union Life Insurance or Jackson National Life Insurance lose the contract, the policy or whatever paperwork was needed to PROVE that a policy actually existed and who the beneficiary was and to what amount.

I think all you reading this should throw your name into the proverbial hat as a successor to the trust, or a policy holder. See Jackson National Insurance Company does not care if you prove it, just say you are the rightful owner, stomp your feet, and they will say oh ok you are right there was a policy and contract though we can't find it, so here ya go. Oh wait, sorry we are giving the money on the imaginary policy to the court cuz we can't find the contract, then the court can give it to you or your sibling or whom ever. We don't care what the policy owner actually wanted or if there was a policy?

Jackson National Life Insurance brags "Go Paperless" that must be why they go Policy-Less

Eliot Bernstein Disclosure; Heritage Union Life Insurance; Jackson National Life Insurance

Why is Heritage Union Life Insurance Company / Jackson National really funding an invisible policy with so much PROVEN fraud and forgery?  Makes me want to call up Heritage Union Life Insurance Company and say hey I had a policy too.

I bet Jackson National Life Insurance Company ends up paying 10 times the amount they cut a check and ran from.

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Sheriff Report, Spallina

Palm Beach County Sheriff Office Supplemental Report

Heritage Claim Form, Spallina Fraud

Fraud on the Courts, Tescher Spallina and Ted Bernstein

Full Docket Illinois

"Jackson National Life Insurance Company (often referred to as simply Jackson) is a U.S. company that offers annuities for retail investors and fixed income products for institutional investors. Jackson subsidiaries and affiliates provide specialized asset management and retail brokerage services. Jackson is a subsidiary of the British insurer, Prudential plc, which acquired the company for $608 million in 1986. Prudential plc is not affiliated in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc., a company whose principal place of business is in the United States of America.

Founded in 1961, Jackson is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. The company and its affiliates also have offices in Denver, Colorado; Nashville, Tennessee; Santa Monica, California; Chicago, Illinois; Tampa, Florida; Appleton, Wisconsin; Purchase, New York; and Bismarck, North Dakota.

Jackson markets its products in 49 states and the District of Columbia through independent and regional broker-dealers, wirehouses, financial institutions and independent insurance agents. A subsidiary of Jackson, Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York, markets products similarly within the state of New York."


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Heritage Union Life Insurance Company is well aware of what is going on in the Simon Bernstein Case. So is Heritage Union part of the fraud? If not then why have they, themselves not joined in to SUE Tescher & Spallina and to cry out fraud on the courts, insurance fraud and possible murder?

Letter To Mark Sarlitto ~ Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Heritage Union Life Insurance Company / WiltonRe and Chris Stroup ~ Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer.

"From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 6:19 AM

To: Mark Sarlitto ~ Senior Vice President and General Counsel @ Heritage Union Life / WiltonRe (; Chris Stroup ~ Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer @ Heritage Union Life / WiltonRe (

Policy Number: 1009208 on the life of SIMON L. BERNSTEIN

Dear Mr. Stroup and Mr. Sarlitto @ Heritage Union Life / Wilton RE,

I am writing regarding the Life Insurance Policy on my father, Simon L. Bernstein (deceased), Policy No. 1009208.  It has come to my attention through a Federal Court case titled “Simon Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Trust Dtd 612111995, et. al. v. Heritage Union Life Insurance Company, et. al,” Case No.13 cv 3643 in the US District Court Northern District of Illinois that a claim was filed with Heritage by a one Robert Spallina, Esq. of the law firm Tescher & Spallina PA, acting as the Trustee for an alleged lost trust named “The Simon Bernstein 1995 Irrevocable Insurance Trust” claimed to be the Contingent Beneficiary, however no executed copies of the Trust exist as of this date.  

Further, Mr. Spallina represented that he has never seen nor been in possession of the lost trust, yet he filed a claim with Heritage Union acting as the Trustee of that lost trust he never saw or possessed.   

Further, from production documents in the Federal Case it was also learned that Spallina additionally represented himself to the carrier as the Trustee of the alleged Primary Beneficiary of the Policy, a one LaSalle National Trust, N.A., of which he also is not.  

The claim was DENIED due to the inability to show a proper beneficiary and produce a legal valid trust document as beneficiary.  

