Thursday, February 2, 2012

Warner Bros. is Behind the Aggressive Arrest of Kim Dotcom as is the Motion Picture Association, BOTH involved in the Iviewit Technolgoy Theft

Warner Bros. is using its Political Super Power and Connected Cronies to Go After MegaUpload and Kim Dotcom, when Warner Bros. has no legal right to use the video imaging technology they stole from iViewit Technologies.

The Motion Picture Lobbyists are trying to maintain control of the Internet and their fair share
of not so fairly stolen technology.  Do not Let Warner Bros. Set up Kim Dotcom, MegaUpload when Warner Bros. is the One who is Guilty. Share the iViewit Technology story and the SEC Complaint, RICO Complaint against Time Warner, Warner Bros., MPEG LA, Proskauer Rose Law Firm and Others. 

SEC Complaint Against Warner Bros. 

RICO Complaint Against Warner Bros.

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