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Florida Attorney Robert Spallina, Donald Tescher and the Shirley Bernstein Estate Case as well as the Simon Bernstein Estate Case in the Florida Probate Courts; Judge John Phillips, Judge Martin Colin, Judge David French and in the District of Illinois Federal Court: Honorable Judge John Robert Blakey.

Robert Spallina sure seems to be the Kingpin to me, when it comes to Fraud, Forgery, Life Insurance Fraud and other mayhem in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case and the Shirley Bernstein Estate Case in the West Palm Florida Courts.

I have been researching and reporting on a Florida Estate Case for several years now, the Simon Bernstein Estate Case and the Shirley Bernstein Estate Case. It is a fascinating story of ENDLESS corruption, pretty shocking stuff.

Attorney Robert Spallina even tried to collect life insurance on the man that his law firm had forged his signature after he died, connected to something called the LaSalle Trust. WOW right? Where is the law? Well it's not in Florida.

Robert Spallina represented the deceased and when they died his staff notarized their signature. Yeah a dead guy signed documents to close a multi-million dollar estate. Then the attorney that was supposed to protect the intentions of the deceased tried to collect on the life insurance? Hmmm..

The formal Complaint filed by the SEC contains breaches of fiduciary duties by SPALLINA and TESCHER that are almost identical to the claims Eliot has made in the Florida Probate Courts of Palm Beach County since at least on or about May of 2013.  

September 28, 2015 SEC Press Release Regarding SPALLINA and TESCHER INSIDER TRADING CHARGES,  “SEC Charges Five With Insider Trading, Including Two Attorneys and an Accountant”

September 28, 2015 SEC Government Complaint filed against TESCHER and SPALLINA @

Florida Estate attorney Robert Spallina seems to have lot's of connections with Judges, Insurance salesman, BUYER, Mortgages

Sheriff Report, Spallina

Palm Beach County Sheriff Office Supplemental Report

Robert Spallina SEC Complaint

Heritage Claim Form, Spallina Fraud

Fraud on the Courts, Tescher Spallina and Ted Bernstein

Robert Spallina Posts on my Ted Bernstein Report Blog

In the State of Florida, as with many other Judicial Walls of Corruption, the Judges are paid off or otherwise controlled by probate attorneys. In Florida there is Millions in each estate and the Judges are so easily influenced.  Start a blog, Expose corruption in your area. Post documented fact as best you can and help to END Judicial Corruption and give a voice to the victims of it.

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