Legally, a valid executed trust instrument must be present at death for a trust to be paid any benefits and in the case of a lost beneficiary at death Florida law is clear that the benefit should be paid to the Estate of the insured.

Mr. Spallina and his partner Donald Tescher, Esq. have recently resigned as Personal Representatives/Executors, Trustees and Counsel to the Estate and Trusts of Simon Bernstein, after admittedly altering Trust documents in my parents Estates and Trusts to illegally change beneficiaries and whose Notary Public and Legal Assistant, a one Kimberly Moran has been arrested and convicted of Fraud and admitted to six counts of FORGERY of estate documents, including a POST MORTEM FORGERY of my deceased father’s name in efforts to alter the beneficiaries of my deceased mother’s estate.  

They also used my deceased father to act as Personal Representative/Executor after he was deceased and consummated a fraud on the Florida Probate Court under Judge Martin Colin

After the claim was rightfully denied by Heritage, certain of Simon’s children who were wholly disinherited in the Estate plan by both Simon and his deceased spouse Shirley, Theodore Stuart Bernstein and Pamela Simon, filed a Breach of Contract lawsuit against Heritage Union and in this action Theodore suddenly now claimed he was the Trustee of the lost trust and not Spallina.  

Theodore Bernstein it has been learned from a Palm Beach County Sheriff investigation report, attached herein, is alleged to have taken already improper distributions of assets in his alleged fiduciary capacities, AGAINST THE ADVICE OF COUNSEL.  

You will note that in Jackson National’s initial opposition to the lawsuit on behalf of Heritage, Jackson also claimed that Theodore had NO LEGAL STANDING to the file the lawsuit in the first place and was advised by counsel of such, which appears a correct legal analysis.

Due to these alleged FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES that took place in the filing of the life insurance claim, I have contacted the Jacksonville, IL Police department and spoke with Detective Scott Erthal who opened Case No. 2014000865.  

Detective Erthal then contacted me and told me he had spoken to Carol Ann Kindred at Heritage Union and that they would be conducting the initial FRAUD investigation internally.  

I was surprised when I got the attached letter from C.A. Kindred, which attempts to inform me that Heritage is not investigating the alleged FRAUDULENT claim filed with the company, most surprising is why she did not direct her letter to Detective Erthal and instead contacted me to inform me that Heritage was refusing to conduct an investigation.  

C.A. Kindred also stated that the Federal Court would be handling the Fraud issues and obviously Federal Courts do not conduct criminal investigations or insurance investigations. 

As you may know, life insurance carriers are legally required to attempt to find the true and proper beneficiary of an insurance contract upon death and in this instance no effort has been made to either contact LaSalle National Trust, N.A. to join the Federal lawsuit by the life insurance carrier or any other party and attempts are being made to pay an alleged contingent beneficiary (the lost trust, which is not listed with the carrier as the contingent beneficiary according to their records) without first paying the Primary Beneficiary, a truly bizarre case.

The Life Insurance contract has also not been produced and it appears Heritage and their Successors and their reinsurers have all lost the contract that the Breach of Contract lawsuit was filed on, making an almost surreal lawsuit where neither the alleged Plaintiff, the lost trust is legally nonexistent and the contract the breach is based upon also does not exist.  

In efforts to secure the contract I am asking that you check your files for Heritage and see if you can locate one.  It also has come to my attention that no one has notified the Primary Beneficiary or made any efforts to this date to make contact with them, LaSalle National Trust, N.A., which is now owned by:

Chicago Title Land Trust Company
10 South LaSalle Street, Suite 2750
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Tel:  312.223.2195

As hearings in the Federal Case are proceeding quickly, your prompt attention to these matters is required and please inform me of your work with the Jacksonville PD so that I may know if this matter has to be investigated by Federal Authorities at this time for the initial alleged Fraudulent claim made to Heritage Union that Heritage and its successors refuse to investigate internally.  

I have contacted your offices as it appears that the Heritage Union Life Insurance Company website was taken down and refers now to Wilton RE as the successor.  

Attorney for Jackson National Life in the Federal case, Alexander Marks, Esq. has told the Federal Court Judge, Amy St. Eve, that Heritage et al. while being discharged from the Federal lawsuit would be willing to help the parties in any way and this refusal to investigate is directly opposite this claim and if further problems stand in the way I will be forced to seek leave to have all parties reinstated in the Federal action instantly, including now Wilton RE.    

