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What the Randazza v. Cox case means to You? Randazza Legal Group Plaintiff v. Crystal L. Cox, Defendant.

Whether you agree with Marc Randazza or not, whether you like Crystal Cox or Not, still the Randazza v. Cox, District of Nevada 2:12-cv-02040 Case Affects ALL Online Speakers, ALL Bloggers and Domainers, and really anyone who "speaks critical" of anyone online.

What attorney Marc J. Randazza has done to his former client, Blogger Crystal Cox, anyone can now do to YOU.

Marc Randazza has set a precedence that is not based in law nor constitutional rights, and is not based in trademark law, the lanham act or any other "real" law and others are now following suit.

Many Judicial Opinions have been written in HIS FAVOR, based on his lies to the courts and abuse of process and power. This WILL affect your rights, as now this can be used to take away YOUR Sits and SUPPRESS your ONLINE Speech.

Marc J. Randazza is a Free Speech, First Amendment Expert and therefore knows how to take your Free Speech, First Amendment rights, if it suits his agenda, to SHUT down your "Speech" regarding him personally.

This is discriminating and hypocritical behavior, however the Nevada courts, Judges, have simply taken his word as LAW and have done as he wishes with complete disregard to the facts or the rights of a Pro Se litigant, who is truly the victim of Randazza Legal Group and certainly in no way the aggressor.

Because Crystal Cox is penniless, homeless, and has has nothing to lose, she continues to FIGHT BACK via free internet blogs, facebook, wordpress, youtube, court document when she can beg the money to print and mail them and where ever she can. However, most of YOU cannot do this. Crystal Cox already had a 2.5 Million dollar judgement in a case that violated her First Amendment Rights, that was how she began speaking with Marc Randazza.

Most people have money, jobs, assets, kids, and many things in which Marc Randazza can easily pressure YOU and you will fear losing that plus have huge court costs, because when Marc Randazza SUES YOU, Judges make you pay his law firm's attorney fee's to do it, and this is about $10,000 a month according to documents in Randazza v. Cox. So Crystal Cox fights back and continues to expose Marc Randazza.

He continues to whine to judges, steal intellectual property and fight to suppress the speech of Crystal Cox. He will NEVER succeed. There will always be a record somewhere, if only the docket or Internet Archives, and you will be able to see just how far this First Amendment Bar attorney has gone to take away the First Amendment Rights of Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza has defended the Free Speech rights of those in prison, those who accuse Glen Back of raping and killing a young girl, those who call Sandra Fluke a slut, and many others who do some pretty creepy stuff. Yet Marc Randazza fights DIRTY and abuses the courts, violates constitutional rights and continues to try and suppress the Speech of Blogger Crystal Cox, as a First Amendment Attorney.

You could Be Next. Whatever you build online, whatever you say, Marc Randazza can come in at any moment and simply be "butthurt" and it "pays" for Marc Randazza as he takes your life, money, career, reputation and defames you, lies about you, claims you are a criminal and all manner of lies and he is protected by the courts to do so.

At some point I will post an eBook exposing as many of Marc Randazza's hypocritical motions, discrimination, bad behavior, ethics violation, law violations, and constitutional rights violating actions, as I can.

Attorney Marc Randazza, self claimed Free Speech Supporter has done all he can to silence ONE Blogger, a Former Client, Crystal Cox. She Continues to ROAR The Truth.

Attorney Marc Randazza has lied about Crystal Cox, Investigative Blogger, in court documents, in big media, on NPR, on numerous legal blogs, in CZECH court documents, WIPO documents and more. Marc Randazza, an attorney who often speaks out in favor of free speech, used all his power, connections in media, legal blogger friend and ever resource he could to shut down Crystal Cox even threatening her, having his buddies threaten her and put her under extreme duress for nearly 2 years now. He has succeeded in ruining the life of Crystal Cox and he has no accountability, nor does Forbes, WIPO and other media publications for flat out lies regarding Crystal Cox, they are ALL above the Law and have SUPER First Amendment Rights that enable them to what they please with complete disregard to fact, documented evidence, hearings, audio or any other proof.

If you post online about Marc Randazza or call his wife a slut, for example, he will simply file a court document claiming it is a trademark violation to call his wife a slut, to say bad things about his business, to speak critical of Marc J. Randazza or his law firm Randazza Legal Group, or to "Parody" Marc Randazza or his wife, and he will flat out lie about you speaking online about his children. Even though Randazza Legal Group, Marc J. Randazza attorney defends the rights of his clients to speak critical of whom ever they please, to have domain names such as, and encourages his buddies in the legal blogsphere to jump on his bandwagon and defend who ever he thinks is "RIGHT".

Marc J. Randazza defends clients to have "sucks" sites, yet got a court order to simply shut down and he redirected the domain name to a page trashing, defaming,the TRUE, Legal owner of the site. Marc Randazza does not operate within the laws.

