Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hey Jonathan K. Gosselin, Dig Up all you Can About Porn Attorney, Mafia Connected THUG Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group

Jonathan K. Gosselin case.. Randazza Legal Group is EVIL, acts outside of and above the law, controls judges, courts, media, newspaper, radio and more. Dig deep into all the hypocritical cases out there, talk to attorneys who have no respect for Marc Randazza's lies and hypocritical actions.

This goes for Jordan Rushie as WELL, Dig Deep Folks, EXPOSE these Porn Industry attorneys who are SUPPORTING those involved in human trafficking, stalking, client abuse, first amendment suppression, client harassment, life and reputation ruining internet mobbing and more.

Randazza Legal Group controls judges, submits false evidence, flat out lies and has no accountability. Randazza Legal Group is hypocritical, violates the constitutional rights of clients, and violates the LAW. Randazza Legal Group perjuries themselves constantly in court documents and judges do as they say and take their word as FACT with total disregard of the TRUTH and LAW.

Marc Randazza is such a LYING Hypocrite.. check this out

Marc Randazza will one day be EXPOSED, and hopefully indicted, PUT IN PRISON for his illegal actions and his torment of whistle blowers and flat out life ruining harassment of his own client.

A few research links


eMail me at for more documents, court cases, video links to PROVE how hypocritical and LAWLESS Randazza Legal Group and Marc Randazza is. And so is Jordan Rushie.

Do Your Homework, Find the TRUTH for Yourself.

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