Finally, from reviewing the production materials in the lawsuit, it appears that certain carrier files may have been tampered with by an insider, who Plaintiffs have claimed was willing to pay an insurance claim without any proper beneficiary documentation and we are also looking to find who this party is.

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters and please feel free to contact me with any questions or further information.  Eliot

Eliot I. Bernstein"

Attached the Letter were These Two Documents

So Heritage Union Life Insurance Company is very aware of what is going on in this case. What will they do, if anything, is yet a mystery.

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Don Sanders, assistant VP - Jackson National Life Insurance, sure seems to think it is ok to NOT investigate fraud, possible murder, forged documents signed by the deceased, and all manner of illegal activity. No Problem, here is a check. See as Pam Simon says, we are a "friendly carrier".

Don Sanders, Manfield Texas Sworn Witness Affidavit, Speaking for Jackson National.

Who is the "Owner", the "insured"? Where is the Policy? How come there is a policy number and no policy? Paid on death? Even if there is no contract, no policy and there is murder alleged? WOW, talk about a "friendly carrier".

"Heritage has been dismissed". You bet but WHY? Sure is not right and sure does not mean that Heritage nor Jackson nor Wilton Re are liable in this case. The policy amount could have been for alot more, maybe the insider at Jackson helped Pam and Ted commit fraud on the courts and maybe even worse. There is alot more to this then simply paying the claim and putting money in the court's registry. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to investigate as to who the beneficiary is BEFORE they sign away millions.

Don Sanders says that no one at Jackson has interest in the outcome of this case, I ALLEGE that is flat our false and these conflicts will turn up soon.

"In June 1998, Capitol Bankers was acquired by Swiss Re Life & Health America, Inc." Swiss is where Chris Stroup now of Wilton Re, "held the position of chief executive officer. Prior to joining Swiss Re, Mr. Stroup was a partner at Ernst & Young LLP" Ernst & Young is part of the iViewit RICO claims and Patent Theft Case.

"In May of 2000, Capitol Bankers entered into a one hundred percent Coinsurance/ Administrative Reinsurance Agreement with Reassure America Life Insurance Company"

"In May 2000, one hundred percent of stock of the Capitol Bankers was sold to Annuity & Life Reassurance."

"In December of2000, Capitol Bankers changed its name to Annuity & Life Reassurance
America, Inc."

"In August 2005, Annuity & Life Reassurance America, Inc. was acquired by Wilton Re

WOW, round and round we go to the same people and place.

"In August 2008, Annuity & Life Reassurance America, Inc. changed its name to Heritage Union Life Insurance Company."

"In 2012, Jackson acquired and merged Reassure America Life Insurance Company into Jackson, and as a result, Jackson became administrator and reinsurer of the Policy."

"Since at least 2000, Jackson (and/or its predecessor Reassure America Life Insurance Company) has been in possession of the Policy records."

Really Don Sanders, are you Sure? If that's true then where is the POLICY, who is the policy owner, where are those records?

You have "personal knowledge" of the "record keeping" WOW, well then you must know where the RECORDS are?

"The Policy records do not contain an original or executed duplicate of the Policy, which 
was issued in 1982."

Oh, gee DARN there went the theory of we keep those records.

Oh that's ok, there is a "specimen policy". So another words folks, you can just have someone put a blank form in your file, one used in other policies and then say you are entitled to millions, maybe even murder the alleged policy holder and WOW Jackson National will write you a check, no questions asked, no internal investigation just DONE.

Don Sanders has NO IDEA what was in the original policy and is simply making this up based on a sample forms of what other policy holders had. Folks, that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and I believe it breaks the law, from the way I read it.

Does make for a good commercial though. People will now line up to buy a Jackson National / Wilton Re Insurance Policy

Folks you do know that Insurance Policy portfolios are VERY Big Business, perhaps the biggest next to bankruptcy courts. A "SAMPLE" policy paid to a Court Registry is NOT GOOD Enough Jackson National, not even a little bit.

"From my review of the records, on the date of issuance the sum insured (or death benefit)
of the Policy was $2 million."  Review of the records, REALLY? What records, who gets the money? What is going on here? This stuff is NOT legal it seems to me. You can't just generalize a policy and pay out to a mystery person, and especially with forged documents, SIGNED by the Policy Holder, after he had already died, and allegations of murder. WOW Jackson National really is a "friendly carrier" such as Pamela Simon of STP Enterprises, Inc.

