Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kauai Mayor Carvalho, Eye on the Kauai GMO Battle

 "Wow! Read actual letter: According to Hawaii Revised Statues, Kauai Mayor Carvalho is not the Mayor any more and NO LONGER ELIGIBLE FOR ELECTION, period. Citizens Michael Sheehan and Ken Taylor brought this to the public's attention! 

What will the Mayor do? No official response but to insist the motivations (for him breaking the law and thus losing office?) are political, huh? Does that mean he is or is not stepping down as his position is technically, now terminated? This doesn't change the law and it looks like he needs to vacate office. Does this invalidate everything he has done since he refused to testify in an audit regarding allegations he and others misused county fuel for personal use? Looks like they have given the Mayor until close of business Wednesday, February 5th to respond before the attorney and client "proceed accordingly" and bring the matter before the Attorney General to demand enforcement of his vacancy.

We always thought he would be voted out for vetoing Bill 2491 before it became Ordinance 960 and failing to protect Kauai residents from pesticide drift while attempting to block legislation that would provide pesticide buffer zones, disclosure and impact studies. Looks like he has done himself in legally before the election even happened. Wow. This on top of sketchy happenings between he and the Police Chief ( when he forced the Chief into leave amidst an investigation despite the Police Commission ruling, and the singing Mayor may have given the public numerous reasons for his departure up to and including violating the law, automatically vacating him from office."

Kauai Mayor Carvalho under fire again for refusing to answer questions during county fuel investigation insinuating misuse of county resources for personal use, he plead the fifth. 

This is the same Mayor who was just facing severe criticism after he vetoed Bill 2491 for buffer zones, pesticide/GMO disclosure and impact studies. His attorneys are saying he did not misuse county fuel but some residents are calling for his resignation for his failure to comply with investigations.

"Because Carvalho invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and refused to answer questions during the investigation, several residents, including Glenn Mickens, Ken Taylor, Michael Sheehan, and Sheehan’s attorney Richard E. Wilson, said state laws specifically call for Carvalho to vacate office."

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