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Greg Reseck of Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend considers Mountain View Christian School principal and teacher Douglas Allison, admitted RAPIST of Children, his FRIEND. And states this in public news for all to see. I say time to investigate the Adventist Church and ALL of their TEACHERS and Friends.

If a man claims another man a friend publicly even after he admits to this horrific act the Adventist Church should seriously distance from him and ALL who condone, friend, and look the other way while pedophiles, child molesters and child rapists traumatize children.
Greg Reseck's FRIEND Douglas Allison
admitted child rapist

At the One Minute mark in the news clip below, Greg Resek says even if he is convicted I will still consider him a friend. To me this is not how we change society for the better and protect the children from being abused.

One Minute Mark

Greg Reseck of Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend considers Mountain View Christian School principal and teacher Douglas Allison to be his colleague and friend. And Greg Reseck of Port Townsend says that even if Doug Allison raped children in his CHRISTIAN SCHOOL classroom and with other children in the room, and had been TOO FRIENDLY with the children for a VERY Long time according to reports, well you see Greg Reseck of Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend will still call him a FRIEND even if a court finds Christian School Principal Douglas Allison GUILTY.

This pronouncement of Greg Reseck of Port Townsend's Cedar Brook Adventist Church is why we still have so many pedophiles, so many unprosecuted child rapists and child molesters. Because guys like Greg Reseck stand beside them, enable them, protect them.

If Greg Reseck claims this horrific MONSTER as a friend then I find myself asking why? Though lot's of Christians and others protect child molesters, this seems to odd to go on a local high profile news and call this man a friend and flat out state that even if the man is found GUILTY of RAPING children he will still call him a friends, this leads me to believe that Greg Reseck may be protecting a larger ring of pedophiles within the Washington Christian Schools.

STOP Protecting Child Molesters. STOP inviting Child Molesters to Family Dinners. STOP thinking it is NOT happening. IT Is ok to NOT invite the Child Molester to Dinner. I am, of course, talking about those families and churches that keep including child molesters thinking they are changed, or forgiven or are simply not guilty. THEY ARE Traumatizing Children. STOP enabling them.

Why would ANYONE anywhere trust Greg Reseck to be around any children or want him to be a teacher when he claims a child rapist as his friend. He did not say he was a friend and I am shocked at this he said love the Sinner, hate the Sin, and if Douglas Allison is found Guilty then I WILL STILL CONSIDER HIM A FRIEND? WHAT?  Folks, look deep into your Christian congregation, your group of friends, ANYONE can be a child rapist no matter how charming they are, how much of a family friends, a christian school teacher, ANYONE. Pay attention and give your children a voice, listen to them and give them the power to say NO.

Douglas Allison was questioned in OCTOBER of 2015 for being to friendly with his students. So where were the authorities, parents on all this? Did they trust him because it was a Christian School?

They had warning.

Greg Reseck of Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend says "As a Christian, God loves the sinner but hates the sin. But even if he's convicted, I will still consider him my friend," said Greg Reseck, a teacher from Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend."

Greg Reseck Port Townsend
The Mountain View Christian School is operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, does this church have the same view, hate the sin, love the sinner and do they still call him a friend as does Greg Reseck of Port Townsend? The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Sequim knew in October 2015 according to reports I read, as police questioned Douglas Allison's being to friendly with children, so why did the Seventh Day Adventist Church let him continue teaching?

Greg Reseck a teacher from Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend claims that he will still call Doug a friend, this CLEARLY shocks me and clearly shows how many in the Christian Churches that turn a blind eye to predators, keep calling them friends, and do nothing to stop them, are just as guilty as the predator as far as I am concerned.

I allege that if, Greg Reseck calls a Rapist of Children a FRIEND even if he is found guilty, that Greg Reseck NEEDS to be investigated. As he may be connected to something larger if he is seemingly protecting this monster.

Here is the King 5 news Sick Quote from Greg Reseck of Port Townsend;

""As a Christian, God loves the sinner but hates the sin. But even if he's convicted, I will still consider him my friend," said Greg Reseck, a teacher from Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend."


Research on the Mountain View Christian School principal and teacher Douglas Allison




Horrific Crimes Against Children

Also please Research the Joshua Larson case, and DEMAND that your county and city officials take the rape of children serious in Sequim and Clallam County.  Clallam County found Joshua Larson Not Guilty. It is my FIRM belief he is and was guilty. He has since been found guilty in other counties that do take child rape serious.

Port Townsend man found not guilty in Sequim molestation






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