Folks, come on, do you not have a sense of some fraud here? Do you not want an investigation to make sure this does not happen at Wilton Re / Jackson National again? Or do you want a run on policy holders that don't exist and writing 2 Million dollar checks?

"The Policy is a whole life, flexible premium, life insurance contract, which is a type of
policy that builds cash value as premium payments are made." WOW building since 1982 and only 2 million, I say Poppycock to that one. Then it goes down to 1.7 due to "Financial Activity from Issue", you know the mystery issue of no Policy, no Trust, no Trustee and all that ..

"55.  On or about June 5, 1992, a letter submitted on behalf of the Policy Owner informing the
Insurer that LaSalle National Trust was being appointed as successor trustee. On June
17, 1992, the Insurer acknowledged the change of ownership and designated the Policy
Owner on its records as LaSalle National Trust, N.A., as Successor Trustee. (Bates No.

56.   On or about November 27, 1995, Capitol Bankers received a "Request Letter" signed by 
LaSalle National Trust, N.A. in their capacity as Trustee, as Policy Owner, and the
Request Letter contained the following requested changes to the Policy:

(a) LaSalle National Trust, N.A. as Trustee was designated as the primary beneficiary of

(b) The Simon Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Tmst Dated June 21, 1995 was the Policy; and designated as the contingent beneficiary. AUS-5961160-1

57.   Though the name of the Trust on the Request Letter was set forth as stated in Par. 30(b) 
above, it was apparently abbreviated upon input into the Insurer's systems as Simon 
Bernstein Ins. Trust Dated 6/21/95. (Bates No.JCK000370, JCK000372, JCK000514,
JCK000554, 599, 601).

58.   As a matter of standard policy and procedures at Jackson and as set f011h in the Policy
itself, the designation of the Owner and Beneficiary is governed by the Request Letter or 
Direction of the Owner and not by how the name of the owner or beneficiary is input by 
employees into the Insurer's systems as part of policy administration. 

59. In my experience in operations, Insurers' systems require employees to abbreviate names
of owners and/or beneficiaries at times when the names contain too many characters for
the Insurer's systems capabilities.

60.   On November 27, 1995 Capitol Bankers sent correspondence to LaSalle National Trust 
N.A., as Successor Trustee acknowledging the changes in beneficiaries as referenced in
Par. 56 above.

61. In April of 1998, LaSalle National Trust, as successor Trustee submitted a change of 
owner which designated Simon Bernstein as the Owner of the Policy. (Bates No.

62. After reviewing Jackson's records on the Policy, I can confirm on behalf of Jackson that
on the date of death of Simon Bernstein, the Owner of the Policy was Simon Bernstein, 
the primary beneficiary was designated as LaSalle National Trust, N.A. as Successor
Trustee, and the Contingent Beneficiary was designated as Simon Bernstein Irrevocable 
Insurance Trust dated June 21, 1995. (Bates No. JCK000370).

63. Capitol Bankers Life Insurance Company acknowledged receipt of the "executed 
beneficiary change" in its correspondence to the Owner of the Policy dated November 27,
1995. (JCK000372).

64. According to Jackson's records, following the death of Simon Bernstein, Heritage or
Jackson received competing claims to the death benefit proceeds. Jackson or Heritage
received claims on behalf of the Simon Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Trust dated June
21, 1995 and a competing claim in the form of a letter from Eliot Bernstein either on his 
own behalf or on behalf of his children."

Source, Full Document and to Download

Also, I would say something is FISHY about number 57, so either Don Sanders is mistaken or part of the corruption and fraud, in my OPINION.

I think that the insurance company records reflect the contingent beneficiary to be “Simon Bernstein Trust, N.A.” and not as Don Sanders seems to have arbitrarily stated.

Though the name of the Trust on the Request Letter was set forth as stated in Par. 30(b)
above, it was apparently abbreviated upon input into the Insurer's systems as Simon
Bernstein Ins. Trust Dated 6/21/95. (Bates No.JCK000370, JCK000372, JCK000514,
JCK000554, 599, 601).:

maybe Mr. Don Sanders or the FRAUD investigators should look into that.

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