Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Suffolk County Court Corruption - Adele Vessia. The Law is NOT Above the Law, Expose Corruption. STOP Corruption.

Speak Out on Corruption.  Expose Corruption within the Legal System. 

Adele Vessia

"Officials in Suffolk County don't have the right to violate Color of Law, Due Process, discovery, evidence, abuse there power, fail to investigate or lie when the evidence is documented on court transcript, or slander someone errouneously (me) and violate all my... constitional rights.

My son shouldn't be with a drug addict, alcoholic, child abuser that has committed perjury on court record,tax evades, tested positive for drugs violating OP and the court never held in contempt instead fabricated slander against me.

As a victim of domestic violence I find it appalling that Suffolk County has violated me so grossly and rewards the abusers and the system (officials) violates citizens for profit fraudulent child support orders "Qui Tam", and attorneys can violate ethics, and retainers and the system protects the officials and the bar association, judges, and judicial conduct committee and grievence committee and Appellate coverup.
The corruption on Long Island is appalling.

Spoke to your office faxed you when is anyone going to do right here, I have no respect for Long Island it's a mismanaged overpriced sandbar.

Justice will prevail because truth is on my side.
Adele (DeMarco) Vessia
Adele Vessia
245 Dunham Street
Norwich CT 06360
860-887-5137 or 516-516-5835

Judicial Conduct, Suffolk Grienvence Committee and NY Bar denied all and all NY officials state they have no jurisdiction,CT District Attorney has a complaint so does OBAM certified asking for the judicial dept to investigate.I have nothing left to lose but still have my freedom of speech if you want to use my youtube site Suffolk County Court corruption to expose all please conatct me I know many have been wronged in Suffolk County I think everyone is scared to expose this.
I can't get attorney in NY contingency and NY courst have created all this on lies and I don't get disability yet google my name slandered on net with Appelate errouneous ruling and imputed 30k child support arrears and havn't seen my kids in years now because they illegally terminated all my rights.

So I now am using facebook Long Island Attorneys page (my craiglist ad) and posting to people on facebook and on youtube to expose this."


youtube.com Suffolk County Court Corruption

Preventing Mothers from Protecting Their Children

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