Thursday, December 18, 2014

Port Townsend Paper Mill, Mineral Technologies, will most Likely be buying a few Bridges in Washington State along with lots of other projects paid for as they are one of Washington States BIGGEST Polluters and they are Jefferson County Washington's BIGGEST industrial polluter.

 Washington's Governor Calling for Clean Air and Clean Water. WOW

What will the Port Townsend Paper Mill, Minerals Technology (MTX) do?

Well if the TRUTH is told and their POLLUTION in our air, soil and water is not covered up by the City of Port Townsend, Jefferson County, the Port Townsend Leader, the Washington EPA and the Washington Department of Ecology WELL then they will buying a multi-billion dollar floating bridge for the State of Washington.

However, for now they seem to be getting away with the LIE thanks to Jefferson County Commissioners, the Port Townsend Leader, one or more insiders at the EPA and the Washington Department of Ecology and the City of Port Townsend.

"Inslee to lay out ideas for cap-and-trade, carbon tax"
Linked Cap-and-Trade and Carbon Tax

Washington Gov. Proposes Major Carbon Tax To Fund Pressing Transportation Needs

"Inslee hopes to fund the $12 billion plan with bonds, fees and a carbon charge on the state's industrial polluters. The market-based carbon pollution charge will generate $7 billion over 12 years, he said. The fee will generate the equivalent of a 12 cent gas tax without hurting consumers, he said."

"All of this can be done with "a new and bold idea that will breathe new life" into the state - the polluter's fee, he said.

"We can clean our air and water at the same time we are fixing our air and our roads," he said. "It is indeed a two-for."

Source and Full Article

Enforce the LAW. 

Tax PT Paper Heavily. 

Force them to OBEY the LAW. 

Sue them, file criminal charges where it applies. As Governor Inslee said last night on the News, Clean Air is the LAW. Not just the right thing to do. It is the LAW.

The Port Townsend Paper Mill is Clearly Violating Washington Laws on Carbon aren't they? And they sure seem to be violating the clean air act and Jefferson County seems to be aiding and abetting this. Rumor has it that one of the County Commissioners is paid in an untraceable account to defend them at all county events, law making sessions and basically to aid and abet.

I say file complaints, lawsuits and even criminal complaints against Port Townsend Paper, Dale Stahl, Roger Hagan, AMCOL, and Minerals Technology Inc.

Port Townsend Paper is NOT above the LAW
Expose all people who are aiding and abetting them to 

File Charges against ALL acting in conspiracy 
to Obstruct Justice.


Air Pollution and the Clean Air Act

More information at 

You have a Legal Right to Clean Air

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