In Randazza v. Cox, Marc Randazza has his own attorney, a Ronald Green from Marc Randazza's own law firm Randazza Legal Group. Yet Marc Randazza contacts witnesses, source of Crystal Cox's and claims to represent himself. There is an endless amount of unlawful and unethical actions in Randazza v. Cox and Randazza is above the law, protected by the courts, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

This all paves the way for others to do the same, such as what Manwin did to Nicholas Bulgin, which was the same thing that Randazza Legal Group did to Crystal Cox. Simply get a TRO (protective order) to take the domain names, there by shutting down online speech in an instance, wiping out search engine rankings, suppresses speech, removing speech, and violating the rights of who he pleases, when he pleases.

Crystal Cox, however, was actually in danger and has lost her home, her business, her life as she knew it due to the actions of Randazza Legal Group, his flat out, fraudulent lies to big media, his buddies threaten to come and get Cox, and all manner of defamation and threats and Crystal Cox was DENIED a Protective Order.

If Marc Randazza wants your online SPEECH, he WILL Get it. Randazza Legal Group will get a court to simply GIVE Him your domain name, then the names are frozen in HIS ACCOUNT, where he will redirect your hard work, your domain names, your intellectual property to a blog post on his blog LYING about you, defaming you, and speaking flat out critical LIES about you.

Marc Randazza does not have to obey the law, and is not respected by his attorney peers for his hypocritical, discriminatory, unprofessional and over the top unethical and illegal behavior.

If Marc J. Randazza wants your online speech shut down, he will file in CZECH courts to take your domain names and defraud, defame you in those files. He will then file fraudulent facts with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Association, then WIPO Panelist, Peter L. Michaelson, friend of Marc J. Randazza from the INTA, will not only GIVE Marc Randazza whatever he wants but Peter Michaelson New Jersey / New York Attorney will use the GLOBAL WIPO publication as a chance to convict the respondents of crimes, or at least flat out state they are guilty of crimes. Thereby illegally using WIPO Publications to Defame, Discredit and ruin the life, quality of life and business of whom ever he wishes.

All of this is ILLEGAL, yet Peter Michaelson and Marc Randazza are ABOVE THE LAW.

Marc J. Randazza can tell a court that you said negative things online, even if it is totally untrue and the courts, Forbes, NPR, and other large media outlets will simply believe him with no proof required what so ever. Yet, come to think of it, well it is not illegal to say negative things online about Marc Randazza, however if you do he will ruin your life and paint you out to be a criminal who has engaged in illegal behavior, with no proof, no criminal charges, no investigation what so ever. Again Marc Randazza is above the law and this affects you ALL as it sets a precedence for him and all the other rogue attorneys to simply do as they please.

So another words now that attorney Marc J. Randazza and his law firm Randazza Legal Group have set this precendence, anyone can simply file lies in court and take down your online speech at any moment, and steal your intellectual property and hard earned search engine ranking, just like that. No due process, no trial, no First Amendment adjudication, no rights for YOU what so ever.

And all this from an attorney, Marc J. Randazza and his law Randazza Legal Group who claim to be advocates for the free speech of all. "you gotta love it all Howie" says hypocrite Marc Randazza in a TV interview. Marc Randazza waves his Free Speech Hero flag every chance he gets. Yet Suppress the Speech of those who criticize him.

Meanwhile, Marc J. Randazza and his law firm Randazza Legal Group can post defamatory, flat out lies about you on his blog and that is just fine. He will have a court make you stop speaking about him, while he continues to DEFAME you, with ACTUAL MALICE, and to encourage others to.

Marc J. Randazza can file legal action against you, not serve you, and have his legal blogger friends, trash you based on the accusations he makes in a complaint against you, whether true or not. See, then he has, what Judge Marco Hernandez calls "absolute privilege" because it is a court case, even if Marc Randazza Attorney flat out lies in motions filed with the courts.

Marc J. Randazza can say what he wants and it is fact. Marc J. Randazza sues you, you are Pro Se and the courts pretty much take everything you say as a lie, fabrication and simply not true, no matter how many documented FACTS you submit to the court.

What Marc Randazza has done in his lawsuit against a former client, would be like the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times or any other outlet of information aKa "Media", such as blogs, websites, online newsletters speaking aKa typing about any person, company say Randazza Legal Group or McDonalds, and they did not "like it" so they file a lawsuit and simply get a judge to take the domain name, take the intellectual property, shut down the site, redirect their links, and totally outside of law and constitutional rights simply
STOP their speech, steal their intellectual property. See the "Media" has to say the name of the person, lawyer, company, law firm, restaurant, bank or whatever if they are reporting on, criticizing, making fun of or given any sort of information on them.

However Marc Randazza sued and asked that the courts FORBID Crystal Cox to speak his name online, and he successful shut down thousands of links, stole property, ruined Crystal Cox's marketing business by lies to big media, and all this from a First Amendment Lawyer? Wow.

A Free Speech attorney sues YOU because you spoke critical of him, and WINS. WOW.

It has been nearly a year now since Marc Randazza sued Crystal Cox and STOLE her search engine ranking and redirected her sites making fun of him, exposing him, making a parody of him, to his blog ruining her life and career. This is LEGAL folks, but not for YOU, only for Rogue lawyers who act outside of the law and the judges who support them, no matter what they say.

So don't ever think that the Randazza v. Cox case does not affect YOU, as it Does.

Here is the Randazza v. Cox Docket, Read Motions and Find the TRUTH out of the Chaos, for your self.

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