Friday, April 20, 2012

"DOJ, SEC and the White House.: Please Halt the Organized Crimes of Romney's Bain's & Goldman Sachs"

"We have public docket records and have provided Affidavits of Bain Capital and their secret Law firms ( and Paul Traub) - federal bankruptcy frauds. Traub and MNAT have confessed to lying under oath 34 times and perpetrating intentional fraud (on the court too).

Instead of investigating them and prosecuting them - the Chief Justice (MFW) stated lying under oath is not proof of perjury and the DE US Attorney refused to investigate and prosecute the case for 7 years. INSTEAD - they punished me for refusing their bribes and blowing the whistle.

We have since learned the DE US Attorney (Colm Connolly) who refused to investigate and prosecute - was Himself - an actual partner at MNAT in 2001.. That is the very years the crimes began.
We also reported this to the DOJ's Public Corruption Task Force.
Instead of investigating and prosecuting - they Shut Down the Task Force
and THREATENED career Asst US Attorneys to keep their mouths shut - Or ELSE!
Bain owns Toys R Us and Toys R Us owns Kay Bee, FAO Schwartz and eToys;
all via federal frauds where Paul Traub was the attorney each time.
Paul Traub was also partners with Marc Dreier, Tom Petters and illegally worked both sides of Okun 1031 Tax Group. Dreier is doing 20 years, Petters 50 years and OKUN 100 hundred years. What Paul Traub got was Polaroid for FREE.
We canNOT elect a man to be POTUS who benefits - Openly - from federal crimes!"
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