Saturday, February 9, 2013

Raymon Grace is a native of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and has been studying forms of healing since 1973. Raymon Grace Energy Work is a Way to Raise the Vibration of Energy in Schools, Stores, Commercial and Government Buildings, Homes and All Aspects of People's Lives. You are a Lighthouse, You can Make a Difference. You must have Focused INTENTION. Start TODAY.

We Need to Purify our Human Condition.

We Must Taken an Active Daily Role in Raising the Consciousness, Healing Each Other and Ourselves and Raising the Vibration of Mother Earth, her People and Her Animals.

Each of us have a Choice of How we Spend Our Time. 

Either we are Part of the SOLUTION the Dark Energy on Earth, the Corruption, the Bad things happen; We are the Lighthouses, and it's Time to Shine Brighter then Ever and to WORK every day for the Greater Good.

Whatever you do in a Day, even if you smoke cigs or drink diet coke, do it with Intention for the Greater Good, Do your Daily Actions with POSITIVE intent; Focus your Intent on that in which will raise the consciousness.

Below is Information Regarding Dowsing, Raymon Grace's Information has Been Online for Over a Decade, it is Time that the Masses START using this information and their own for of focused intention within their own spiritual beliefs, ethics and moral compass.

Raymon Grace is One Way, Dowsing, Pendulum Work is a Useful Tool

"Raymon Grace is a native of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and has been studying forms of healing since 1973.

Raymon is founder and president of Raymon Grace Foundation,and has taken dowsing to new heights, empowering individuals to gain more control of their lives.
With a unique and down-to-earth manner, he teaches in a style that characterizes his life. He doesn’t own a suit and tie.

He lectures across North America, speaking to a wide variety of audiences.

His work has been used in at least 48 countries to improve water quality, reduce violence in schools, communities and to eliminate abuse of women and children."

Source and Lot's More On Raymon Grace

Research Links on Raymon Grace's Work and Tools to Begin Energy Work Today on what and who is Important to You.

Raymon Grace Foundation

Raymon Grace on Coast to Coast

Say NO to ADD and BiPolar

Raymon Grace Newsletters

Raymon and Verti-Gro, vertical hydroponic Garden System

Raymon Grace Playlist of Videos

Dowsing / Pendulum Links / Videos for your Beginner Research

Possible Projects for You to help Raise the Consciousness of ALL

Healing your Body and your LIFE, Cleansing Chem Trails, Healing the Water in the Air, Clearing Schools and Public Places, Healing your Body, Raising Your Vibration and those you Love, Removing Pain, Open Blocks in your Life, Stopping the Rampage of Shootings, Bringing in the Light, Cleansing Polluted Lakes and Rivers, and Changing Lives of as many as you can for the BETTER.

Posted HERE
 in Love and Light, 
with Focused Intention of the Reader's Vibration Raising to their highest possible life force energy, and within their optimum frequency;
by Reverend Crystal Cox, Lightworker, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Warrior of Light, Altruistic Blogger, Life Coach, Druid, Energy Healer, Medical Intuit, Spiritual Life Coach, Distant Healer, working to Raise the Vibration. 

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