Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Open Letter to NH Attorney General Delaney" - New Hampshire Family Court Corruption

"AG Delaney,

Your recent op-ed articles and letter to Speaker Bill O'Brien slamming the Redress Grievance Committee in their quest for truth and justice pertaining to the NH families railroaded by NH DCYF and the NH Family Court's leaves me, as well other's in total awe.
According to YOUR web-site:

The mission of the department is to serve the people of New Hampshire with diligence, independence and integrity by performing the constitutional, statutory and common law duties of the Attorney General as the State's chief legal officer and chief law enforcement officer, to seek to do justice in all prosecutions, to provide the State with legal representation and counsel of the highest quality, to protect the State's environment and the rights of its consumers, and to provide supervision and leadership of New Hampshire law enforcement.

After reading YOUR Mission statement, it leaves me to ask why you have neglected to serve the people of NH when they have requested your assistance in these matter's of grave concern?
When Kelly Ayotte was at the helm, her staff stated the AG's office "does NOT' take complaint's about DCYF and DCYF works for the AG. When I filed complaint's with the Consumer Protection Agency, which you are the head of, correct? I was told you have No jurisdiction over DCYF, SNHMC or the Nashua Area Health Center.

You instead stand behind a rogue Govt. agency and the Family Court's who let DCYF pull their strings. Why? Because the State would lose Federal funding if children weren't taken from innocent parent's and families? Is money more important to the state of NH than family? So where does one go to report the injustices bestowed upon them by any of the three?

I wrote to you several times and Kelly Ayotte several times, to no avail. When I reported the fraud within DCYF, I was referred to Ann Rice from your office. I was told DCYF didn't break any Law's because the Administrative Rules they didn't follow were NOT Law. The Ombudsman told me the same thing. So where does a NH citizen go to get justice?

Now we have the Redress Grievance Committee. A group of underpaid hero's, fighting the injustices DCYF and the Family Court's have bestowed upon us. We, the parent's and families who have brought Petition's before the Redress Committee, have not just made accusation's as you state in your letter. We have provided REAL proof. The Redress Committee are the only people who have taken the time to read over ALL the paperwork we have provided. A huge task in itself. A task DCYF nor the Family Court's obviously neglected to do. So yes, the Redress Committee has seen for themselves that we were railroaded.

Our children taken due to Hearsay, which according to the Supreme Court:

Our children and grandchildren taken due to SLANDER? Yes, SLANDER, along with unpunished perjury by DCYF. We possess the PROOF and what proof we don't possess, we have been denied by the Family Court Judges who let DCYF pull their string's. And why wouldn't they where there's money to be made off our ILLEGALLY stolen children?

In your letter, you stated: Since it is obvious DCYF has no such policies, my office has advised DCYF to refrain from answering these questions while my office request's withdrawl.
AG Delaney, If DCYF has NO such policies, then what gives DCYF the right to use these deceitful practices on parent's and family member's? The point is, DCYF is NOT following their own policies or their Administrative Rules. They are making up their own Rules to suit themselves.

DCYF Protocols are supposed to be followed, just as any other "Business" HAS to follow Protocol's and Rules. Why should DCYF be any different?

You also stated: DCYF receives annually more than 5,000 report's of suspected abuse and neglect. You fail to mention how many of these report's are proven false. Called in, in retaliation by someone who want's to get back at the parent. Proven false report's where the children are still NEVER returned. Many of the Report's not even investigated, as stated in testimony by DCYF worker's.

Proven false report's relayed to Judges, without evidence ever being submitted. Slandering grandparent's in order to place a child in foster care. Yes, AG Delaney. I possess the proven false report which doesn't state where the supposed abuse took place, yet one of your infamous DCYF Attorney's told the Judge the supposed abuse took place in my home. I call that SLANDER! What do you call it?

And not slandered once, but slandered again, by another DCYF Attorney after my two grandchildren were placed in my home, against the Atty's wishes. The Atty. stated the children's Aunt was using illegal drug's in my home, so the children were dragged from my house. Odd, but a DCYF caseworker was randomly drug testing the Aunt daily. Every drug test was clean. I call this SLANDER.

My family is not the only family in NH railroaded by the deceitful practices of DCYF and the Family Court's.

There are many more families coming forward, no longer afraid of the threat's bestowed upon them by the almighty DCYF.

Don't you think an investigation is well overdue? Thank God for the Redress Grievance Committee and thank God for our Constitution!

Unhappy Grammy"

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