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The System of "Trustee" and Guardianship is Heavily Corruptible and in the Case of Elders it Seems that it's down right EVIL. The Joseph Ludwig Ziarnik is an Example of the Rampant Corruption in the Elder Care, "Trustee" Racket. Check Out the Story of Richard Block, Sally Griffin of Devon Bank Chicago and the Estate of Joseph Ludwig Ziarnik.

"There is NO legislation in the Trust and Savings Act. Trustees are on an "honor system" and can do whatever they want." It seems there is a trend of a Trustee Stepping in and taking over the finances of Elderly Men and Woman whom get forced into the system by corrupt social workers, judges, attorneys, and the Trustee that hands out their Victims Money. A Trustee's Abuse of Power is unchecked by any government agency or oversight, time for that to change. You are NOW accountable to Citizen Journalists, Corruption Bloggers, and Whistle Blowers. 

The Joseph Ludwig Ziarnik story is a story of 

such corruption within the Guardianship, Trustee System. 
Take a Look

"87 year-old Polish-German Immigrant who came here on a student visa in the 1950’s.

He is a good American citizen – real estate agent, foreign language teacher and translator for our own court system. He also saved every penny he made except for his indulgence in books. Rare books – Polish, German, etc. He gathered thousands of them, traveled the world to collect them.

Then he met his attorney who set him up with a trust account. The bank trustee hired him a ‘care manager’ who hired him a doctor to call him incompetent then a guardianship hearing ensued. I don't need to tell you what happened to this poor soul other than to say the hired care manager became his guardian.

I was his caregiver, his best friend, his family and he was mine. I became collateral damage.
In short, as of June 2008 this man had a half a million dollars in cash. Along with his property, he was worth close to a million dollars. He had two wishes – to buy a new car and to die in the home he lived in for the past 46 years.

 His bank trustee said no to the first wish for the simple fact that he can’t drive anymore. (In my opinion, when you have that kind of money, if a new car puts a spring in your step and makes you look forward to your Sunday drive, why not buy him one? Or just lease one for him and pretend it’s his?)

As of September 2009, they cleaned out his basement and his book collection was removed by a junkman. They also took his personal correspondence, his family photographs, etc. Devon Bank ransacked his home and stole his personal possessions.

 He was hospitalized in November 2009 and told me that they’re “buying him a home” but he doesn’t want to move. He had over a half a million dollars two years ago. He also owns a four-unit apartment building with rental income that "should be" coming in from three of the units.

Will he get his dying wish to stay home?

He opened his trust account at Devon Bank. His attorney is Janna Dutton. This is my story as his caregiver. "

"I wrote the problem on a website for Seniors. The moderator responds with, ‘Call Adult Protective Services’ and I do.

Laurie Sherry comes out to talk to Ludwig and he doesn’t want to say anything in regard to the two lady friends ripping him off for fear of retribution and I’m love with the woman because all she says is, ‘Do you think what they’re doing to you is fair?’ Of course not and he says as much. She’s going to talk with them on his behalf.

I tell her that he needs to write a will, he needs to get his financial affairs together and I’m fed up with his money. It’s got to get away from us because he can’t manage it anymore and after seeing how nasty it makes people, I don’t want it anywhere near us. So, Laurie hands Ludwig a list of attorneys’ to call and tells him that he needs to write a will but he doesn't want to. He’s not ready to die yet.

She talks with his two lady friends and instead of stopping, they take him out for lunch at $80 a pop. And if you think they hated me before, these two ladies are furious with me. I’m not going to get into all their petty nonsense either. Like I said, I don’t take it personally. If Ludwig had another caregiver trying to protect him, these two ladies would attack that person too. It was the money they were after and whomever stood in their way to get their hands on it, got abused and slandered. It’s that simple.

So, I notify Laurie of the lunch dates, she puts an end to those then we lose touch for a few months and Ludwig is being taken advantage of by contractors. Now, Laurie is very insistent that he write a will and set up his financial affairs. I couldn’t agree more."

