Monday, May 23, 2016

Port Townsend, Jefferson County Washington, Don't you CARE about your Drinking Water? Your Air Quality? Your Soil? Nestle was going to Bottle 1000 Gallons a Day, and they have been STOPPED. The Port Townsend Paper Mill USES, Pollutes, OVER 10 MILLION Gallons a Day of Fresh Pure Drinking Water, Spring Water, Creek Water. And you DO NOTHING to STOP Them. WHY?

Hood River County in Oregon Voted to BAN Nestle from bottling 1000 gallons of their fresh, clean, pure water a day. Yet the Port Townsend Paper Mill takes 11 MILLION gallons of fresh, clean, pure water a day and pollutes it then puts it in the Port Townsend Bay and the Locals DO NOTHING. They call it the Smell of Money.

Links to the Story

Hood River County Voters Approve Water Bottling Ban

Voters pass measure to keep Nestle out of Cascade Locks

Hood River County Voters Approve Water Bottling Ban

Port Townsend seems like such a progressive town. 

Yet they are NOT an example of New Economy, Clean Economy. Instead Port Townsend is an Example of a City Council and County Commissioners protecting the minority in favor of the profits of Big Corporations. 

Bottling the Water would be better than what Port Townsend Paper is doing. They are POISONING over 10 MILLION Gallons of Fresh, Clean, Spring Water a Day and they call it the Economy.

The City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County Washington PUT the interest and profit of BIG Corporations above the interest of Port Townsend, and of Washington State as well as other areas the water, air and soil affect.

Crown Paper is led by a group of high-level executives who formerly made up the corporate leadership of a global paper company called Smurfit-Stone and its successor company RockTenn.
Crown Paper Group and Crown Corrugated are NOT more important than Clean Fresh Water, Air and Soil. Yet Jefferson County Washington Makes them the MOST Important thing as the put PROFIT before People.

Port Townsend is said to be this cool, healthy, organic hippie place. However, the hippies and those who are into organics and clean air are NOT in CONTROL. Corporation MONEY and Greed is in control, and the people stand by and do NOTHING.

Jefferson County Washington could STOP this madness but they don't. Payoffs, Corruption, Big Money and more are important and your fresh water, clean air and clean soil is NOT.

Less then 300 People are Employed by Port Townsend Paper. The Population of Jefferson County is
30,000. Why is 1% of the populations jobs worth more then the other 99%'s jobs, health, life, quality of life, drinking water, clean air, clean soil and more important than the quality of water that goes into Port Townsend Bay and puget sound?

The MONEY is going to Hedge Funds, Greedy Corporations and NOT to the Benefit of the Majority of Jefferson County.  It is about Choice, Priorities and Stand up for What is Right.

Hood River County way to go, they stopped 1000 Gallons a Day of being taken by Greed. Jefferson County Washington promotes, stands up for, backs, and aids and abets the use and pollution of 11 MILLION gallons a day of Drinking Water by the Port Townsend Paper Mill. And the People do nothing, as they seem to be helpless.

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