Friday, February 19, 2016

“We are united by the disrespect of the government, the lack of consultations, the destruction of our lands.”

AND the Matriarch Rises to DEFEND Mother Earth ; Goddess Gaia.

The Feminine Divine is rising to STOP the blatant cruel destruction of Mother Earth.

"“You have no right to destroy our river. The mothers of the Xingu will not allow it.”

No fancy worded pieces of legal paper or laws or money gives anyone the “right” to egregiously impose themselves and their ways on other people and the land they live on. 

This is the process of colonization and is always done with violence because people don’t like it, and resist when strangers try to take their home away and tell them to live a different way.

This is genocide against people, culture, land, and the many non-human animals also living on the land. This is happening on any Indigenous lands deemed desirable by outsiders for its “resources”, and this is what is happening on the Xingu River Basin of Brazil.

For those times I feel hopelessly overwhelmed and eaten alive by the predatory colonist culture and its wake of infinite destruction, it is awesome matriarchal warrior women like Indigenous Brazilian Chief Tuira Kayapo of the Xingu River Basin who breathe life into my spirit. She and her people are fighting with and for their lives.

Some pictures are worth a thousand words, like the ones below.  The first image is Chief Kayapo using her machete to smack upside the head a bunch of colonist bastards who are trying to rape her land and genocide her culture for the usual reasons – greed and what they think is power – as the white male supremacist colonist culture has done and continues to do to all indigenous cultures across the globe, yours and mine included before our ancestors had the so-called “civilization” process inflicted upon them.

The second image is her scolding two colonist men for the same reasons.  Look at the colonists’ facial expressions — such disrespect for this woman and her people!

It looks like they know deep down what they’re doing is damn well wrong but they can’t see past their inflated egoes to show this woman and her culture RESPECT and leave them the hell alone to live as they want and choose. How is it that greed is so powerful an emotion that so strongly blocks people’s humanity?

In 1989 the Xingu River in Brazil was greedily eyed by soul-less colonists to make dams out of for profit. The indigenous outcry resulted in the plan dying out, but 20 years later, in 2008, the colonists, via an electric company (ElectroBras), once again were pushing the dam-building project. A dam that is said to be the 3rd largest in the world which affects the entire WORLD since the Amazon provides around 75% of the world’s oxygen and is home to so much Life and a large, diverse ecosystem. "

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