"In walk Sally and Rick from Devon Bank. Let me say now that everything they told me and Ludwig (before they had his money) was a lie - from start to finish.

The only thing they promised to do and kept was hire Josh Mitzen. I thought he was the owner of a caregiving agency (until Laurie Sherry from Elder Protective Services told me otherwise) because every time I mentioned to Sally that I needed a new one for his weekend care, she said that she was hiring Josh.

I found out later that he’s a court appointed guardian, who’s an attorney and worked for Elder Protective Services. You see where this is going, don’t you? Yes, they're hiring him for my position. Just setting Josh up in order to slander me, gain control of Ludwig's estate then divvy it up amongst their friends.

Sally told Ludwig that she wouldn’t do anything with his money without asking him. She said this so much that if the man were lying in a coma, he’d hear her. She won’t hire anyone without his approval, he can have anything he wants to buy, she won’t interfere - all he had to do was tell me to make the call and the money would be there. That was an ENORMOUS lie. Ludwig had a tenant in his building and her boyfriend moved in. He was on parole for attempted murder, was a skinhead, we were scared of him, the tenant had no lease and was behind in her rent. They said that they would evict them. They’d also leave Ludwig’s checking account alone at the bank by the house, etc., etc. Like I said, the lies were endless except for Josh Mitzen.

The second time they came over together, they stopped by with people who would manage Ludwig’s property and a contractor to remodel his empty apartment.

That was when Rick Block started bragging about Ludwig's money. He said, ‘I’ve got free reign over the old man’s half a million dollars!’ He was like a little kid in a candy store. After he said it, I said to myself, ‘I’ve got free reign over the Internet!’ He pulls any funny business and I’ve got no problem publishing it.

To be honest, I got scared of him because he has no business behaving that way. I mean, I spent years watching people get excited over Ludwig’s money and now I have a bank trustee doing it. So, I wouldn’t let them see my apartment because it wasn’t mine. It belonged to Ludwig's sister in Germany for her visits. They’d know it and kick me out faster.

Even though I couldn’t get my brain wrapped around the scam, every other part of my being was screaming that the whole thing stinks. I just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I called Elder Protective Services (run by Catholic Charities) to protect a man from being financially exploited and they set him up to do exactly that by a bunch of professionals.

Rick and Sally were standing on the back porch saying that they owed the contractor a job and I was thinking that was payback time using my Seniors money. I asked Sally why she was hiring a realty company to manage the building and she said, ‘What am I going to if a pipe breaks at twelve o’clock at night?’ Well, a pipe didn’t break at midnight but something else happened. I assure you, Sally wasn’t disturbed by it nor was the realty company that she hired. You can’t get a hold of them.

This was when I started keeping notes of everything those two bank trustees did. My intuition told me that I wasn’t going to be around for very long because it was their intention to establish their reputation on the back of my Senior. My brain kept ignoring me though, not enough to stop me from writing it all down."

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"Sally Griffin and Richard Block at Devon Bank in Chicago"

"This is a story of Elder Abuse. I had the unique experience of watching the trustees (Sally Griffin and Richard Block) at Devon Bank in Chicago steal this gentleman's (almost) million dollar estate by hiring people to abuse him with his own money. They then divvied up his estate amongst their friends and threw out his personal possessions." Click Below to Read the  Joseph Ludwig Ziarnik STORY in the words of the Whistle Blower, the Care Giver of Joseph Ludwig Ziarnik, Exposing Corruption in Guardianship of Devon Bank and Elder Abuse in Chicago.

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More on the Devon Bank Guardianships Scam coming soon. Looks Like it's time to File a Federal RICO Lawsuit, Criminal Complaints, Department of Justice Complaints, FBI Complaints, Possible HIPAA Violations, and possible a Qui Tam Whistle Blower Lawsuit AGAINST Devon Bank Chicago 

Read More on the Joseph Ludwig Ziarnik STORY Click Below

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