Sunday, May 4, 2014

YOUR Thoughts, Prayer, Intention, Words Can Heal Your Body and the WORLD. Use the Power the Great Spirit Gave YOU. Your Own Mind, Your Words, Your Prayer, Your Thoughts TO heal ALL water and in turn raise your energy and the vibration of Mother Earth and Her PEOPLE, Plants, Sacred Water and Animals.

The Molecular Structure of Water can be CHANGED by our Consciousness, Our INTENT; Our Prayer, and our Thoughts. 

YOU have the power to change the WORLD, Heal the World, Heal Water, STOP Pollution, and to Create a Higher Vibration for ALL. You can do this with the power of your own THOUGHTS. Your Mind, your Intention, your Prayer.

Learn ALL you can on how your Thoughts affect WATER, and in turn affect your reality and in turn the entire world. Learn how the power of thought, of mind can heal, change the chemical structure of water. Realize FULLY that we are mostly water, so is Mother Earth, air, and in this we hold the power to CHANGE EVERYTHING for the BETTER. Right here, RIGHT NOW.

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